A Tale Of Two Beautiful Sisters – Swabhiman (Epi – 17)

Hey guys……. Guys it really feels bad when you are putting a lot of hard work and time in something nd there is no one to appreciate it nd no one to giving you advices…… So please guys keep reading and telling me what r my mistakes how can I make my work more perfect…. Please please please please I need all of u to help me…. I m really sorry guys if I m not able to give you all what you all really wanna read nd I m really sorry for my silly mistakes too…. But guys I really need ur support please please please support me

Chauhan’s arrived nd met every one..
Naina hugged Meghna nd Kunal…. Karan was looking at Naina nd he was mesmerized by her beauty…. Everyone went inside the Kapoor Mansion…. But Karan stopped Naina
Karan – U r looking awesome….
Naina smiled nd feels shy…. Karan lifts her head up nd kissed her on cheeks….. Naina blushed….
Karan – I was dying to see u Naina…
Naina – Mee too Karan.. I missed u a lot
Karan smiled – let’s go inside ur surprise is waiting
Naina (became excited) – yesss lets go inside….
Inside the Kapoor Mansion
Meghnal was talking to Nirmala NK nd Vishal… Then on stage
Sandhya – Thank u guys for becoming the part of our happiness…… She Introduced Meghna nd Simran as her bohus… Everyone clapped
Nd then Sashank entered in the party Karan Naina Simran nd Veer were shocked after looking at him…… Karan nd Naina looked at each other Karan went to Sashank
Karan – What the hell r u doing here
He asked angrily
Rakesh came from the back nd he was shocked after looking how Karan was talking to him
Rakesh – Karan…… Have some manners he is our guest
Karan – Dad u don’t know him….. He told everything happened in the college
Naina nd Simeer too joined Karan…
Rakesh – What? He is son of one of my business partner…
There Vishal saw NK was standing alone he decided to confront him…
Vishal – Chachu wanna talk to you..
NK – yes son speak
Vishal – Told him everything…. Chachu why don’t you told us about this…
NK – Son everyone at that moment was stressed nd police is doing their work na bacha everything will be fine…. Now u concentrate on the party don’t take stress
Vishal hugged NK – Chachu u r the best…
NK patted his back…..

There Sashank hold Naina’s Hand twisted her arms nd place a gun on her head
Sashank – U r mine Naina.. I love you
Karan (shouted) – Nainaaaaa….. Leave her Sashank… Otherwise I’ll not leave you
Everyone gathered near them
Meghna hold Kunal’s hand everyone there were tensed…
Karan signlled something to Kunal nd Vishal…. Kunal nd Vishal nodded…
Naina was in pain…
Karan – Why r u doing this….. Naina loves me not u…
Sashank – But I really love her…. U really don’t know what I have done to have her
Meghna – please let her go…
Kunal hit him with the help of a vase nd Vishal took his gun nd informed police station… Police arrived nd arrested Sashank
Meghna hugged Naina
Meghna – r u ok
Naina nodded
Karan came nd hugged her…
Naina – Karan I m gud… I m ok..
NK Nirmala nd Vishal too hugged her…
Meghna went to Kunal – Kunal r u ok
Kunal – yes topper
Meghna – Thanku so much Karan…. U saved Naina
Karan – No bhabi… Thanks to Kunal nd Vishal bhai they saved Naina….
Meghna hugged Karan…
Karan – Now be Happy its surprise time….
Meghna – Yesss…. Its a surprise time for Naina
Everyone smiled but Naina was little bit confused…
Karan on the Stage – Naina….
Meghna took Naina to the stage..
Karan – Its our engagement today….
Naina became very happy nd Smiled….
Naina – But when you all planned it….
Sandhya – let me tell you

A fb is shown everyone is in the living area except Meghnal
Sandhya – I think we should plan a reception party for Meghna nd Kunal
Rakesh – Yes….. I was also thinking about Karan nd Naina’s engagement ceremony…
Karan – really dad….. I love you
Daddu – It was my idea
Karan – u r my jaan daddu
Everyone laughed
Karan – I have an other idea too
Daddu – What Idea Karan???
Karan – A surprise for Naina
Every one smiled
Sandhya – Let me inform Meghna Kunal nd Nirmala ji NK ji
Sandhya informed Meghna nd Kunal about Their reception nd Nairan Engagement…
Naina – Ok that was the surprise….
She smiled
Karan nd Naina exchanged rings
Nairan’s rings-


Naina was looking at the ring which Karan gave to her nd she was smiling looking at the ring…. She was very happy…. Karan was looking at her
Karan (in his mind) –
Teri Khushiyon Par Muskrane Ko Ji Chahta Hai,
Ho Tujhe Dard To Udas Hone Ko Ji Chahta Hai,
Teri Muskurahat Hi Itni Pyari Hai Ki,
Tujhe Baar-Baar Hasane Ko Ji Chahta Hai..
Naina came to Karan – Karan this was the best gift I have ever received….. I love you Karan.
Karan – I love uh tooo Naina

Hope you all like it…. Keep reading

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  1. sorry for not commenting I know u feel but u r awesome as always … I love you and ur ff

    1. Aarzu

      Hey… Rimmi no need of apologize yrrr…. I really forgot about ur xams tomorrow my di told me about the xams… She told me that in the April month every college student is very….. So I m really sorry that I couldn’t understand the…. Keep reading…. ? ? ? ?

