A Tale Of Love (Part 3)


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Anaayatha’s pov:

I didn’t knew kuhu and me share this great bond….if someone had told me that we would be best friends in future while we were in boarding i would have laughed on that person … But know things had been changed a lot…
o my god ….. I still don’t believe we hated each other just because we were jealous ….(hehe )BARI MAA AND BARE PAPA GIVE ATTENTION TO ME …. PAPA AND MAMA TO KUHU ….after our schooling went back to our home and then there our parents explained us it is not way we were thinking…..they both loved us equally …. Then from there it starts our friendship…our bond….she is my bff now we now in and out about each others feelings …..
her trance broke… when kuhu said that they have reached the hotel from there they will be going to school …..after taking rest…
On the other side,
armaan ,ayaan ,piya,miya reached malhotra’s farm house …they decided too take rest….then would go to the school…

After some time both the gangs got ready …. All were excited to meet their old buddies….

At the same time ayaan was feeling restless to meet his enemy…noo…friend…nooo…then what is this restlessness for meeting kuhu ….he didn’t knew about the feelings arousing in him…{god knows}…

Here kuhu was also thinking the same…and restless as ayaan …what she would name this unique relationship..

whereas anaayatha and armaan where excited to meet each other….share the things which they missed each other … nooo first they would be angry on the other they thought…


They reached the school with the mixed thoughts…..

The Warrior High School

Armaan , ayaan , piyaa, miya reached the school first ….

Seeing the building …they stood over there for some mins …reminiscing and cherishing the memories…then they headed towards auditorium (which is get together venue )….they were all lost seeing their classes ,canteen, playground, corridors…
Ayaan stood near play ground…while all others went ahead..
He stood there reminiscing something with wide smile on his phase
flash back:
Ayaan has cheated and won the basket ball match….which was btw kuhu and him….she was very upset and angry on him …she just blasted it out ….
k: this is not fair you cheated and won the match…
A: nope I was not cheating baby… I always win and you always loose…(he made a innocent face)
k: first a fall …how many times did I remind you to no to call me baby …and you never change and secondly you always cheat and win the game…and you are cheater…
A: Oo miss baby ….I’m not a cheater get that ….and moreover everything is fair in love and war baby..(stressing the word baby)
k:(was irritated) youuuu….leave ….there is no use of talking with cheater ….
Then kuhu turned stomped her feet and left from there …..
A: whatever miss baby (he shouted) …
Then he also left that place…

At the same time kuhu , anaayatha, rohit ,aman were passing through the playground ….
Chitchatting and reminiscing and discussing about those memories and playing around ….


They further moved towards the auditorium……

Anaayatha pov:
When I was near auditorium …..suddenly aman teased me and ran away…which irked me…I also ran behind….while running I bumped into someone and was about to fall…when I felt two arms grabbing her waist as in I can’t fell down…. I was about to say thank you and sorry to him…but stopped as the person spoke(I shut her eyes due to fear and my face was covered with some hair stands)
P: youuuu …..not again …can’t you see around and behave??
a: excuse me…(I then saw his face)youuu( remembering the day they met)……
P: yes me…any problem ??…are you following me….
a: excuse me your not famous personality too follow you…. moreover I can ask the same question mister.?
Someone came from behind and introduced that person as armaan malhotra…..and then himself as ayaan malhotra ….. omg was I dreaming….the person was armaan my bestieee armaan…and the another person who helped kuhu was aryaan one of my good frds….i gave a smile to both and before I could introduce myself I heard someone calling out my (me) from behind that was kuhu and rohit…
I saw kuhu and gave wide smile and grin…before I could say anything to her…she came in front …and she started scolding me…
what the hell …anu you know that you’re not small kids to fight around….(aman also came there)and you why were you teasing her??? she was giving the look as if she was angry on me…
then I spoke kuhu I am not the one who started it …he started it …I pointed at aman ….then me and aman had a small nokh– jokh with him and was chit chatting with them……. armaan and ayaan were long forgotten by now …
Armaan pov:
omg when the girl was about to introduce herself ..when I heard someone calling her from behind…the girl I was fighting with was my bestiee…she has changed a lot…she has become talkative..haha lol …but im happy we met ….but when kuhu came there I was surprised as they never shared a good bond…but now they looked like they were unseperable….(smiling)
Ayaan pov:
When the girl was about to introduce herself..When I heard someone calling her from behind that was anaaytha and the girl who was scolding her I saw them and remembered them meeting in mall..when I heard her name I was shocked….IT WAS KUHU…the girl I helped was kuhu…omg I can’t believe it she has changed a lot …and was more shocking was anu and kuhu looked like they share a great bond…they looked like inseparable…. they were lost in their own world …I wanted to gain her attention …then I started singing..

Yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai
Yeh na ho to kya phir
Bolo yeh zindagi hai

Koi to ho raazdaar
Begaraj tera ho yaar
Koi to ho raazdaar
{ armaan was smiling as he knew what I was doing….anaayatha gave a smile to me ….kuhu was giving confused look probably guessing who am i..and I continued }

Yaaron mohabbat hi to bandagi hai
Yeh na ho to kya phir bolo yeh zindagi hai

Koi to dilbar ho yaar
Jisko tujhse ho Pyaar
Koi to dilbar ho yaar
{ I sang making an eye contact with her…she was confused..the I saw anu saying something to her…she smiled looking at me}

Teri har ke buraai pe daante woh dost
Gam ki ho dhoop to saaya bane tera woh dost

Naache bhi woh teri khushi main
aree Yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai

Yeh na ho to kya phir
Bolo yeh zindagi hai
Koi to ho raazdaar
Begaraj tera ho yaar
Koi to ho raazdaar

Tan mann kar tujhpe fida
Mehboob woh
Palkon pe jo rakhe tujhe
Mehboob woh
Jiski vafa tere liye ho

Are Yaaron mohabbat hi to bandagi hai
Yeh na ho to kya phir
Bolo yeh zindgi hai
Koi to dilbar ho yaar
Jisko tujhse ho pyaar
Koi to dilbar ho yaar

{ I sang the whole song moving around kuhu,anaayatha ,armaan,miya ,aman,rohit piya…at last we shared a group hug}
we moved away all were busy in their own world then slowly..moved away and went to the terrace were we met last time..
kuhu pov:
when the the person who was singing I was confused then remembered meeting him at mall and then anu told me HE WAS AYAAN….I couldn’t believe it…he has changed a lot he is very help full…he was singing around us at last we shared a group hug then …I saw him leaving ….I followed him and reached terrace were we last met….
we both were standing beside eachother in silence…but I felt too cotent and happy…we didn’t spoke a word …then I got msg of anu tha she was waiting for me…. I immediately turned to go but my leg got twisted a and was about to fall when I felt someone arm around me …he held me by waist and helped me too stand up
a:you always get your leg twisted …
(he said smiling at him I gave a nervous smile and said)
k: it’s not like that …I ..w..a..s j..u..s..t(I don’t know why I stammered)
he laughed …and I laughed with him ….we laughed the heart out….


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  1. Hi cutie shruti…it was awesome..i was also smiling with all of them..nice bonding bw friends..i loved it.

    1. thank you hima 🙂 i am very happy you liked this part 🙂

  2. Ss finally its gud to see ur name

    1. yeah finally 🙂 heheh gani

  3. veracious varsha

    masth hai write more please 😀

    1. haa kyu nahi likungi :)… tujhe pakavungi bilkul 😛

  4. Wow..all four met each other..it was just amazing..but the thing is they dinn speak each other much..sorry for commenting late..update soon… 🙂 🙂

    1. thank you soo much dear 🙂 they will be in the next update…sure dear i will try to update 🙂

  5. Atlast they met..!!! 🙂 🙂 good episode.. Why no precap?? Waiting for next one dear

    1. yeah they met…finally….no precap coz i really donno what is in store ….me too waiting till next update 😛 …..any way kavya i’m happy you like it :)…

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