A tale of OBSTINANCE and LOVE..(Chapter 5)


A Tale of OBSTINANCE and LOVE…. (Chapter 5)

Hey…I am back..Atlast..I know I made you all wait a lot right..I left you at the suspense naa…

So a quick Recap-

Kunj finds Disha and feels an unknown connection with her as does Twinkle also..he gets to know that she met with an accident..After dinner Kunj feels Twinkle being weird.. In room Twinkle tries to seduce Kunj ..she tries to go close to him..but because of weird feelings..Kunj didn’t responded.. He feels that Twinkle’s eyes.. Her soul wanted to communicate with him..but wasn’t able to..as he said “I LOVE YOU TWINKLE”… She gets miffed.. And then falls unconscious.. Next morning Kunj comes to know that Twinkle doesn’t remember anything that happened last night.. Rather she told him that she slept early last night… He plans something..

Chapter 5-

Twinkle comes out in a bathrobe.. She finds her clothes on bed..
” Aawww..my hubby.. You are so cute”..she said hugging them..

She comes down the stairs wearing the denim and black off-shoulder straped sleeve top…vermilion, chuda and magalsutra..some.of her hair from front were pinned making a cute circle at the back of her head..and platinum ear hoop ..
“Kunj”.. She called out..

He din replied.. Just them she heard noise of a utensil falling…
She headed to the kitchen and was surprised to see the sight… she started laughing hard…
Kunj was standing wearing an apron and Italian chef’s hat (I don’t know exactly what’s it called.. Hope you understand that long white chef’s hat)
His cheeks were having a flour face pack with some fruit pulp…(a Lil bit of flour)..and some of it on his cloths..shirt and apron and veggies around on the slab ..he kept some herbs in his apron’s front pocket.. Trying hard to cook..he was holding a knife in his hand…

He looked at Twinkle who wasn’t able to stop her laugh..just then a metal bowl fell making her laugh more..he gestured by rubbing his hand on his hair..but as knife came closer to his face he was like..” Ooouuuuhhh”..he kept the spoon and knife aside ..
She came to him…”aaawwww”..she said cupping and cleaning his face..
Kunj made her sit on the slab held her waist and made a puppy face pouting… She smiled and gave him a peck on his pout..he smiled brightly…
“What were you trying to do??”…she asked.
“.. Vo..umm..you were feeling tired right.. So I thought to help you.. When you do all this seems so easy to be done…but when I tried.. My!!..How do you do?..I can’t even help you out..”.. he said..

Twinkle wrapped her arms around his neck..”..my cuteeeee husband.. You know a glance at you is enough to vanish all my tiredness..all my weakness.. When I look into your eyes naa..I feel the love you have for me and forget everything..”.. She said pulling his cheek..
” But I wished to cook for you..”..he said with a puppy face..
“..ummm..I have an idea..let’s make salad ..I’ll chop veggies and you do dressing..and till then I’ll put tarts to bake okay.”.. She suggested..
“.. Ooho..This is called company’s effect.. You have became so smart.. girl..”.. He said chirping..
“.. Aaahahaha..good..then You cook okay..I am going..”.. She said getting down and turning to go ..Kunj stops her by taking the apron and wrapping it around her waist.. And pulled her closer.. Her back was touching his chest.. He opened the apron and made her wear it ..and settled all her hair in front.. and tied its knot at the back of her waist..while doing so he was breathing on her neck making her quiver and close her eyes… He slid his Palms on her belly..
” Kunj..”..she shrugged him and turned..
“..What!!!!”.. He questioned…
“.. I don’t feel you are intending to cook.. You better go and work..I’ll make breakfast..”.. She said pushing him out of the kitchen..
” no Mam.. You just order..chef Kunj is here at your service.. “..he said getting into the kitchen again…and held her elbow dragging her…

He made her stand in front of the slab..
” let’s start”..he said rubbing his palms..”and yes..don’t doubt my intensions ..I am a very Good boy..”..he continued.. Bending his head a bit towards her..
“Ya ya ..I know how Much Good Boy you are..let’s start..”..she said getting the veggies and washing them in the strainer…
Kunj took out a bowl and spoon..
” what’s next? “..he asked Twinkle who was cutting them..
She directed him to prepare the dressing…
She then forwarded the vegetables.. And he was doing their dressing properly..and she kept the tarts to bake in the mean time..
“.. I did it..yess..”.. He said raising his fist..”.. So Mrs. Twinkle Sarna.. chef Kunj has something for you..”.. He continued offering her the bowl..
“.. Aahah..Thank you so much..come..let’s have..”.. She said dragging him out of the kitchen..
.. They had their breakfast..

