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Hey ya lovers. How was your day? As much as I’ve tried to post it on the 14th February, I couldn’t make it. So, now, I’m here with an OS. Let’s go on a ride to the world of love…

(Note: Its Ragini-Sanskar OS)

Do you believe in fairy-tales? May be yes or maybe not. But you should believe in death, because it’s what the ultimate truth lies at the end. And here is a modern fairy-tale.

She is seeking for a light and He is the doom of darkness. Life and Death. Is it possible for them to come together? Or, its just another forbidden reign for love to blossom??

She is a life, imprisoned by her overprotective parents, highly acknowledge unwanted social status and unnecessary possessions since her birth. The world she stands in front of, sickens her to the. The sight of it jerks her away. She wanted to do things, a girl of her age are privileged to do. But, her dreams aren’t strong enough to break the restrictions she was held under.

Where her parents busied themselves on another chores, only one person was there for her always, her caretaker since her birth, an old lady, her godmother whom she calls as God’ma. She grew up listening to her stories and there is a belief in her that one day her prince charming will come rescue her to show her the real world.


“Happy Birthday Ragu dear!”

Mom came inside the room papa by her side.

“Happy Birthday princess.”

A forced smile I have on ache to maintain anymore. I slouch down in my duvet.

“Ragu! Beta! Are you alright?” Momma inquired.

I stayed quiet.

“What happened princess? Is there any problem?” Papa’s concerned voice came near me. “Come on princess, its your birthday.”

With that I sat up, lowering my head.

“I’m 18 now.”

“Is that a problem?” Papa’s eyes scrutinized mine.

“Problem is your 24/7 guarding in my freedom. Papa, I want to go out and explore the world. I feel suffocated here. I want to know what it feels like to be other than a captivated ragdoll.”

Papa’s eyes lost the gleam it was holding seconds before.

“We’ll fulfill all your wish but not this one.” Sighing deeply papa left the room with mom on tail.

“Happy Birthday Gudiya!”

After a gloomy morning wish its the first time in the day a genuine smile broke onto my lips.

“Thank you Godmother!”

“Why would you call me that?” Her that sparkly old eyes stared at mine with a motherly smile.

“Because you are the mother gifted by god to this gudiya.” I grinned childishly as she smiled. “I’m 18 now God’ma.”

“Hmmm…my little gudiya has grown up now. Not much far that a handsome, lovable prince will come for you and steal you away from all of us.”

“I’m just waiting for that day to come. But I’ll miss you then.” I whispered looking towards nothing.

“Mad!” She patted on my head affectionately as I rested my head on her lap demanding one of the fairy-tale.

“At least, give me that million dollars smile of yours now princess!” Papa begged literally. “I’m taking you out, isn’t it what you wanted?”

“I’ve asked you to let me enjoy my share of freedom papa, not this VIP traveling with queue of SUVs back and forth.”

“You have to understand princess, we can’t risk your life. Maintaining our hold and position with safety matters is not an easy task. There are many threats always hanging on our head. One loophole, and everything gone.”

“I don’t see anything concerned to me papa. It’s all your possession, status and…aahhh…”

Something flashed hitting hard to the car we’re in, everything messed and we all fell out of the car in the next moment.

Lying on the harsh surface of pitch black road, engulfed in the nauseous smell of own blood, I try to get the sight playing in front of me. The barbarians. Sound of machine gun and screams. Screams of the persons, I know as my close ones. Pain wasn’t something I felt, it was just heated flowing and tingling of nerves.

“Gudiya! get up, run!”

I was pulled towards the woods by the roadside, but it wasn’t before reaching there that bloodthirsty bullets made its way towards our direction and God’ma’s body took a flight up off the surface before lying on the ground, near bush.

“R..ru.n..n..gu..d.di…” In a painful whisper she released her last breath, blood spilling out her mouth.

Dumbstruck, I ran into the woods, following her suit. Ran until my feet numbed. That tormenting sound still echoing at a distance, I speed up my pace until I was no longer in a condition to walk let alone move my muscles by inch. When life was chasing by a cruel execution, I look at the welcoming embrace of death, in front of me, a cliff. Not crying anymore that I lost my heartstrings, I smiled for the last time hoping that I’ll be with them soon. I stepped forward to the smiling death but pulled to the hard and unusually cold fleshwall. A dark, chilly fog surrounded my senses but I saw him, the most devilishly handsome person, with liquid brown eyes.


