A Tale Of Two Beautiful Sisters – Swabhiman (Epi – 16)

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It was evening Naina was still sleeping Meghna was sitting beside her Kunal came from back nd hugged Meghna she blushed
Meghna – Kunal….
Kunal – Yes Mrs. Topper
Meghna – Leave me its not our home its hospital
Kunal – So what u r my wife
Meghna – Kunal please (She makes a very Innocent face)
Kunal leaves her nd smiles… They started talking after sometime Naina woke up
Kunal – Hey Beautiful…. How r u feeling now
Naina – Yes jiju I m fine….. But I m just home sick
Karan came from back
Karan – don’t worry Naina… U r going home
Naina – Really Karan
Karan – Yes I just met doctor nd they r going to discharge u in half an hour..
Naina – Yippee….
Karan – Kunal bhai Meghna bhabi vo papa is calling you he is waiting for you both outside
Meghna (thinks) – there is something fishy……. nd smiles
Kunal – Karan u sit with Naina
Meghna – yes we’ll go nd meet papa.
Meghna nd Kunal went outside
Karan – How r u
Naina – Fine….. But u r such a lier
Karan smiles

@ Outside the room
Kunal – Where is dad, Why r u not looking for him.
Meghna – He didn’t called us…. It was Karan’s mischief to spend some time with Naina
Kunal – Ohoo this Karan na…..
Meghna nd Kunal laughed….
@ Naina’s Room
Karan – How do you know that I lied
Naina – Its Magic
Naina laughs nd Karan looked at her lovingly….
Karan (in his mind) – Rab Kare Zindagi Mein Aisa Mukaam Aaye,
Meri Rooh Aur Jaan Aapke Kaam Aaye,
Har Dua Mein Bas Yehi Maangte Hain Rab Se,
Ki Agle Janam Mein Bhi Aapke Naam Ke Sath Mera Naam Aaye…… Nairan

Naina – Karan What r u thinking???
Karan – Nothing…. Just about us nd our future
Naina blushed
Naina – When we will go home???
Karan – Urs or mine…. If uh want to go urs then wait until NK Uncle nd Nirmala aunty completes all the formalities nd if u wanna go mine I take u now in my arms
Naina smiled
Naina – I’ll. Like to wait….
Karan nd Naina laughed

@ Out side the room
Kunal was looking at Meghna who was continously speaking nd Kunal was mesmerized by seeing her he didn’t listen any thing he was just lost in her beauty
Meghna – Kunal…..
Kunal – No answer
Meghna – Mr. Wrong Number… What happened
Kunal came out of his thoughts
Kunal – Yeah Meghna….
Meghna – R u ok
Kunal nodded in yes
Meghna – then what are u thinking
Kunal – U look beautiful when you talk so much
Kunal kissed Meghna’s cheeks
Meghna blushed nd smiled…

@ Home (Chauhan Mansion)
Vishal called police officer
Vishal – Sir Vishal Chauhan here
Police officer – yes Mr. Chauhan…. I think u want to know further details about their murder
Vishal – Murder???? What murder my sister Naina Chauhan is alright
Police officer – I m not talking about Naina ji.. I m talking about Anuj nd Priyanka….
Vishal was shocked
Police Officer – I told everything to NK ji..
Vishal – Will u please tell me too
Police Officer – Yeah sure…. He told Vishal every thing…..
Vishal – Oh god… Thank u officer
Police Officer – No need, Its my duty
They hung up…. Vishal was in shock
Vishal (in his mind) – Chachu know all this nd didn’t told anything to any one but why… I have to ask him…

@ Hospital
NK, Nirmala nd Meghnal came into Naina’s room
NK – So my Princess wants to go home
Naina – Yes Dad I really wanna go home…
Karan (Sarcastically) – yes she really wanna go home but I don’t know whose home…
Naina – What do you mean… Off course I wanna go to my home…
NK, Nirmala nd Meghnal smiled looking at them.
Nairan felt shy….
Finally Naina got discharged nd now she is at her home….. Meghna too went to Jaipur with Kunal Karan nd complete Kapoor nd Saxena family…. Few days fly away…. Naina is now perfectly fine