Next scene..

“.. C’mon Twinkle… Come fast ..”.. Said Kunj wearing a brown jacket with a yellow T-shirt and jeans..standing outside Twinj’s closed room

“.. I am going to take my time Kunj…If you are in so much hurry come in and wait here”.. Twinkle replied from inside the room..
“.. Fine then ..”.. He said coming inside the room but was stopped at the entrance only… What to do?..His wife was looking astonishingly beautiful

Twinkle was setting her hair.. She was wearing

She saw him in the mirror and smiled..

“.. Come in come in..I am your wife only..”.. She said..

Just then she felt two arms around her…Kunj was back hugging her..
“.. Kunj..”.. She said..
He turned her and pulled her closer to his chest..

“.. Why ?..why do you look so beautiful?”.. He asked playing with her hair and holding her from her waist.
“.. Ummm..because you love me..I always seem beautiful to you..but do I ask you ever ..Why do you love me so much ?”.. She replied wrapping her arms around him..

Kunj kissed her forehead.. After some times her cheek , earlobe… Twinkle was blushing so she pushed him and said..
“.. We were getting late right …Let’s leave.. I am done..”..she headed to wards the door..

” Wait..We can roam around afterwards also..but now my wife is looking extremely beautiful.. Let me look at her endlessly.. “..he said holding her wrist…

She blushed.. He pulled her towards him turning her..he caressed her face with his finger..she looked down he lifted her face up..and kissed below her lower lips.. She wrapped her arms around his shoulder closing her eyes.. He planted a lot of kisses on her neck and cheek..

“.. Enough.. “.. She said pushing him and turning ..blushing..surprisingly he felt something on her neck..a cute heart pendant..
This- https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTKxETuJjqAsSfYr7_Pqx9oVF-NgFqJb-BlDGBvZa_58uPWoVGx

(I hope links post ho gye hon..)

“.. Kunj..”.. She said to Kunj who was making her wear the pendant..”.. Its so pretty..”.. She continued..
“.. For the prettiest girl in the world.. For my Wife..My Twinkle..”.. He said resting his chin on her shoulder.. Placing his hands on her belly.. Twinkle turned crimson..

Next scene-

Its a beautiful evening.. A lovely couple walking hand in hand on beach all alone along the peaceful sea flowing with them..and a setting Sun…with birds chirping..
They are Twinj..Kunj stopped.. Twinkle gave him a questioning look…he pulled her close and rubbed his thumb on her lips.. She gave him a ‘YOU – ARE – BECOMING – SO – NAUGHTY – ‘ look ..wrapping her arms around his neck… He bent towards her lips.. She closed her eyes.. Their lips met..and they shared a soft..gentle liplock….
After some minutes they parted.. Twinkle turned pink blushing.. She hugged him tight going a bit up resting her face on his shoulder.. He hugged back smiling..she saw some girl looking at them from far in the woods…keeping her one hand on a tree trunk…she was so far so her face was not visible..she was wearing a black suit …Twinkle went a bit suspicious..
“.. Kunj…there..”.. She said parting
“.. What??””.. He asked..
“.. Someone is there ..Kunj..”.. She said pointing towards his back ..in the woods..

He turned ..but they found no one..
“.. No one is there..I feel you are tired ..we are roaming around since morning.. It may be your infatuation… Let’s move”.. He said..

She agreed..and lightly hugged his arm and they headed towards the car..while in between twinkle Continued to look at the same place..her instinct was not ready to believe that it was her infatuation..