And everything blurred.

He is a deadwalker. From thousands year. He survives in blood. Blood for which he never think before killing someone innocent. His crude and barbaric way of living cost him his termination from his kinds community.

And there was only way to get back to his world and stop wandering around the human world, that is salvation from his wild thirst. Only some peoples are blessed with such blood and in its search he has passed hundreds of year. And he was still in search.



The ultimate lust of my kind.

This time, its surreal. So affective. My nose flared as the smell deepened with the every intake and thirst build up again. Its not the day to go out and hunt down for thirst but what can I do when it’s calling itself to be my treat. Not a blink more and I ran inside the dense woods. Different blood smells filled up my senses but I traced the smell I was lured here by.

As I reached the spot, a girl was standing in a stepp away to end her life. Life, I was also entitled to, once.

Her blood splattered white dress, twirling with wind, brought a gush of that hypnotising smell of delight but only thing I wanted to see right now was her slender, fragile frame, just an inch away from death.

Why would she want to die?

It was just a thought crossing over my mind before she took a step to death and I was there to hold her to her life, in lightning speed. As I lift her up, a beautiful face came into view and I felt alive for the first time in centuries.

“Prince!” She whispered, then passed out.


As I opened my eyes, I opened it with a hope, let’s whatever happened be a bad dream. But, it failed me. Whatever happened was true. I actually lost my near ones. And the new arrangements of an almost empty room cleared me that I was rescued by someone.


Arrived. His stoned handsome face, captivating eyes and tall broad frame make my eyes to linger all over him shamelessly. His cold stare lock to mine but he didn’t speak anything.

“Did you save me?”

No answer.

“Are you my prince?”

“What?” His cold stare pierced through me.

“Its just…nothing.” I shrieked in my place. “Stop staring me like that.”

“You’re also staring me.”

“Its because though as much as I would try to, I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.”

He shot me a blank look.

“I don’t know why?” I whispered as he gone.


Its a week. She’s still here with me. I’ve started gathering human comforts in my empty mansion. I’ve started cooking for her. I’m doing this all. Really? But one thing I maintained a distance with her, I couldn’t reason why.

Slowly, she is making her way to my dead slept emotions. A vampire with emotions, sounds crazy. Ragini, just her blood has that power to satisfy my centuries thirst in once but it’s also her, I want to see alive. For that, I’ve to maintain a distance between us.

“Can we talk?”

I looked up to her, draped in a comforter I bought for her the other day shivering like hell she was standing on the doorstep of my room. Its too cold from the normal temperature here.

Cold that’s what I’m.

And she’s melting me like something.

But there’s one thing, we’re different.

We can’t be together.


Without waiting for her to leave, I turn off the light. My world surrounded all over, the darkness. And she stood there still, like that, hurt evident in her eyes. But I can’t comfort her.

“Kavita! you should go now.” I looked at her posture roaming over the hall, her eyes diluted with lust. Lust for blood.

She kept tracing the smell from a room, her room. Its her delicious smell.

“Sanskar! Since when, you start to pet your preys?” She mocked me, her eyes sticking on the room door behind me.

“Non of your business. Just get lost.”

She stepped towards me and put her arms around me. “Its smells addictive. Why don’t we enjoy it? Let’s just…”

“Sanskar!?” Ragini’s honey drizzled voice filled my senses.

I tried to pry away the hands around me but it kept locking me to the person I hated most, in this instance.

“Go back to your room.” Her ocean eyes motion between me and Kavita, blankly.

“I’m sorry.”

She again stepped back to her room. Good for her.

“Oh! Little prey has fell into your charm Sanskar. I’m sure she’ll offer you blood herself.” Kavita drawled huskily.

And that’s it I pushed her away by her throat.

“Are you protecting her?” She snarled.

“Just get your way. She’s mine.” I hissed at hers.

“Like a prey? Or what??”

