A tale of OBSTINANCE and LOVE..(Chapter 8)


A tale of OBSTINANCE and love

Chapter 8

Kunj, Twinkle and Vijay were back to the bungalow in Ernakulam..the weather continued to be ghostly terrific!

Vijay settled in the guest room and Twinj were in their room..”I never imagined Twinkle.. that this house which I bought for you can become a reason for ur pain..”..Kunj alleged entering the room. “Its not the house Kunj…for d moment its u why I am feelin’ this pain.’’…Kunj looked at hr suprised..Twinkle smiled and made him sit and sat beside him..she cupped his face and said “ Just look at urself..ur eyes have swollen and have became red..u din slept because of me since two nights..sleep now or else u gotta harm ur health..” Twinkle said..
“but Twinkle is this a time to think about all this?..who nows what that spirit’s going to do next”…
“ Kunj..you..your health is way more u.important for me than that spirit..understand..c’mon b a good boy and take restfor sometime…”..Saying this she made him lie on d bed..” But..” Kunj was about tosay when she gently planted a kiss pon his forehead and lied beside him…he turned towards her “ You..wont listen so easily…sleep”..she ordered..and then pecked onhis eyes and they hugged each other tightly..

‘Isn’t it true..may all problems knock ur doors..or sometimes trouble u without any knock..just a hug to ur loved one..a few moments with him/her..and everything becomes happy happy..and we don’t even realize that our problems just went away jealous of that true Love..and LOVE always remains the same bcoz it isn’t a chain that would get stronger nor a pit which becomes deeper…’

Next morning-

Kantama and Twinkle were preparing the breakfast…
“ Wht happened yesterday?..u both were not here..” Kantama asked…
“..Ummm..nothing I and Kunj were just went for an outing and we had dinner out only..”..Twinkle lied not to make Kantama tensed.

All three had breakfast on Twinkle’s insist..Vijay and Kunj were in study for some talk…
They were talking when… “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh……………….Kuuuuunnnnnnnnjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj” …they heard Twinkle’s scream.

“Twinkle..” Kunj rushed towards their room….but Twinkle was not to be found there..he found some marks of dragging ..he followed them and reached the same narrow room…he looked for her and found Twinkle lying unconscious partially out of a small door at the side wall…
“Twin…kkle” he took her out and kept her head on his lap..he started patting her cheeks to wake her up…his eyes teared up..”Twinkle get up…open ur eyes “ …

Vijay came rushing with water…he blew some spells and sprinkled that water on her eyes… she opened her eyes slowly as they were becoming heavy…”ohhu.mm”…tears of happiness gushed out Kunj’s eyes..Twinkle got a bit up and pointed towards the interior of the small door..it was all dark…
“What?”.. Kunj asked..
“ come…come with me..I’ll show you…come “..Twinkle said hurriedly quivering..

She walked down..Kunj lit on his mobile’s flash light and both followed her.

She came and it turned out to be the basement.. Twinkle started searching something on the walls…probably the switches..she found them and switched on the lights…and Kunj and Vijay looked around….the sight made their eyes widened..the whole room was decorated with small..electric lights which hardly any of them got lighten up…it was dim light around…and the room was full on canvasses and on a big table there were paints and brushes covered with thick layers of dust and spider webs at places…Kunj gave Twinkle a questioning look..she trembling went to a canvass on a side nd removed the paper cover from it…Kunj looked on…it had a potrait of a girl painted
“ See..Disha Iyer…year 1989..the same Disha…Kunj…how..how can this be possible?”..Twinkle alleged…

“Its possible akku beta…”..They heard Kantama..


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