  2. You are awesome dear pls dont feel that no one appricaite your hard work i think everyone read your ff because of busy they not do comment like me your i like your every ff read but because of busy not comment keep writing nice update????????????

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  3. Shruthy

    Loving how the storyline is going on. NaiRan finally engaged, and to share their life forever. ☺️? Now only loads of romance, huuuh? ?☝?? That’s what I want hehehe ?
    I am sorry I couldn’t comment on all your posts. Being busy a lot as exams going on ?
    But, not only me, but all your readers, even if not commenting, are always supporting you. So dont feel like not beind/loved/supported. We are always here ☺️?
    Just keep doing the good job.
    Just one thing (I guess I might be the only one to ask though) : just try to make the scenes quite longer detailing them more. I just feel you rushing. Take your time, and detail them, it will make them look even better ? Just a reader’s advice, so you don’t have to appropriate it to your work. But I felt so as at least your episodes could be longer. ??

    1. Aarzu

      Hey Shruthy such a long cmnt….. OMG ???? THANKS FOR MOTIVATING ME….. Yesss my dii told me about the xams actually my vacations are there because I have just given class 12th xams….. Si I really don’t know about colleges xans schedule so I m really sorry that

      1. Aarzu

        I m really sorry that I didn’t get ur problems…… Nd I’ll try to make scenes more detailed….. Thanks for ur advice it means a lot to me….. Thank u Soooooo much keep reading….. ? ? ? ?

  4. Tamihna0808

    This was really good! You’re such an amazing writer! Look forward to seeing more chapters! Sorry for not showing my appreciation all the time! You’re doing a great job!

    1. Aarzu

      Hey diii thank u sooooo much dii….. But dii please don’t say Srrry u always showed love nd appreciation to my work….. Actually it was my fault only I really didn’t realize that its xam time in colleges that’s why I was little annoyed but when My dii told me about it I was quite relieved ?….. Keep reading dii….. ? ? ? ? ? Luv uh nd ur work too

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    Loads of love from me to you! ?❤?

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    todays chapter was great…just loved it

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  7. Threemaimai

    hey… don’t feel sad… but you have to keep that gun away for a while or my heart will be explored like a bomb.
    I really love your ff
    i also like if you make bit longer with more details… try to express some feelings and emotions would be grate
    apart from that it’s really good. I know it’s really hard when no one appreciate your work but don’t give up day by day you will be a better writer with those compliments
    so cheer up dr

    1. Aarzu

      Thank u so much Threemaimai….. I’ll make my chapters lil more elaborated as well as detailed…… Actually it was my fault only I really didn’t know about the xam time in colleges that’s why I thought no one like my ff so I was lil annoyed but when my sissy told me about the xams…. I was quite relieved ?…… I was thinking to start a new story with more perfection….. Then I realized no…. Firstly I’ll complete this one then I’ll think about next one after all this is my first ff….. I’ll try to improve it more….. Thanks for ur sweet cmnt yrrr Luv uh…. ? ? ? ?

      1. Threemaimai

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  8. Threemaimai

    btw nice ring… 🙂

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      I love the rings too…….

  9. Aarzu di don’t feel sad and remove u r thoughts to end through ff and coming to the ff the chapter was mind-blowing I love it ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
    Loved when karan given naina the surprise please post next chapter as soon as possible. Eager to read the next chapter

    1. Aarzu

      Hii Juveria I m not going to end this ff….. Thanks for ur sweet cmnt nd for motivating me too… Luv Uh keep reading….. ? ? ? ?

  10. I dont know where to start frm…….u r a superb writer i mean it make me come on the edge of the seat….love the way u write romantic scenes of NAIRAN..ur ffs r always awaited by me…waiting for NAIRAN’S dramatic nd
    Romantic wedding….and yes live ur choice of outfits..choose the best of naina..and keep writing dont feel that we dont appretiate u…its that all r busy..no one was able to comment..ME TOO!!u know i was a silent reader but u,threemaimai,tamiha di and others write so good it made me feel i shud comments….anyways all the best for ur further FF

    1. Aarzu

      Thank you sneha….. Actually let me share a secret I like samridh bawa nd I love Naina’s role so while writing this I don’t take Ankitta as Naina but I consider myself as Naina (I know it is quite childish nd wiered) so I choose best outfits for Naina the outfits which I really love to wear….. Yeah Nairan’s wedding will be Romantic but not that much dramatic…. Threemaimai, Tami di nd all others are really superb nd My favorite ones are that of Tami di nd Threemaimai ones…… Yesss I m really sorry yrrr I really don’t know about u r examination but when my I came to know about xams of u college students….. I m really sorry…. Keep reading…. ? ? ? ?

      1. Aarzu…now i will tell u a thing…i m a school student….

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  12. Sakshi28gupta

    Hii Aarzu…I really really loved this part. You are truly an amazing writer. Totally loving the story. Hope u keep writing such awesome stuff and plz plz update soon…can’t wait for the next part??
    Ps. Even I have given my 12th board exams recently and I am currently preparing for the entrance exams. Hope ur exams went well?

    1. Aarzu

      Thanks Sakshi…. I m too preparing for my enterance examination… Hope u’ll do ur best…. I’ll update next part by tomorrow evening

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