“It’s my territory Kavita. I rule here. Whom to kill or whom not, I decide.”

“So, you’re breaking the deal with me of sharing?”


She looked between me and door and turned around to leave.

“Guard your prey within your territory Sanskar. Once she’s out of your territory, she’ll be…you know better.” She warned before disappearing into mist of fog.


It was midnight. But my mind was still on the event I saw him in that girl’s embrace. Now I got it why was he always pushing me away. Now I’ve to talk to him. He isn’t my prince charming. Not after knowing that he has someone special by his side. Their closeness is still haunting me. Now, I can’t bear it, seeing him with her anymore. I’ve to talk to him. I know he won’t be talking to me but I’m determined to talk to him, this time.

“Why aren’t you slept, yet?”

Doesn’t he know, how to talk in warmly. He, and his pricky tone.

“I want to say something actually.”

He quirked up his eyebrows questioningly.

“I want to go home.”

I purred avoiding looking at his captivating liquid dark eyes. What’s the point of drawing to a person who never acknowledge your presence after all?

“It’s home.”

Now that wasn’t what I expected from him. I thought he will throw me out himself with pleasure, the moment I break it on his head.

“Its not my home.” Mustering all the courage I shot him blankly.

He didn’t lose his demeanor. Stilled, cold and serious. Just, he decreased a little distance between us and, increased the tension at the with chilliness in the air.

“You’re mine. You’re not stepping out of this mansion.”


Another captivation? But if it means I can have him as my prince then what would I need more? Warmth gushed inside.

“What do you mean?”

“I saved you the other day. You’re living on my mercy. Which means, you no longer own your life, it’s mine. You have to follow my suit.”

As like that, voluntary warmth stopped comforting, painful stung showered instead.

“I never asked your favour.”

“But as I’ve saved you already, you need to be faithful to me. You Owe Me.”

“I’m not your slave to do things you pleased. And, let me tell you one thing, a fake kindness deserves nothing. I owe you nothing. Now you can leave.”

He didn’t budge from his place, neither he speak anything but just kept staring me.

What’s with this look now when he already have a beautiful girl?

“That girl you saw with me was just an old friend of mine, nothing else.”

Is he a mind reader? Then he must be known to how many fantasies I’ve thought about him. I should stop thinking.

“Why do you think I care?”


Like that he’s gone.


Listening to her childish mental notes are something I often used to please myself. Though, I can’t tell her how I feel about her but I would do everything to keep her safe and close to me.

‘I love you Sanskar.’

Listening to her mental note I sneak out for hunting. Its been a week, I’m skipping on my dose. A smell of fresh blood came rushing to me and wasn’t before I was running to the far corner of the woods, for my meal.

Her words twirled the ocean of emotions in my dead existence. But, I can’t let it consume my reality and our difference.

Something was wrong. Something was terribly wrong.

As I stepped inside there wasn’t any trace of her presence. I entered inside her room. Checked her everywhere but nothing. She’s gone. Which means,



This is the second time, I saw, death, this close to me.

Lying on the ground, trapped under a supernatural creature was something, I never thought in my fantasies ever.

“You’re very naive, girl.”

I heard her say, the same girl from yesterday. His friend.

“What do you want?”

“Satiation. I want your blood.”

She grinned evilly leaning down on me, her pointy canine teeth ready to tear me apart. I closed my eyes, recalling my beautiful memories for the last time but then, I heard him.

“Leave her.”

She was thrown away from me.

“Sanskar! you step back. Don’t dare to come in my way.” She sneered.

“Its you who is in my way. I’ve already cleared you that she’s mine.” He uttered coldly, eyes spitting fires.

“What an irony! A hunter is protecting his prey, knowing that she’s the one whose blood means satiation for his centuries long thirst.” She mocked.

“She means life. She should be alive.”

“Her blood would stabilize our unnecessary thirst Sanskar. We’ll be welcome back to our community and no more need to suffer here.”

“I don’t care. I know only one thing that she must be living.”

“But for my wish of going back, she must die.”

