A Tale Of Love (Part 2)


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Days passed ….after some days they were invited to the get together ……they were superexcited to meet each other……..Our very own kuhu and ayaan were happy to meet each other but were scared that which type of bond they are gonna share…its not hatred for sure..then what is it…on the other hand armaan and anaayatha were super excited too met each other….
anaayatha , kuhu, rohit, aman decided too do shopping as they have get together…..
and to buy some usual stuff….here ayaan ,armaan ,piya ,miyaa were also in the same mall….
anaayatha and kuhu decided that anaaytha being hungry went caffetria in the same mall …kuhu would join her after some time…rohit and aman were in some other session …they would also reach café after their shopping is finished…
on the other side ayaan was helping piyaa and miyaa in their shopping….as armaan got the call …he told them he will be meeting them in café and he gng there..
In cafeteria
aman was busy in his phone … dia took the coffee and walked the opposite direction …not looking at each other suddenly anaayatha got twirled and the coffee fell on armaan unknowingly…..
anaaytha was about to say sorry to that person ….but was cut by armaan..

ar: what the hell can’t you see??
{ Rudely still catching the phone near ear…..anaayatha got irked …yes she agrees she was at fault .But he was to at fault and moreover he was speaking rudely with her}
a: excuse me…watch your tone mister….{ angry & rude both}
ar: what are thinking about yourself…haa??
a: it s none of your business…
ar: what the hell …… you’re not even saying sorry and my shirt got spoiled by you…huhh
a: excuse mee…..you’re equally responsible ….{folding her hand around her waist and giving what the look}
ar: what… did you say come again ….{what the hell are thinking about yourself look}
a: I said it was your mistake …you were busy in the phone…she was about to say something when aman arrived there and saw them fighting went there to stop it….he knew it was mistake made by both ….but stop the argument growing further he interrupted in btw
am: stop it anu ….let go know we are geeting late….and bro sorry on her behalf said turning towards armaan …
{meanwhile aman realizes his mistake..then he says}
ar: its ok.. she is right I didn’t see too…and I’m sorry for my behavior…
a: yaa…. I’m sorry too for my behavior and for spoiling your shirt
they both gave smile to each other and left from there….
meanwhile on the other side ..

kuhu was busy shopping dresses for herself and annayatha…. while moving she suddenly got tripped by duppata she was holding to buy …she was about to fall when someone from hold her securely in his arms …they shared a beautiful eye lock…..she was about to move aside …when she felt pain in her leg coz just sec back her ankle got twisted….that person helped her to stand properly..she said thank you…was about to move but she felt that pain again{ that person is none other than ayaan}
ay: you ok…worriedly
k: I’m ok but little pain…
ay: come ill help you….
firstly kuhu was reculant but agreed then he helped her inn walking further when annayatha came there
a:what happened …are you ok.. worriedlyto which kuhu gave a small smile
k: I’m fine just my ankle got twisted … but he helped me pointing towards ayaan…
a: thank you she said while turning to ayaan and took hold of kuhu and both left from there..

later in the evng they all got ready to go to warrior high school in shimla …their boarding school …all excited too see old buddies ..their school and then their teachers….they all got ready and started the journey………..
{ a/n : back ground music}

Nagmen Hain Shikve Hain
Kisse Hain Baate Hain
Nagmen Hain Shikve Hain
Kisse Hain Baate Hain
Baatein Bhool Jaati Hain
Yaadein Yaad Aati Hain
Baatein Bhool Jaati Hain
Yaadein Yaad Aati Hain
Yeh Yaadein Kisi Dil-O-Jaanam Ke
Chale Jaane Ke Baad Aati Hain
Yaadein Yaadein Yaadein
{ anaayatha and armaan were remembering …their bonding….their pranks on rohit ,aman ,miyaaa and piyaa…their masthi…how they talked…..their bonding with kuhu and ayaan respectively…..(flashes of old memories)}
Ye Jeevan Dil Jaane
Dariya Ka Hai Paani
Paani To Beh Jaaye
Baaki Kya Reh Jaaye
Yaadein Yaadein Yaadein

Nagmen Hain Shikve Hain
Kisse Hain Baate Hain
Baatein Bhool Jaati Hain
Yaadein Yaad Aati Hain
Yeh Yaadein Kisi Dil-O-Jaanam Ke
Chale Jaane Ke Baad Aati Hain
Yaadein Yaadein Yaadein
{ kuhu and ayaan were thinking about their fights….their teasing each other….but if other teased them and their teaming up against that person..their masthi..their hatred…everything …their bonding with respective anaayatha and armaan …their bonding(flashes of memories)}

Duniya Mein Yoon Aana
Duniya Se Yoon Jana
Aao To Le Aana Jaao To De Jana
Yaadein Yaadein Yaadein
Baatein Bhool Jaati Hain

Yaadein Yaad Aati Hain
Yeh Yaadein Kisi Dil-O-Jaanam Ke
Chale Jaane Ke Baad Aati Hain
Yaadein Yaadein Yaadein
all were excited for the get together……



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