A tale of OBSTINANCE and LOVE..(Chapter 4)


A Tale of OBSTINANCE and LOVE… Chapter 4

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Toh Recap.
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Recap- We read that after some cute and romantic moments ..Kunj leaves for office.. A new entry comes..that is Kantama..let’s see if she is good or bad..
Twinkle feels someone’s presence behind the bushes..she and kanta..(let’s call her that)..saw…something and got shocked to see the sight..

Chapter 4-

Kunj comes back home …
“I am back Twinkle”.. He said
His eyes fell on a girl wearing a black suit ..she was sitting kneeling on floor facing her back and collecting newspaper and magazines from the table…it was clear that she wasn’t Twinkle..
“.. You are here..You don’t know how much wait has been done for you..”.. She said stopping..
” Who are you? “..Kunj asked
” Kunj”..Twinkle said coming excitedly from the other side..
“..Hey…How are you…??..who is she?”..Kunj asked
“.. Who?”.. she asked..
” are she..”..he said Pointing towards the place..near the table.
But was shocked to see no one there..
“..You must be talking about Disha..was she in black suit?”.. twinkle said with a curve on her lips
“.. Yup..but who is DISHA?”.. Kunj asked..
“.. Vo actually…”.. Twinkle told..


Twinka were shocked to see ..a girl (Imagine Sonarika bhdoriya) ..wearing a blue suit was there quite injured.. Like cuts a bit on her neck, one on her face and on hands..the cloth near the shoulder was torn a bit..she was in a giddy state..Twinkle in no time brought her in the house.. Gave her water which made her feel better…
“..Are you fine?”.. Twinkle asked..
” hmm..better..thank you so..”..she replied
“No need..what happened to you??”.. Twinkle asked..
“.. I met with an accident.. I fell from cliff… But I am safe somehow..I tried to walk..but in vain..I saw your house.. So..”..she replied..
“.. Ohh..thank god that you are safe and good you came here….you come..have bath..and then I will do your dressing”.. Twinkle said..
The girl nodded ..Twinkle helped her in walking..
While on stairs..
” what’s your name?”..Twinkle asked..
“Disha..Disha Iyer..”.. the girl replied..

Twinkle for a moment got into a thought..she felt a connection with her..but got disturbed when She asked..
” and what’s your’s..”..
“Twinkle.. Twinkle Kunj Sarna…”.. She replied with a smile.. Her face turned pink when she added KUNJ SARNA..after her name..they reached the room ..Twinkle made her sit and went to cupboard..
” hmm..married.. I can see that ..Twinkle.. Such a cute name..Your husband loves you a lot right”..Disha said..
“Thanks.. Yes..he does.. How come you know?”..
Twinkle asked smiling..
“.. Come on..his name is enough to make you blush…Kunj Sarna ..right..?”..
” correct…take this..and bath..I’ll get something for you..”..said Twinkle forwarding a black suit to her..(they weren’t in Twinj’s bedroom.. An koi kisi anjaan KO bedroom main thode hi leke jaata hai!)
“Thanks..”..she thanked and went to bathroom..

Disha came after bathing.. Twinkle dressed her wounds ..they both had lunch..

After lunch Twinkle and Disha were sitting and talking.. When Twinkle got Kunj’s call..she excused herself.. (He called her to tell that he will be late..because of an urgent work…and they had some couple wale talks..main nahi bataungi..we shouldn’t get into someone’s private talks…bad manners..???…)

While Twinkle was talking with Kunj..
Disha was moving around.. She saw a Twinj Pic..she touched it..firstly touching Kunj’s pic she had a smile on her face..then she touched Twinkle’s pic..and moved ahead…and there was a crack (vertical).. On Twinkle’s pic..dividing both of them and cutting Twinkle’s in half…screen freezes at it..

At night Disha was leaving after resting.. Even after Twinkle’s insist for stay and rest but she went..

While in living room she found some magazines lying on floor.. She was keeping them properly.. When Kunj entered..

-flashback ends..

” ooh..ohhkay..”..Kunj said
“Akku beta..my work is done.. I am going.. Take care”.. Kantama said..
“.. Okay..”.. Twinkle replied sweetly.
“.. Twinkle I am going to change.. “.. Kunj said
“….Till then I will serve dinner.. You come and have..”.. Twinkle replied going to kitchen.