Kunj made her sit in car on the front seat and as does he..
He started driving.. But Twinkle was lost in her thoughts looking out of the window.. He noticed her..and held her hand before keeping it on his lap and rubbing it..she looked at him with a smile….he kissed her hand.. She shyly took her hand back ..and looked at other side…

Next scene-

Twinj were sitting in the study room..opposite to each other on couch. ..Kunj was working on laptop..
“Kunj..”.. Twinkle said closing his laptop partially..
” Twinkle.. “..he said opening it again properly..she again closed it and he again opened.. She did that 2-3 times..and kunj too opened it again..
“.. Ya..we are here to work all day round naa…work as much as you want to..work..”.. She said getting up..and going..
” Twinkle.. Twinkle.. I am just sending a mail..don’t get miffed yaar..”..he said a bit loudly to make it audible to her..
But she went..
“Nice Twinkle Sarna…The whole day I spent with you..still you are complaining me being busy..uff..but you know what..I love your tantrums.. Mrs.Sarna..even I am Kunj Sarna.. I know how to kick your anger out…”.. He thought smiling.. And again continued with his work..


(..Now all my readers who shouldn’t ..and who are not interested in romance.. Can read from ‘next scene ‘..and those who want ..so here’s intenseeeeee wala romance for you.I wanted to skip romance but it’s important for a suspenseful reason…and moreover.. Lagna chahiye naa..that they are on their honeymoon.. And abhi se kaan pakad kar sorry and hath jod kar maafi..agar Vulgar lage kisi KO toh..vaise there’s a secret behind these scenes..end main bataungi..okay..)

Twinj’s room..

Kunj came from back wrapped his arms around her..she felt two arms around her abdomen.. She felt shivers.. She knew the touch..
” Kunj… “..she said to him who was busy rubbing his nose in her hair..
He hummed..
” Are you done with your work? “..she asked..
” sending a mail is not time consuming..”..he replied kissing her nape..
“So then go and sleep..”.. She said..
” wow..I am getting romantic here..and you are asking me to sleep.. “..he said turning her..
“.. May I know Why are you getting romantic?”.. She asked wrapping her hands around his neck..
He pulled her closer..caressed her face with his finger..and said..
” I will not tell you..otherwise you’ll feel shy..and then you will blush and when you’ll blush.. I’ll..”..

Twinkle blushed a bit..”You.. Will…?”..she asked..
“I will loose all my control and will kiss you..suck you..lick you..bite you..and…”.. He said going closer..
She blushed .. And Pushed him .
She turned but Kunj held her wrist and pulled her towards him..moved his finger on her face sensually.. She closed her eyes ..
He bent and started slowly sucking her neck..she wrapped her arms around him taking heavy breaths..

” Kunj…”..she moaned as he lightly bit her..
Twinkle pushed him on sofa..making him a bit surprised…she settled her all hair at 1 side and came upon him with her legs at his both the sides.. and sensually moved her finger on his face..Adreline rushed his body…he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer.. Twinkle started kissing him on his face..forehead.. Chin..cheeks..she bit his Earlobe..wrapping her arms around his shoulder..while kunj was tracing her toned legs with his one hand..and other playing with her hair and caressing her face and neck…Twinkle kissed his eyes.. Now kunj kissed her arm..palm..her cheek..apples ..ear…Kunj then proceeded towards her soft , pink..lips..he was very close..just about to kiss her just then Twinkle kept her index finger in between..he gave a K-Y-A. Y-A-A-R..(W-H-A-T??)..wala look..
She smiled..she started opening his shirt’s buttons..after opening 2-3..she inserted her hand inside rubbing them on his shoulder.. Chest ..and back..

and sucked his lower lip slowly after removing her finger..Kunj started sucking her upper lip..it was slow and passionate liplock for 2 mins..Twinkle tried to pull back but Kunj didn’t let her do so..as she pulled back just a bit..he pulled her closer ..turned her and now he was upon her ..her head was on the edge of the sofa..he again smashed his lips on her soft lips.. Entwining his hands with hers and pushing them on the couch’s wall..not letting her get her sensations out …they were kissing each other extremely passionately..a soft one..changed into wild.. Twinkle re-entwined her hands and held him tightly from his shoulders and back…pulling him closer.. Kunj held her from her waist ….after about 10 mins they parted being out of breath..
They were smiling endlessly..Twinkle was looking down blushing and Kunj was smilingly looking at her.. Twinkle pushed him back and they were in the same position again.. She now started kissing and sucking his chest and neck..giving him soft bites…Kunj kissed her arm …he found the zip of her dress and slid it half..he slid cloth from her shoulder and kissed it..and proceeded to her neck..they were sucking and kissing each other’s neck..Twinkle parted after a few seconds but Kunj didn’t..he was busy sucking and licking her front..neck..shoulder… Sensations were running down her body..she was feeling shivers down her spine..she rigorously careassed his hair and shoulder with closed eyes when he was busy kissing and sucking her neck and shoulder.. He was rubbing and smooching her back and waist and thighs..from his hands..Now he was chewing her neck making her moan “K..kunj..”.. Heavily..

