A Tale Of Two Beautiful Sisters – Swabhiman (Epi 12)

Finally it was marriage day…..
@ Guest House….
Pawan came to Veer’s Room
Pawan – Veer Beta….
Veer – yes papa
Pawan – u r going to Udaipur after this marriage remember na……
Veer – Yes papa I remember…
Pawan – Veer marriage is a big responsibility…… In Udaipur me nd ur mother will not be there….. Vaha tum dano ko hi us pathar k makaan ko ghar bannana hoga…. U have to promise me that you will always listen to Simran beta… U have to give equal time to both ur family nd project..
Veer – I promise I’ll always take care of all the teachings
He hugged him…..

@ DELHI Airport
Karan was waiting for Khyati… Khyati came nd hugged him
Khyati – Bhai I missed u sooo much
Karan – I missed you too… Chalen
Khyati – yup….. Bhai vese have u proposed Naina..
Karan – No…… But I’ll propose her today in front of everyone…
Khyati – Wooooo bhaii so romantic….
They reached at guest house…. Khyati greeted everyone there….
In evening @ Chauhan Mansion
Naina made Simran ready… Nd then moved to Meghna’s room
Naina helped Meghna……..
Meghna hold Naina’s hand
Meghna – Naina…. U promise after me u will take care of Maa papa nd Vishal bhai….. U’ll take care of yourself…. (Meghna had tears in her eyes)
Naina (too with teary eyes) – Didu I promise….. But please don’t cry….
Meghna hugged Naina…. Then Vishal came in their room nd saw them crying…..
Vishal – Why u both r crying??
Naina – Bhaiyu….. Didu will go…
Vishal – Ha toh achha h na….. U’ll get her room from now….. Nd I will too be free from her tantrums
Meghna – Bhai……. (innocently)
They all laughed nd hugged each other….. Vishal too had tears in his eyes but he controlled himself…
Meghna Simran nd Naina finally got ready..
Meghna’s Outfit nd look –

Check Here

Naina’s Outfit –

Check Here

(She wore it with a pretty jewelry)

Simran’s Outfit nd look –

Check Here
After some time baarat came…. Every one was enjoying Khyati nd Karan were dancing….. Kunal nd Veer were too dancing on their respective horses.. Our all the three heroes were looking really handsome…..
Kunal’s Outfit and Look –

Check Here

Karan’s Outfit –

Check Here

Veer’s Outfit nd look –

Check Here

Naina was looking at baraat nd was very happy nd laughing….
Karan looks at her nd was lost…. Naina was talking to her friends…..
Then Naina Nirmala Simran’s mother nd other relatives went on the entrance Nirmala nd Parvati ji (Simran’s mum) performed some rituals then they finally entered in the house…. Pandit ji started Var pooja nd all other rituals with the groom’s when all the rituals got over he called the brides Meghna nd Simran came nd Kunal nd Veer were stunned after looking at their respective brides… Pandit ji read all the mantaras then Naina did gath bandhan….. both the couples got up nd started pheras. Then after Pheras Kanya daan was done by NK nd Nirmala of Meghna nd Simran’s parents did her Kanya daan then Kunal and Veer put Sindoor nd Mangalsutra to their respective brides.
Pandit ji – marriage completed, take the blessings of your elders (both the couple took elders blessing…..)
And finally sat on the stage….
Karan – (on the stage) he took the mike… Naina…..
Naina turned around to see Karan
Karan – will u please come on stage
Naina confusingly nodded
Karan (bent on his knees) – Naina u know I saw you 1st time in a church where you were helping some lame girls on that day 1st time my heart beated so fastly…. U told me na ki u can’t like any with good face nd black heart…… Even I can’t… that’s why I love you……. I love you miss Naina Chauhan….. Will u be Mrs. Naina Karan Kapoor…… (Naina had a huge smile on her face) Karan gives her some thing – I bought it remember u liked it but shopkeeper said that it is sold…. I bought it I’ll give you all happiness…….. I Love You….. Will u marry me…. Naina….. Please say yes….. Naina smiled
Gift Karan bought for Naina –