Next scene..
Kunj changed into his casuals..that is a brown T-shirt and black trousers.. And came to the dining table..

“.. Hmm..It smells great ..and different.. What’s in dinner?”.. He asked..
“.. I have made Paper dosa with chutney(sauce)..and sambhar”.. Twinkle told..while Kunj sat..
” you made?”..he again inquired..
“..yup..Kanta ji  taught me..She was directing me and I was following her…Taste and tell..how’s it?”…Twinkle told..
“Yup..sit..”.. Kunj said.
Twinkle also sat..
Kunj ate a bite..
” ummmmm”..he exclaimed Closing his eyes.. “Yummm….Too good”.. He said kissing her hands..
“.. Ha ha..leave now..enough of flattering have it..”.. again her tantrums started.. They finished dinner after some cute talks.

Next scene-

Its 10p.m. at night..
Kunj was working in study..he completed his work and came to hall..and found Twinkle sitting gathering her legs on sofa..with open hair ..her head was hanging… With some hair strands edging her face..she was holding a writing pad and was slowly scribbling on it..

Kunj was surprised a bit to see her like that..
” Twinkle.. “..he said
“.. Hmmmm”.. She hummed ..
“..I am feeling very sleepy..I am going to sleep..”.. She continued getting up rubbing her palm on her neck….and going..
Kunj gave a WHAT-HAPPENED-TO-HER-? wala look..after sometime he also went to room.

(So ..Not for Kiddos toh main likh nahi sakti!!..because I am a kiddo only naa..And I assure whatever happens next will not be vulgar..bohot clear hoga.. And if any of you feel that it is..then do tell..But do read..varna story samajh nahi ayegi..chalo..now read..)

Kunj’s POV-

I entered the room..and The lights were on..But Twinkle came to sleep ..so why ?…but just then my eyes fell on the couch..Oh my!..Twinkle was sitting.. wearing my shirt …rubbing her legs and taking long breaths rubbing her hand on her neck as if calling me..But I don’t know Why!..I DIDN’T WANTED TO GO TO HER..!!!!..What to do I can see her calling me but I can’t feel the charm which always attracts me towards her..I seemed like her body is there but she isn’t here!..I know this sounds weird but I am feeling the same..
I headed towards the bed a bit , when I felt a backhug..2 arms rubbing my chest , I can feel the rubbing her cheek on my shoulder but You know what!..I wasn’t able to feel the Love which I have always felt with her every touch.. I din  knew what was happening with me..I din reacted..She came in front of me..and started kissing my neck ..aah!..she bit it !..she pushed me on the bed…she lied near me and opened some of the buttons of her shirt..or should say..My shirt..and came upon me and started slowly kissing me all over and kept my hand around her waist..I was just blank..
“I love you”.. She said inserting her hand in my T-shirt and rubbing on my abs..
She was continuously looking at me at that time..I felt her eyes.. Which always tell what’s deep down inside were trying to say something.. Her eyes wanted to communicate..I felt that only her eyes The soul ..the soul in her eyes were hers..I was so perplexed.. While she again started kissing me on my face, cheeks….I closed my eyes because I wasn’t able to get the fact that I don’t feel like Twinkle is near me!!…I was just reminiscing the day ..the moment I first saw her…I was lost in her..I wasn’t able to sleep properly at nights ..Because every time I get engrossed in her thoughts , her smile.. her eyes.. her cute talks…Her chubby cheeks… All were making me smile.. Truly saying.. Now I wasn’t able to even feel  her touch..
” I Love you …TWINKLE “..I said..

What happened to her?…” Hhuuh..”..she got up and turned towards other side..
I got up…
“Twinkle..”.. I said..just then..she fell on me…God !..she is unconscious… I tried waking her by patting her cheeks… I laid her properly..and Sprinkled some water…oh GOd!..Twinkle what happened to you..get up yaar….I was sweating Now..Twinkle please get up…She opened her eyes.. with difficulty..
” Ku….n…j”..she breathed..
“Yes ..yes Twinkle I am here..here with you..”.. I said holding her hands..she hugged my waist…as she was still lying… I laid beside her..and she slept hugging me..I felt she was feeling weakness..She slept in my embrace but I wasn’t able to sleep..all that happened just, was revolving round my mind .I wasn’t able to understand anything…The only thing what I know that NOW MY TWINKLE IS WITH ME..BESIDE ME IN MY ARMS…I didn’t even realized when I slept..