” He turned her and laid her on the sofa..Now he was on top of her ….by now he was licking …sucking..biting …chewing and kissing her neck ..ears.. Shoulder….making her moan again and again..and her each and every moan was making him crazier.. Wilder..
He slid the cloth from other shoulder also..and bit it ..then kissed and sucked it..and went into her..kissed and licked and sucked her cleavages as the dress was a bit down ..
Twinkle was relishing the moment like heaven..her cheeks were becoming pink and then crimson red..she was biting her lips.. was breathing fast..and was kissing & sucking his shoulder….infact she was loving this new..and a bit kind of wild shade of Kunj..To let the sensations out she was tightening her grip around him..and moving her legs..but he entangled them with his legs.. Making her shiver she pulled him more closer…and rubbed her palm in his hair , and nape.
After about 20-30 mins..he parted.. And had a look at his red-cheeked …shy wife..who was having a blushy smile on her lips….
He moved closer to her..
“Don’t blush so badly.. Otherwise..”.. He said..
” otherwise..? “..she breathed..
“.. I will loose my control…”.. He answered..
“.. Oh..whatever you did just was your control??!!!..I think what will you do when you’ll get uncontrollable!?..”.. She said..
“.. Do you wanna see..what I’ll do then..just to clear your doubt..”.. He said with a naughty expression winking at her..before sucking her cheek and eadlobe..and pulled her closer by her half bare waist..
She blushed.. Badly like anything..

” no need..”..she said pushing him and getting up..making him surprised..
“Twinkle..”.. He exclaimed ..he saw her going in front of the mirror..
She faced the mirror and made her dress proper..she was blushing…like anything.. She set her hair and her eyes fell on the love marks on her neck..with made her feel shy..she touched and winced lightly.. She turned a bit to zip her dress back..as she zipped.. Kunj from behind and hugged her ..wrapping his hands round her stomach..
” Kunj..”..she said..
“Hmm..”.. He replied.. While rubbing his nose in her hair ..and then on her face..
“.. Kunj..”.. She breathed..
“.. Shh..don’t spoil the moment..”.. He said making her blush again..

He sucked her neck on the love mark ..making her close eyes for a moment..she bit her lips in shyness..
He turned her suddenly pulled her closer..and lifted her in bridal style.. started moving towards their cozy bed..he laid her and came on top of her..she caught his neck from her hands.. Rubbing them on his face and neck and laugh.. He moved his fingers sensually on her face and neck..
She caught his collar..and pulled him towards her and closing her eyes…Leading to another liplock..she wrapped her arms around him..Kunj was surprised , happy and excited with her sudden action.. He also gave in..they were kissing again passionately..Twinkle lightly bit his upper lip..and now was return gift time..he bit her lower lip..he got his chance.. He was now lightly chewing her lips…making her moan… And then inserted his tounge in her mouth exploring it and their tounges were fighting to dominate the other.. Twinkle was feeling shivers.., excitement along with nervousness…she was moving her legs …and kunj as rubbing his one hand on her waist..and other on her thigh….they rolled on the bed… After some minutes they parted.. Twinkle turned him and came on top of him..and kissed his whole face..and proceeded towards his neck..she chewed and sucked his neck..she bended and sucked his bare chest.. And Kunj opened the zip of her dress now..completely.. She widened her eyes.. He rolled upon her..and and came on top of her..she turned.. He settled her hair aside..and caressed his finger on her back..letting shivers run down her spine..he planted a gentle kiss on her back.. She clutched the bedsheet..and moved her leg a bit..he then kissed her waist..and spine..he traced his lips on her waist and back.. And then..nape..he slid his hand under the cloth on her shoulder.. Removed it and kissed her there.. ..he turned her..and again started sucking her neck …they both got up..while he was still sucking her shoulder and neck..