@ Jaipur
It was evening every one are in the living area except Meghnal after that planning Sandhya came to Meghnal’s Room
Sandhya – Kunal – Meghna
Meghna – Masi ma please come in
Sandhya – Meghna we all were thinking about Kunal nd urs reception… Now Naina is also fine so we were thinking that we can give ur reception tomorrow if u both don’t have any problem…
Kunal – Masi maa….. We don’t have any problem…. Why do we have any problem
Meghna – yes masi ma we don’t have any problem….. But we are really happy
Sandhya – Ok tomorrow we r going to have a big party for uh both
They both smiled
Sandhya – I’ll go nd call Nirmala ji
Karan called Naina
Karan – Hii my jaan
Naina smiled nd blushed
Naina – Yes Karan
Karan – u r going to come Jaipur
Naina – But why??
Karan – u are going to know it soon….. 5..4..3..2..1..
Nirmala came to Naina’s room
Nirmala – Naina
Naina cuts Karan’s call – I’ll call you later
Naina – yes maa
Nirmala – We r going to jaipur for Meghna nd Kunal’s reception…
Naina – Ohk… Thats great ma
Nirmala leaves
Naina called Karan
Naina – Ohk… So Mr. Karan… I m going to come jaipur
Karan – hmmmm….. I too have a big surprise for you (He said lovingly)
Naina – Surprise!!!! Pls tell me na what’s that
Karan – Wait till tomorrow
Naina – Ohk..
Karan – Naina… I love you….
Naina – I love you too..
Karan – Ok Bbyeee…. Meet uh tomorrow… I m really dying to see u
Naina – meeh too Karan…. Byee

Now the next day….. The Reception day
Sandhya nd Kiran both were preparing for
Veer too came from Udaipur with Simran
Simeer met every one Karan Kunal nd Meghna hugged Veer nd Simran… In evening party was about to start Chauhans arrived

Now outfit time
Meghna’s outfit –

Kunal’s outfit –

Naina’s outfit –

(Naina wore the earrings which Karan gave to her)

Karan’s Outfit –


Simran’s outfit –


Veer’s Outfit –

Precap – Party nd Karan’s cute surprise for Naina

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    keep writing with ur smile… 🙂

    1. Aarzu

      Thanku…. But I m not going to write it further I think nobody is liking it so I m going to stop this ff…..

      1. Threemaimai

        aaaa… don’t give up.. i really love it.
        if you are going to end it. do it in a proper way…
        cheers up.. 🙂

      2. Aarzu

        I think u right….. I was thinking to write a new story better than this one… But now I’ll complete it without caring for the comments…. Because I think due to xams everyone is busy…. So thanks for motivating me…. ? ? ? ?

  2. Tamihna0808

    This was so good! Loved the outfits and the cute Meghnal and Nairan scenes! Continue your amazing work! ❤???

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  3. Riyasmiles

    hey arzu.. pls dont end it dr.. its such a beautiful plot… i love reading dis… and ur poem i mean the line of nairan.. my goodness they were killing… loved it…
    u dont know there r many who r u fans.. including me dr.. pls.. continue dis ff..
    keep smiling dr.. stay blessed

    1. Aarzu

      Thanks Riya….. I have changed my mind I m not going to end it…. Thanks for ur motivation….. ? ? ? ?

    2. Aarzu

      Nd yes for poetry I m inspired from uso thanks for inspiring nd giving me such a wonderful idea

      1. Riyasmiles

        for me.. thats so sweet of u.. thank god u changed ur mind..

  4. Hi ….. aarzu di what…… u R ending the ff please don’t end it is love it u can’t break my heart please continue it i love it some are silent readers please don’t take decision to fast it will break up r fans heart like me please don’t entertainment it

    1. Please don’t end it

    2. Aarzu

      I m not going to break ur heart….. I m not going to end it… I have just uploaded next part hope readers will like it…..

  5. lovely episode i like it

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