Tale of New Luv 2 (Ishqbaaz)


Vaalhum Urumiyum…

Time:So much Past
“Maiyal Migaiyaa Simizhe..”(Is my Luv more,Senorita?”)…A Saga(Omkara) see his Urumi(smile) n strts spinning…

“En Jenmam Neenga Un Maiyalai”(” My birth didnt leave Ur Luv)…She throw a feather…
The feather flies above with The Blow of colors by Urumi..

He smiles n throws the Urumi….
The Urumi goes above…
He sees her with a smile..

The Urumi goes below…
It actually goes to different time..


A Romantico draws a girl..In his hand 2 brushes..which has different colors…
Yellow n Pink…
In his headphones ” Kannodu Kanbedhellam Thalaiva”
The Urumi from the past falls on the drawing chart…
He stops drawing n touches the Urumi..

The future guy’s Urumi touch made her electric shock..
Romantico(future Om) touches the Urumi n see it in full..
In his headphones “KalaChasma” changes…
He see the name in Urumi n reads it..

He(Om) again takes Another Urumi from his back n Spinning again…
N said ” Mariyaa mal Janippen AnuPozhudhil”(smile)(“Again Born without Death”)….
Hope U like tiz Frndzz…Tanqq for readingg…Frndzz!!The next one is simpler..Bcoz the Stories of 1st n 2nd epi r narrated to childrens by KinderGarden Teacher Om..(Secret Comes Earlier in 2nd Epi!!)..Kindly Write ur thoughts after readingg Frndzz..Take Care Frndzz..Tanq….So sorry Frndzzzzz… For late…

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  1. hi harshan….ur tamil is really awesome but i am poor in it…..but from what i understood…its epic both ur ff nd ur writing

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Mendesarmy..No.frnd.U ll need not to be sad..We got Tamil maybe in last stage..
      Tats y.. If we speak Tamil,Itz too gud,So U 2 gud..Frnd!!

  2. gayathri.visu

    Harshan your ff is awesome. I like it. r u tamil?
    Hi…..FRIENDS I am new here. Can you accept me as your friend?

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Gayathri..S..I m Too Tamil..I think U 2?..Welcome to Cute World..Frndzz R coming to see each other in shows daily update one..Daily..They ‘ll be happy to see new Frnd.. Welcome Gayathri.Visu!!

  3. gayathri.visu

    Yes, I’m Tamilian. You can call me gayathri. And plz update soon.

    1. HarSHaN

      Suree.Gayathri.The next Simple one ll be coming very Soon..mm..Actually unable to get Frndzz reaction by tiz Epi like in promos(Though Frndzz read)..I think I need Some modif n simple lines..

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