Twinkle who was filled with sensations.. opened his shirt’s buttons and was removing his shirt.. Kunj parted and she removed his shirt..rubbing her hands on his bare upper body..and gazing him..he smiled.. & slid his hands in her dress removed it from one side sucking her cleavage ..twinkle closed her eyes in nervousness and shyness…she was digging her nails in his bare body..He kissed her forehead to make her feel comfortable.. She smiled and kissed his cheek.. Kunj took out her dress and threw it away..Twinkle was now just in her intimate two piece..sitting with both her legs at one side joining her knees ..she was feeling shy ..Kunj breathed out like symbolic of ‘Too Hot’…he kissed her neck and she wrapped her arms around him..he laid her ..he came a bit down..kissed her thighs..then naval…he traced his lips on her stomach.. Her waist..he was breathing on her..due to which quivers were rushing down her body….he bit her very lightly …and came on top again..and hugged her..she hugged him back..he rolled and she was on him..peacefully in each other’s love embrace..
“..Kunj..vo..”.. She got interrupted when he put his finger on her lips..and getting up..twinkle was on his lap..
“.. You don’t need to say every time..our love has given me so much power that I can understand what you want..before you say it..”… He said making her wearing his shirt… Then cupped her face..
Twinkle hugged him tightly..

Next scene –

At about 3a.m. at midnight..Twinj were sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace.. Twinkle was sleeping straight but her head turned to the other side..she was wearing Kunj’s shirt.. And Kunj was sleeping facing his bare back towards the ceiling.. His one arm was around Twinkle’s waist.. And other on bed..he was sleeping digging his face in her neck ..
“..no ..please… Someone save me..please.. Aah..”… His sleep was disturbed by twinkle’s scared.., hasty voice.. He got up tensed..
” Twinkle.. Twinkle “..he tried waking her up..
“.. Save us…”.. She said again and sat all of a sudden.. Clutching the bedsheet..
” Twinkle.. “..he said worriedly.
(Twinkle wasn’t awake)
All of sudden she started taking long breaths..she was holding her neck in manner to save herself… (Bilkul in the manner when if someone tries to slit your throat from wire from back and you pull it to save yourself…)
Suddenly… She fell back on the bed as someone pulled her from back…

Kunj was shocked at the situation… He started patting her cheeks to wake her up…Twinkle suddenly took a long breath getting a bit up…she woke up and was damn scared…
” Ku…Kunj.. “..she hugged him crying hard…kunj hugged her back..

” ssh…ssshhhh Twinkle “…he consoled her …
“.. Kunj ..kunj she will kill me kunj…”.. She said sobbing hard being scared…
“.. Nothing… Nothing will happen to you…no one can harm you ….I am here with you naa…You are my life..I’ll not let anything happen to you…”.. He said cupping her face..and clearing her tears..and then hugging her…..he gave her water to drink…” It was just a bad dream..okay…just a dream “..he said hugging her from side..” Now sleep.. Okay..”..he cupped her face and laid her and he too lied..keeping his hands on his chest..Twinkle removed one hand..kept her head on his shoulder and lied hugging him..
“I feel so good with you Kunj… So secured.. in your arms..”.. She said..
Kunj kissed her forehead…” I Love you”..he said just that…
Twinkle slept but Kunj’s sleep was snatched away… He wasn’t able to sleep..all that happened last night and just was revolving in his mind..he wasn’t able to make out what is happening with them …he just knew that whatever is happening is not good for his Twinkle.. A weird restlessness was eating him from inside… He hugged Twinkle tightly…
“Don’t worry Kunj l am Fine..”.. He heard Twinkle’s voice.. Yes she was awake…after all if her Kunj isn’t able to sleep then how can Twinkle!!?

” you are awake..”..he asked..
“Yes I am …now sleep..no need to worry about me..my husband is there na..he will not let any harm reach me..”.. She replied cupping his face..”.. I know.. Your husband loves you so much naa..”.. He said with a Smile..
“.. Hmm..but you know what..he so always busy in his works..that’s why I love you not him.”.. She replied digging her face in his chest..
“..You can make me smile even in serious moments that makes me love you again..”.. He said kissing her forehead..
“.. Because I love you Kunj…all my bad moments makes you upset.. So I make you smile..as when you smile.. I smile…”.. She said closing her eyes peacefully to sleep..
“I love you too.”..he replied.
They slept hugging each other.


