A Tale Of Two Beautiful Sisters – Swabhiman (Chapter 20)

Hey guys… I m really happy its my 20th Episode…. I know it is not a big thing but yeah it means a lot to me…. Thank you so much guys for your kind support…. Luv Uh all…. Keep reading nd supporting my work….. Please forgive me guys for my silly nd grammatical mistakes

@ Kapoor Mansion
Kunal wake up nd saw Meghna was sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face. Kunal was too smiling seeing his love sleeping so peacefully……
Meghna woke up nd saw Kunal was lost in her…..
Meghna – Kunal….
Kunal – No Answer

Meghna shake him – Kunal
Kunal – Ha ha… What happened???
Meghna laughed looking at him
Meghna – U r a big Pagal…. Pagal Kunal
Kunal – Yess I m Mad in ur love
Meghna – Kunal….
Kunal smiled…
Meghna – let me go yrrr
Kunal nodded in no…

Meghna (with her cute puppy face) – Please
Kunal – No….. 1st give me a kiss…
Meghna – ok come here…..
She didn’t kissed him but pulled his cheeks tightly…
Kunal – Ouuchhh…
Meghna laughed nd ran away from him..
Kunal was behind him….
Kunal – Meghna stop….

Meghna teased him like a child with her tongue…
Kunal picked pillow nd throw it towards her nd then they started pillow fighting their pillows r no more in this world they are torned of the room is completely filled with feathers nd they both were laughing nd finally fall down on the bed…. Kunal looked into Meghna’s eyes nd they share a cute eye lock… Kunal cupped Meghna’s face they were coming close to each other Kunal kissed Meghna on her forehead and then eyes…. Then suddenly… Masi ma came to their room..
Sandhya – Vo Kunal… Oops Srry…. I think I came on wrong time…
Meghna becomes shy…. Kunal was too stammering
Kunal – Masi maa.. Vo.. Hum… Kuchh… Masi maa… I mean..
Sandhya laughed…

Sandhya – Stop it Kunal….. I can understand…. I m here to tell you that Karan, Naina nd Chauhan with pandit ji all r here… U both too get ready nd came down as fast as possible…
Kunal – Ohhhhhhhhh…. Ok masi maa we r coming… In just 10 minutes..
Sandhya went down… Meghnal looked at each other nd laughed… Nd then they finally got ready… Nd then they both too went down nd greeted everyone..
Meghna went to Naina
Meghna (in low voice) – Ohoo madam… Tomorrow night was very beautiful… Hmmm
Naina – Didu…..

Vishal was too there..
Vishal(sarcastically) – I think Meghna is correct….
Naina – Bhaiyu u too….. U r too teasing me…. Bad really very bad…
Meghna nd Vishal gave a small side hug to their sweet sister. Naina smiled..
Nirmala – Naina Karan come here..
Naina nd Karan went to Nirmala
Naina – Yes maa

Nirmala – Pandit ji is here sit here only ..
Naina nd Karan nodded nd sat on opposite side of pandit ji (i. e. in front of him)
Pandit ji – They both are like diya nd bati… They both will complete each other…. Aise anokhi Kundali humne apni poori jindagi m nhi dekhi…
Everyone because happy…
Sandhya – Now u just give us the perfect date for this wedding…
Pandit ji nodded nd looked into his book
Pandit ji – There are two good dates…. 1st is around after 7 month nd next one is after 15 days…
Sandhya (teasingly to Karan) – I think after 7 months is the best…. What do you think Karan….

Nirmala (also in teasing manner) – I agree…. Hena Naina
Karan – Masi maa…. Nirmala mom… I think after 15 days is good na….
Everyone laughed….
Karan looks at everyone with his innocent puppy face…
Sandhya – Ok ok now seriously… What do you think Nirmala ji nd NK bhaisahab
NK – I think 7 months would be very late… So I think after 15 days is perfect….. What do you think Nirmala
Nirmala – I agree… But if u all r ok with it…
Rakesh – Yeah we all agree
Daddu – But this time I have a condition
NK – What condition… Bauji..
Daddu – This marriage will take place in

Greece…. In front of beaches.. A theme nd a destination wedding…. With Indian tadka
Karan hugged Daddu
Karan – Daddu u r the coolest Daddu in this world… I love uh…
Daddu – I love uh too Karan
Everyone smiled
Vishal – Ok then I’ll book the tickets…
NK – OK we will leave a day after tomorrow…. Is that ok

Everyone nodded
Meghna hugged Karan nd Naina – I m really happy for both of you
Kunal too hugged Karan nd Naina…

Everyone was quite happy nd planning for their trip…
Nirmala – Sandhya ji let’s make a list of all the materials we need… Nd we have to buy somethings from here only… Because we will not be able to find some things there in Greece…
Sandhya – I agree…. Let’s do it now…

They both started there work
Kiran – Areeee wait… Karan is my son too.. I m also coming with uh
NK Rakesh Vishal Veer nd Pawan were doing some important office works… Simran was helping Sandhya Nirmala nd Kiran. Naina nd Meghna were in kitchen nd preparing lunch for everyone then Karan nd Kunal entered in the kitchen
Kunal – OMG… What u both r preparing….
Karan – Bhai its smelling very delicious..
Naina – Something very special..
Karan nd Karan smiled

Kunal – So my pretty sali…. Now u r going to become my brother’s gharwali… Wa wa wa..
Karan Naina nd Meghna laughed
Meghna – Kunal it was really very bad..
Karan – Yess bhai improve your shyari… He laughed…
Kunal – OK ok….

Karan – Naina… Please make it Sooon… I can’t wait what r u making….
Naina – Karan u don’t have any patience…. Abhi u both just get out of the kitchen you both r distracting us go now…
Meghna – Yess Karan nd Kunal go now nd do some work nd let us do something get out… Both of them are out of the kitchen…
Karan – Bhai…. I wanna know what is the special thing…
Kunal – Meeh too yrrr…. But what we can do….
Karan – Just wait…
They both looked at each other with their puppy faces……

After some time everyone was on the dinning table… Meghna nd Naina came out with so many interesting dishes everyone ate that nd praised Naina nd Karan….
Naina – Now the special dish… I have made that specially for Karan….

Everyone looked at Karan…. Karan was smiling
Naina – Let me get it….
Naina goes in nd came out with brownies nd Chocolate pastries….
Karan ate it – Naina… Its just awesome… I love it nd love the person most who had cooked it
Naina smiled – Thanks Karan….
They both shared an eye lock
Everyone was looking at them
Everyone – Ahem ahem…..

Karan nd Naina came back to their senses and became very shy…

Everyone laughed….

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    1. Aarzu

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  4. Awww! That was so cute! I loved the Meghnal and Nairan scenes. Happy 20th upload! I am so happy that we will get to see Nairan’s marriage in the upcoming track! I am so thrilled that you included chocolate pastries in this episode as Samridh loves them! Please upload your next part soon. Love you!

    1. Aarzu

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