A Tale Of Two Beautiful Sisters – Swabhiman (Epi – 15)

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So here we go…..
Part 15

Karan slept near Naina….now its morning Karan is still sleeping nd then suddenly Naina opened her eyes…. She gained consciousness she saw Karan near her she smiled nd put her hand on Karan’s head Karan wake up nd called doctor
Doc – She is fine now but u have to take care of her medicines
Karan nodded with a smile on his face…. Doctor left the room….. Karan looked at Naina… He was Happy as well as Angry on Naina….

Karan – U r really bad….. Agar tumhe kuchh ho jata toh mera kya hota mujhe meri miss Perfect dobara se nhi milti…. Tumhe pta h pagal ho tum puri….
Naina was listening all this with a smile on her face…. Then she hold Karan’s hand…
Naina – I know Karan m pagal hu…… Par yeh Pagal tumse bohut pyaar karti h…
Karan hugged Naina nd he was crying…

Karan – I luv uh too…. I can’t live without you…..
Karan kissed on her head….. Then they brake the hug
Karan – Let me call everyone nd Inform them that you are ok….
Naina nodded..
Karan informed Rakesh nd NK….

@ GUEST HOUSE…… In Meghnal’s Room

Meghna was sleeping on one of the Kunal’s arms… Kunal was looking at her lovingly nd he was playing with her hairs…. Suddenly she woke up nd smiled looking Kunal… Kunal kissed her on cheeks…. Meghna blushed nd then she tried to get up but Kunal pulled her nd she falls back on Kunal…. Meghna was blushing….. He holds her waist tightly
Meghna – Kunal… Let me go yrrrrr…. We have to go to hospital too
Kunal – No I’ll not…. Firstly give me a kiss
Meghna – please not now…
Kunal – I’ll not leave you now……

Meghna – please na
Kunal nodded in no…
Meghna lightly kissed his cheeks…
Meghna – Now let me go na….
Kunal again nodded in no
Meghna – Now what????
Kunal – I want a big 1…
Meghna – No Kunal…. I want to go to Nainu please let me go…. Please
Then someone knocked the door…
None other than Sandhya

Sandhya – Meghna – Kunal…
Meghnal (shocked) – Masi maa
Sandhya – Bacha get up we have to go to hospital…. Karan called nd told that Naina gained consciousness….
Meghna became happy nd Kunal leaves her….
Meghna – yes masi ma…. We r coming in 10 minutes…
Sandhya – Ok….. We r waiting
Meghna nd Kunal hot ready nd went downstairs…. They took blessings of elders nd went to hospital… At hospital
Karan was cutting fruit for Naina, nd Naina was looking at him nd smiling… Karan looked at her…..
Karan – Why r u smiling at me????
Naina started laughing at Karan…
Naina – Karan look at u… U r looking really funny…..
Karan looked at himself nd found thal all peels are on him nd he was not cutting fruits….. Karan too laughed…. Nirmala, Sandhya, Rakesh, NK, Vishal nd Meghnal entered in Naina’s Room.

Vishal – How r u Nainu?
Naina – Bhaiyu I m fine….
Meghna came nd hugged Naina…
Meghna – I m really sorry Naina… This happened just because of me..
Naina – No Didu…. It was not because of u….. Me nd Karan know that Anuj nd Priyanka are planning something for harming u jiju Simran Veer
Meghna – What???
Karan – Yes bhabi that day when ur marriage day was fixed we both listened Anuj nd Priyanka talks…. He explained them everything

Kunal – Why don’t you tell ys guys
Naina – Jiju…. We don’t want to spoil the most special moments of ur life
While all of them were talking Vishal got a call from Police station
Vishal – Police station…. Chachu police station se call h….
NK – Give it to me….
Police officer – Mr. Vishal
NK – Actually its me….. NK
Police Officer – Mr. NK we have a bad news for you all
NK – What happened officer
Police Officer – Anuj nd Priyanka escaped from the police station……. But we got there dead bodies on the cliff…
NK – What???
Police Officer – Yesss…

NK – so what now
Police officers – I think there is someone else behind them…. But u don’t worry we’ll find them…
NK- Thanks officer…
NK (in his mind) – At this time all are in tension I’ll not tell them anything..
NK goes to everyone.
Vishal – Chachu What happened??
NK – Nothing much son. Officer was asking about Naina.
Vishal nodded (nd thought in his mind) – Why do I have a feeling that chachu is lying.
Naina – Bhaiyu Papa I wanna go home.
Karan – Naina u r under observation so doctor will discharge you tomorrow.
Nirmala – Karan beta…. I think u have to go home u r really tired
Karan – Aunty I m fine nd I want to be with Naina
Nirmala – But beta we all r here with Nainu
Naina – Yesss…. Karan u go.. I m ok…

Karan – Sure…
Naina – yup
Karan – OK then I m going bit u take care
Naina nodded…… Karan leaves.
Sandhya Rakesh too left with Karan.
Meghna gives Naina her medicines nd Naina too slept.

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  1. Tamihna0808

    Oooh! Drama drama drama! I can’t for the next episode! Meghnal and Nairan were just ??? NK is a good father and Vishal is a good brother! Waiting eagerly for the next part! Continue your amazing work, all the hard work your putting in is really showing! ❤? you deserve the support and love! Loads of love x ?❤??

    1. Aarzu

      Awwwww!!! Thank u Soooooo much dii…. It really means a lot to me dii…. Luv Uh keep reading nd keep giving me ur precious suggestions…. ? ? ?

  2. Threemaimai

    awesome ep….. i really like it
    funny play boys kunal and karan… 🙂

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  3. super episode and really exicited for next,u r a good writter

    1. Aarzu

      Thanks Rose….. But I’ll not be able to post next part soon some wrtten work is still remaining sorry
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    Hey aarzu di again a very sweet epi…loved the twisting turnn and ya sorry for late comment..but the epi was fantastiv
    Keep writing
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    Post soon

    1. Aarzu

      Thank u preeti I’ll post my next chapter by tomorrow morning… Keep reading

  5. OMG it is really good and wow! More and more suspense loved it . Di u r just amazing post as soon as possible. Eager to read the next chapter

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      Thank u so much…. I’ll post next part soon

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