POV ends..(ab yaar so gya toh POV kahaan se aayega!!.. ab  aage ka pata kaise chalega??…Why fear your your lovely narrator is here…
Main hoon naa)

Next morning…

Now see the lovely couple.. Twinkle was sleeping on Kunj’s shoulder cuddling and hugging him as if he is her teddy…she wrapped her one arm around His chest..and Kunj was sleeping with one hand on her arm..holding her and other on her waist…
The rays of Sun touched Kunj..to wake him up..so that he can take care of his lovely wife..
He looked at Twinkle who was looking damn cute..
” I don’t know whatever happened yesterday.. I just know that you are with me…”..he thought.. Before gently kissing her forehead..
She opened her eyes..
“Good Morning”.. She said smiling..
Kunj cupped her face and wished her back..
” Get up”..he said..
“..No..I wanna sleep more please..”.. She replied holding him tightly and digging her head into his chest..just like a child..
“.. Twinkle…”.. He said..
” fine..”..She said getting up and he also got up..
Twinkle got off the bed..
“Are..first give my shirt back. “.. Kunj said taking off his T-shirt..
” what do you mean ?..I can give you one from cupboard… “..she said heading towards the cupboard.. But Kunj held her wrist..” No”..he said..She gave him a questioning look..
“I want the one which you are wearing..”.. He said with an impish expression…..Twinkle realized that she was wearing his shirt ..all of a sudden Kunj twirled her and pulled her towards him….She in nic of time ..landed on his Lap….
” Why am I wearing your shirt? “..she asked.. making Kunj surprised..
” I made you wear it as I felt you were feeling a bit uncomfortable while sleeping in ur top..”..He lied..
Kunj tightened his grip around her and pulled her more closer..
” kunj”..she said..
“What?..yesterday night you were like a Hungry lioness.. “.. He said moving closer..
” when??..what are you talking? “..she asked making Kunj more perplexed about the last night’s happening..
“.. Umm… Last night when I was changing your top..you weren’t leaving me…and ..”.. He replied..
” And..?”..she asked being curious..
“See what you did..(shows the bite mark on his neck).. Aah..its paining see..”.. He said doing gimmicks..
” ..I…I did this…sorry”..said the concerned Twinkle..
And she dug her face in his neck..and started sucking the bite mark ..
“Twi…”.. Kunj got stopped as she kept her finger on his lips..and she started sucking and kissing his neck..and Kunj pulled her more closer smiling…inserted his hand in his shirt and started rubbing and smooching her waist and back..
After sometime They parted.. But were still in that position..
“.. Is it still paining?”.. She asked rubbing her palm lightly on his face ..
” No..not at all..”..he replied
“.. Are you fine?”..he continued..
“.. Yup..I am”.. She replied apparently..
“.. Twinkle…you know naa..that I know that you are lying to me!”.. he said..” Tell me..are you fine?”..he continued cupping her face..
“..nothing.. I don’t know why I am feeling really very tired.. As if a huge weight was on me..whereas I SLEPT EARLY YESTERDAY AT 8:45.. Then too..don’t know why!..and my head is aching too a Lil bit..”.. She replied..
” Then why weren’t you telling me? “..he asked still cupping her face and head..
” voo..”..”Leave it..you wait and rest..till ..Let me bath first.. “..he said..
” okay..”..she replied..he laid her properly on bed and went to bath…

After 15 mins.. Kunj came and Twinkle went in…

Kunj’s POV-
Its strange Twinkle didn’t remembered anything!!.. She told that she slept early yesterday.. Then Whatever happened last night..what was that?..
It may be ur infatuation.. No no ..this can’t be …
POV ends

He shooed off his thoughts ..took a pair of denim and a off-shoulder  striped black top..and kept them on bed for Twinkle and left the room…

Enough yaar I can’t make it Longer now..

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