With that she lunged to him in a lightning speed. Fight ensued. Nothing I could see but cracking of bones were clear for the ears. One time, he would thrown to the grounds, then other, she would thrown hanged up in between the tree bark and his hand.

And at last she gave up.

He approach forward to me.


“Are you alright?” I asked her.

Her lips parted but before words rolled out I sensed a windy approach and turned around just to get stabbed on the right side of chest.


“Lucky you! I missed it but I’m not gonna leave her Sanskar.”

There stood Kavita with her evil smirk. Basking down on my knees with unbearable pain I looked at the pointed wooden flake seeping with black liquid on my chest.

“You killed him!!” I heard a trembling whisper.

“Don’t worry he’ll be healing soon dear. Well, you can say goodbye to him, one last time.”

‘Sanskar, I love you.’

I heard her mental note but she said something different.

“Goodbye Sanskar.”

It was then I felt enough strength to pull out the wooden flake and pierce it right through the lunging body of Kavita. She didn’t even get the idea of what’s coming in her way in the spell of blood and the wooden flake get through her heart killing her then and there. She fell down on the ground with a thud.

A paled, horrified frame came into view then, trembling like a leaf. It wasn’t because of what I possess but it was because what I’m. For the first time, I felt disgusted of what I’m?

“Do you love me anymore?”

I asked her the question I needed to know but she shift her eyes everywhere except me. It hurt me. She doesn’t want me anymore.

“I’m a vampire princess. A bloodsucker. I kill for living. Now, do you see your prince charming in me anymore?” I stood in front of her.

She closed her eyes blocking me from her sight. And, I saw my world crushing down. She’s no more seeing me as her prince. She got it that I’m a beast. Now I’ve to let her go. To her own world. This love was never mean to bloom. We were never meant to be together. It’s forbidden. Impossible.

“Goodbye.” I recite the words difficultly and looked at her for the last time.

“Do you love me?”

Her words froze me there and I felt her approaching me but before she could feel disgusted touching a deadwalker, I stepped away. Her eyes swirled in hurt.

“I still love you Sanskar. Do you love me?” Her voice cracked in between and I couldn’t restraint myself.

“We’re different princess.”

“Do you feel the way I feel for you?” She took a step towards me, her crystal eyes demanding my genuine answers.

“I’m heartless.”

“Then, why did you saved me that day?”

“You were fortunate. I wanted you to be healthy before draining your blood.”

“What about today?” Her voice raised with desperation.

“I wanted you all by myself.”

She jabbed her hands on my now healing chest. A pain shoot up but I stay collected. And she kept hitting me.

“Then why don’t you do that? Go ahead. Kill me. Why are you leaving me after all?”

And I grabbed her hands and pulled her closer.

“Because as how much as I would argue, I can’t deny the fact that I love you.”

“Then accept it.” She snuggled close to me.

A delicious warmth gushed spreading pleasure in my lifeless body. But she’ll be exhausted if she wouldn’t maintain her distance now. She’s running out of her temperature rapidly and I need to be careful enough.

“let me feel you please.” She ceased my protests to part away.

“I dread, I would cause you harm princess.” I speak out my fear.

Then she pulled apart and locked her gaze intensely with mine.

“I feel hurt when you push me away. I feel hurt when you treat me as if I’m nothing to you. Your cold attitude hurt me. Please, at least for once, love me Sanskar.”

“You’ll regret it later.”

“Will you?” She asked me instead.

Will I???

“I’m talking about you?”

“We’re talking about us.”

“I…” Ok. I accept. “I love you princess.”

That’s it I pulled her up and steal a lively kiss from her lips. Staring dumbstruck for a while she smiled, deep hue spreading over her cheek. Contented, then, I closed her to me, for ever.

It was the time, where evoke a new dawn.

His darkness let a light to sneak in and she breath her life of fairy-tale, with him, in his embrace, for ever.

Thank you so much for reading.


Lets celebrate the lovers day.

OK, I’m late but this OS is soully dedicated to the day of lovers. Happy Valentine’s Day. I don’t what will you think but I’m very fond of modern fairy-tales. Please, let me know your views. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I’ll get a free time from study.

Sorry, if it wouldn’t reach there as you expected. Love you all.

Spread Love…


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