How was it??
Fingers crossed.. Hope it wasn’t vulgar..

I posted my other two ffs also
I hope up to your expectations..
Do comment pleaaaaaaaseee..

Love you all??

-Shreya (Lovely)

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      “..Haan toh I hope along with all other ffs and Tashan e Ishq..you will be in my ff too”.. I said
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        n luv u tooo

    3. Jiya_Ani

      Sorry sorry its not pasta..it padta ..
      Vaise ek baat bataun??..
      Kunj KO every time bad romance hi soojhta hai..but vo bhi kya kare..ab Twinkle jaisi wife hai toh insaan toh romantic ho ga hi..?????????..
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      Love you Twinj????

    4. Jiya_Ani

      Sorry sorry its not pasta..it padta ..
      Vaise ek baat bataun??..
      Kunj KO every time bad romance hi soojhta hai..but vo bhi kya kare..ab Twinkle jaisi wife hai toh insaan toh romantic ho ga hi..?????????..
      Abhi abhi mujhse bola..next chapter main bhi romantic part de Dena..ab inke chakkar main mai dimaag mark ki next time romance main kya dikhaun…uff kaha se ye pati patni apne ff main rakh liye ..chaho toh apni dp hi dekh lo..romance hi toh kar rahe hain….but inhi ki vajah se toh mera ff chalta hai..????????????????
      Love you Twinj????

  9. SidMin

    Loved the episode have no words to describe it and romance was too good Loved it please post the next episode soon 🙂

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thank youuuuuuu..
      I hope jaldi time mile aur main post kar paun..
      Love you ?????

  10. Shreya098

    It was soo hot….

    Their romance???….

    Loooooved it

    1. Jiya_Ani

      U are making me blush my jaan..


  11. Ria

    It was superb. I was just so much into the romance. Doesn’t look like you’re in 9th grade? Anyways, do post soon. I really wanna know what’s up in your mind.
    Loads of love.?

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Haaawww..thank you di..and rahi baat is intense romance ki..toh till they were on beach saara romance Maine likha..next Jo intense tha..vo thoda saby di se, thoda ritzi se, thoda apme sese thoda pali di thoda sweetie di….aise alag alag writers ke ff ke romance Ko mix match and modify kar ke likha..and main 9 the main hi toh hoon ..pata nahi tha kaise likhte hain..toh thoda idhar se aur thoda udhar se le kar complete kiya…

      Hehe hehe..
      And mere mind main Jo bhi hai sab time ke saath pata chal jayega..

      Thanks for commenting and yes baaki ffs bhi post kiye.. Plz padh kar comment kar do..

      I’ll posting asap..
      Love you ??

  12. Shreya it’s superb……
    Fantastic….. Yrrr … I enjoyed it……
    And yaa plz end the suspense soon……

  13. Jisha

    Hot n intense romance… mysterious too…

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Hehe hehehe…thanks di..
      And jaldi post Karo naa..I am waiting..

      Love love??

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    1. Jiya_Ani

      Koi ni koi ni ….thank youuuuuuuu solo much for commenting.. And agar zyaada confused ho toh mujhe batao kya confusion hai..I’ll try clearing it out..
      I will cont. Asap

      And thank goodness it din seemed vulgar..

      Love you??

  15. Shatakshi

    Dekh aapne choti Behan ke request pe maine aaj 5 episodes padh liye tere ff ke
    I m surprised ki tu sacchi me 9th grader he h na??
    I never dared to.write such….but aab tune mujhe inspire kar diya h to I will try??
    Jaldi post karna okay??
    Love u loads??❤❤

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks for reading and commenting.. Andbaat is intense romance ki..toh till they were on beach saara romance Maine likha..next Jo intense tha..vo thoda saby di se, thoda ritzi se, thoda apme sese thoda pali di thoda sweetie di….aise alag alag writers ke ff ke romance Ko mix match and modify kar ke likha..and main 9 the main hi toh hoon ..pata nahi tha kaise likhte hain..toh thoda idhar se aur thoda udhar se le le kar complete kiya…

      Hehe hehe..

      So plzzz don’t doubt my decorum…
      and I would suggest that is type ka dare mat hi Karo…even I don’t like..doing sauch dares…

      Love you ??

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