A Tale Of Two Beautiful Sisters – Swabhiman (Epi – 14)

Hey guys thanks for ur support but guys I really want you all to comment give me ur precious suggestions I really need them because it is my 1st ff nd for me my readers are my teachers so please guys cmnt nd give me suggestions nd point out my mistakes please please please help me…   
NK – Doctor please tell us how is she????
Doc – we saved her…… But……
Karan – But what Doctor…….

Nirmala – What happened doctor
Vishal – Please doctor tell us what happened
NK – Boliye na Doctor
Doc – Wait aap log kuchh bolne denge toh hi toh kuchh bolunga……. She is fine but she is very weak so she is still unconscious we have kept her under observation u can take her home after 2 days……. Mr. Chauhan u come with me some formalities are remaining…..
Karan – Thank u doctor……. Can I meet her

Doc – Not now….. 1st we’ll shift her in other room only then…
Karan – Thanks doctor
Doctor and NK left from their…..
Meghna hugged Kunal…. Kunal kissed her head
Meghna – I was very scared…. Kunal
Kunal breaks the hug nd wipes her tears…..
Kunal – Topper everything is fine now… Please tension mt lo…..
Nirmala keeps her hands on Meghna’s head…. Meghna hugged her…. Vishal too joined them….

Karan hugged Khyati nd Daddu, then to his bhai nd bhabi Veer nd Simran were too very happy they forgot about their Udaipur trip….
Pawan – Veer…. Now everything is fine I think ab tum dono ko nikalna chahiye….
Veer – papa but I can’t leave Karan… Like this
Simran – I agree paapa hum do din baad chalejaayenge
Karan – No u both will go today only….. I m fine…. I m here with Naina Simran…… Veer mere saath bhai h bhabi h masi maa Daddu paapa khyati sab h….. Tu ja
Veer – But bhai

Karan – No but vut…. U both r going nd this is final…
Veer – Tujhse koi jeet paya h aaj tak….. Ok I’ll go…. They hugged….
Veer nd Simran left from their…
Nurse shift Naina to other room…
All went to see Naina…. But still she was unconscious….
Nurse came in the room…..

Nurse – From u guys only 1 person can stay here……
Meghna – I’ll stay
Karan – No bhabi…. I think aapko ghar jaana chahiye u r really very tired nd there are many more rasams remaining…..
Sandhya – Meghna beta….. I think Karan is correct….
Nirmala – I’ll stay here…..
Karan – No aunty…. I’ll stay here with Naina

Nirmala – But beta…. U r really tired
Karan – No aunty…. I m Ok
NK – Nirmala ji I think Karan ko rehena chahiye….. If Rakesh bhaisahab ko koi problem na ho toh??
Rakesh – Aap ye kaise baat kar rhe h Naina nd Meghna r just like my daughters… I don’t have any problem….
Sandhya – I agree……. Karan will stay here tonight….
Everyone get back to home Meghna’s Vidai happened…. Now she was in Guest house….

@ guest house…… Meghnal’s Room….
Meghna was sad and had teary eyes then Kunal entered in the room nd she hugged Kunal
Meghna – This all happened just because of me… Nainu…..

Kunal – She is alright now…. Meghna
Meghna – Kunal I always protected her but today just because of me she is in the hospital….
Kunal – No Meghna it was not ur fault…. That Anuj nd Priyanka…
Kunal wiped Meghna’s tears nd kissed her on her forehead……
Kunal – Vese topper tum rote hue bhi cute lagti ho….

Meghna lightly punched Kunal on his arms….
Kunal – oouuch…. Topper..
Meghna laughed nd Kunal hugged her nd kissed her on her head….
Kunal – I Luv uh Topper
Meghna – I Luv uh too wrong number….

@ Hospital
Karan took a seat near Naina nd he hold her hands… Naina was unconscious Karan was looking at her nd he remembered all the moments he had spent with Naina…. Naina’s fight with the contract……. Their truth nd Dare game….. How Naina made Karan laugh when he was sad…… While thinking all this he slept near her with his face on Naina’s bed….

Hope you guys like it..

Precap – Nairan’s talk….. Meghnal’s Romance…a small twist too

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  1. Titli

    Nyc one.. loved karan.. responsible one.. nd meghnal r too cute..

    1. Aarzu

      Thank you so much Titli…. I hope u’ll like the next part too

  2. The episode was nice..
    One small request write it in english please please

    1. Aarzu

      Thanks Fatima I’ll…. But my 15th chapter is pre written and it has 2 – 3 dialogs in Hindi after that I’ll try to write it in English

  3. Manvinahar

    very nice loved it and please post soon

    1. Aarzu

      Thanks I’ll post next part soon


    1. Aarzu

      Hey thanks Rose…. Ok I’ll update next part today

  5. Hey aarzu,what type of suggestion u wanted??

    1. Aarzu

      Hey Sneha I wanted how can modify my story the things which u need in my story…. That type of suggestions… Hope u’ll give me that

  6. Prettypreeti

    Hey aarzu di..thanks for posting fast.really i liked it..sugvestions i think u will suggest the best for ur ff….i would have given but at this moment i have smile on face readibg it
    Extremely good written
    Well donr
    Keep it up
    Post soon

    1. Aarzu

      Thanku so much….. But as I told you that my readers are my teachers so please think give me any suggestion u want to give… Keep reading

  7. Tamihna0808

    I love it! I love your writing and everything else!! I can’t give you any suggestion, you’re already doing such an amazing job! Can’t wait for more Meghnal and Nairan! Wanna know the twist! Loads of love yaar! ?❤??

    1. Aarzu

      Thank you so much Tami di… It really means a lot to me… U r really very sweet.. ???? but di I really need to improve my writing skills and creativity that’s why I am asking you all for the suggestions

      1. Tamihna0808

        Aaw! You’re even sweeter! ☺ if you ever want to ask any questions you could always private message me! I think the flow of the story is really good! Take your time in writing and what I do when I write is I look back and picture it and add more things if I feel it would fit in. Hope that helped! ?❤

      2. Aarzu

        Thanku so much Tami di u r the best

  8. Audiences like me get attracted to problems which arise in the characters life and how uniquely they solve and the good effects on their relation for eg- those scenes where the female got hurt to save her betterhalf it sounds childish but when we read it our emotions cme out l…i would suggest u to show some emotional dramatic scenes and their side effects, a section comes where a person does smething which breaks his/her trust from his love but remember to show some normal scenes too…as they will balance the masala(as we call it) of the ff…and if still u dont get idea u go on google type ek shringaar swabhimaan latest gossip…check the first 4 sites they will show few upcoming twist u can modify them and writ it

    1. Aarzu

      Thanks Sneha I’ll definitely think over it nd I m gonna give you a fabulous result of this thank you Soooo much… Keep reading

  9. It’s really good. I am dying to read the next chapter and u r good writer please post as soon as possible. Eager to read the next chapter

    1. Aarzu

      Thanks juveria… I have written my next chapter I’ll post it soon.. I think by 7 or 8…Hope u’ll like that

  10. Threemaimai

    hey Aarzu i like your writing style. each writer have their own identity. when i read it i know it’s you.. 🙂 ( since there are many and i read them all 🙂 )

    1. Aarzu

      Thank you so much…. U r really very sweet… ? ? ? ? keep reading nd please post ur 1 ASAP

  11. Nila

    wow Aarzu dr nice episode i am eagerly waiting for next part

    1. Aarzu

      Tysm Nila….. I m just going to update my 15th chapter…. Keep reading

  12. Raina123

    Your writing is fabulous loved it …,

    1. Aarzu

      Thank you so much Raina…. Keep reading

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