A Tale Of Love (prologue)


hey guys I’m cutieepiee this my new ff
I hope you all will like it 🙂
this concept was running in my mind for many days soo just wrote it now …..
the title: A Tale Of Love
sooo here is chotu sa prologue
hope you will like it 🙂


In malhotra and sons industries
In someone’s cabin
two persons were sitting opposite to each other and were discussing about something (lets see)
1st guy: ohooo someone one started dreaming ? omg..
2nd guy: ayaan yaar you know its nothing like that…. you know I was just thinking about reunion that’s it (stated the fact )
a: ohooo armaan (grinned) really or remembering something?
ar: you know that why are you even asking me ?
a: hehehe…but seriously tell me about her I wanna know well you remember her
ar: she is angel too me my bestfriend . she is caring . she is cutee
you remember she doesn’t like to fight and you remember how she used to apologies if even she wasn’t in fault how innocent she was

scene shifts :
at mean time in some road a girls was fighting with a guy abusing him recklessly
she was at fault but was adamant . another girl was calming her and the fight returned to their work
both the girls were soo beautiful that every guys can drool over them
shift in scence in cabin
ar: her eyes ,her hair,her li..he realized what he was saying and stopped everything is beautifull in her he stated
meanwhile before ayaan could say anything .pune entered in their cabin informed about the meeting and they dispersed to the meeting
In the gill mansion
A girl was standing in the garden accompanied by her best friend cum sister they were discussing something
1st girl: are you thinking what I am thinking?
2nd girl: kuhu…yes I am thinking about our school reunion party
k: reunion or rishuu..huh …. anaayatha stated in teasing tone
A: it’s nothing like that kuhu…
k: achaa 😛

A: it doesn’t even matter I think he will remember me ..
k: why do you think sooo?
A: ooohh excuse me ku you didn’t tell me you are excited too meet someone (tried to change the topic and mischievously)

before anaayatha could speak further their their mothers called to come back home .

the story revolves around the four persons…who were school friends …..excited to meet each other….
will love blossom?

will it only be friendship?
too know that you have to comment whether you liked the concept or not?
should I continue this story ?
pls do comment ,hoping your support 🙂
love you all a loads:*

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  1. Seems interesting…plzz continue yaar wanna read d episode update asap

    1. thank you ryths 🙂

  2. I have created a blog if in case I’ll upload in that if you want link do comment

  3. But dear I don’t have any account there I like ur story but can u please continue hear dear . Its a request but final choice is yours obviously I will not stop or force u dear take ur decision . Amd yes I an a silent reader and so nice you are the same writing arrange marriage ??
    And yes dear take ur own decision ans please update fast the next episode of both arrange marriage and a tale of love …. bye sooooon update

    1. i soo wanted to dear but there is response right ani you
      im sorry https://cutieepiees.blogspot.in/ you can see here

  4. Awesome cutie pie. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

    1. Thank you Roma dear 🙂

  5. Guys pls do comment your views …
    Even if you don’t like it …
    BT pls comment

  6. Wow I loved it..pls continue dear..

    1. thank you MB :)surely i will..

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