Check Here

Naina was about to speak something but then they heard a voice from back
Voice – Itni bhi kya jaldi h Karan baabu pehele apne bhai aur dost ki shaadi ko toh bacha lo phir apni shadi k khwab dekhna
They turn back nd saw He was Anuj nd Priyanka
Karan nd Naina’s happiness changed into fear nd tension….. Meghna too hold Kunal’s hands…. Simran was too scared after seeing Priyanka
Karan – u r not invited…. What r u doing here
Anuj – we r here to take our love back…
NK – love back…… Naina what’s happening
Naina – we’ll tell you later papa….
Anuj took out gun from his pocket…
NK – was scared looking at gun so he secretly called police…
Nairan covered Meghnal nd Simeer (specially Kunal nd Simran)
Anuj – Naina Karan move aside
Nairan – no we’ll not
Priyanka asked something in Anuj’s ears…. Nd Anuj smiles
Anuj – good plan sis
Everyone was confused
Anuj loads the gun nd fires it towards…… Karan…. Naina saw this nd push Karan aside nd Bullet hits Naina….. (Naina’s stomach)
Karan (Shouts) – Nainaaaaa!!!!
Anuj nd Priyanka tries to ran away police came nd arrest them
Naina Falls down Karan reached to Naina nd holds her, Everyone there were worried for Naina, Meghnal nd Simeer too go to Naina ….NK nd Nirmala were broken after seeing all this.
Karan – Naina why did you do this
Naina – Karan…. I.. I don’t know (aaaaa)…. Weather I will be alive or…… not…..(aaaa) I…. I.. Love u….. Naina fall unconscious
Karan was crying…
Karan – Naina…. Naina open ur eyes Damed….. Please open ur eyes
Meghna – Karan…. Let’s take her to the hospital….
Karan lifts Naina up nd took her to the hospital…

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  1. Naina got shot Ahhhhh I really hope she gets better its so sad that nairan’s love story might end before it even started Thank you soooo much for bringing this twist on the story though 🙂

    1. Aarzu

      Thanks zaynab….. U just wait for next chapters…. Keep reading nd cmnting

  2. I don’t know how to tell you but episode was mind blowing can’t express with words I love it u r fabulous dI wow……. ! The suspense is killing me can’t wait to read next chapter, please post next chapter as soon as possible. Eager to read the next chapter and u r fabulous writer and the twist was sad but I love it OMG PLEASE POST AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO U R FAN CAN’T WAIT TO READ NEXT CHAPTER, POST SOON

    1. Aarzu

      Thanks juveria… I’ll try to post next parts soon…. Hope u’ll like them tooo… Keep reading nd cmnting ?

  3. Wow! I had not imagined that the proposal would be so dramatic or that the special person who would get hurt would be Naina…you write really well…please post the next episode soon???

    1. Aarzu

      Yeah that special person is really Naina….. I’ll post next parts soon.. So please keep reading.. ? ? ?


    1. Aarzu

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  6. Tamihna0808

    Loved the outfits! And then all of a sudden! BAM ANUJ AND PRIYA NK A COME TO CAUSE TROUBLE! So excited to read the next one! Update when you can! Love it and love you! ?❤?

    1. Aarzu

      Tysm dii love uh too…. Hope u’ll like next episodes too….. ? ? ?

  7. Threemaimai

    no words to express my feelings. I almost had a tear on the edge of my eye.
    love it so much… 🙂
    plz update soon

    1. Aarzu

      Thanku so much threemaimai…. U r really very sweet…. I m really happy after ur kind words…. Keep reading

  8. Superb dear . Outfits were also superb,?☺

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  9. Prettypreeti

    Ohhh soo happy scenes turned in sad scenes..i really felt sad upset but i know u will bring sonething intrresting right..i really loved it
    Awesome onee
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    Post soon

    1. Aarzu

      Thanku so much preeti…. Yes some interesting stuff is about to come so please keep reading

  10. Awesome dii ur great u r a very good writer pls upload the next episolde

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