A Tale Of Love (Part 1)


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Armaan was gazing the moon from his room balcony….thinking about his princess the time they spent together….
anu yaar miss you soo much.. I wish you and me were together ….still I wish we could be in contact with each other….
then his gaze fell on the diary …. which was on study table…..then a small smile krept on his face…
flash back…
A boy and a girl were sitting ..near the canteen …where the usually hang around…they fight ..they laugh …but they were inseperable… they were non another than anaayatha and armaan..
on the last day of their schooling …
ar : anu …. as he saw her near canteen and rushed toher..
a: armaan …. slow down ….sit and gives him water
then armaan relaxes a bit…then suddenly he realized that it was last day of school and gets uset hung down his head….anaaayatha observed his facial changes ….. and somewhere she knew he is gonna misss her that’s the reason he was upset….
anaayatha was nothing less even she was upset but she didn’t wanna let him know..
then anaayatha forwarded the diary….which cover was neatly decorated and their photo were attached to it…
a: I know your upset because its our last day of our school but dnt wrry we will be in touch…if at all we don’t meet each other…you write in this diary whatever you wanted to say me.. she gave a bright smile…
ar: (gave a smile) then he took anaayatha ‘s hand and placed aa chain with the heart shaped locket in her palms ….
anaayatha seeing this smiled …and hugged him tightly…and was jumping …telling him thank you …
when it was time to part way they both reached their spot of hang out….they hugged and were crying….
then promising themselves they would be in touch…
flash back ends
armaan took out that diary ….and started writing in it….
At the same time…..
A girl was standing in balcony …. enjoying the warmth of the nature…holding a chain with heart shaped locket and smiling remembering those moments….{ it is none other than anaayatha}
armaan I’m missing you soo much …. I wish we were in touch….i dnt about you …but I miss my bestiee aa lot…I hope you remember me..:) seeing the chain and locket….
when they both were thinking about each other …they were bumped by their cousins cum
bestiees …..

anaayatha’s room
k: what madam ??? what are thinking?? huhh….(smirking she knew what anu was thinking)
a: then suddenly she kept that locket in the nearer drawer … then turned towards kuhu and said nothing…and you know what I was thinking…soo don’t act smart with me…{with a fake angry voice}
k: hahha lol…..l I’m scared…. not at all dear… winking at her ….
anaayatha gave your dead look and started running behind kuhu…she ran away too save her life…
armaan’s room
ayaan entered armaan room and saw him writing the diary….(armaan was totally engrossed in his dairy)
ayaan slowly went and tapped his shoulder … getting no response he snached the diary …he knew what was on the was …. he started running and armaan running behind him the whole house…finally taking the breath
ar: ayaan please give me the diary back(sternly) ayaan knew it was no use off talking to him gave him back the diary but he ran away immediately …aman could not catch him….
{ A/N:Both were thinking the same guys don’t get confused}
we fought…. we never loved each other’s company….we always used to trouble each other by bullying…and leg pulling..what not….we never had that compatibility….we never had a great friend ship…we hated each other….or still hate each other …noo it can’t be …
then y will I miss you….why I am I gazing at moon whenever I remember you…or feel like talking too you..{ both ayaan and kuhu}{thinking}
flash back
both ayaan and kuhu were fighting over some thing…
ayaan: baby …why are getting angry…(for irritating kuhu)
kuhu: I’m not baby get that don’t call me that ..
ayaan : baby ..babya.. I will call you whatever I want…(smirking)
k: I hate you … went away stamping her foot …
a: I hate you too he too went away..
the night before the last day of school both ayaan and kuhu sneaked into the school terrace unaware of each others presence suddenly the bumped into each other…kuhu was gng too scream but ayaan caught hold of her and shut her mouth…
a: what are you doing here??
k: it’s none of your business( with attitude)
they both didn’t wanna fight…they both looked at moon and said at once…
if we both miss eachother we would see this moon and thinking that we see each other in it…
next day all four parted their in their owns ways
flash back end;
I know its chotu saa update hoping you will like it 🙂
please do give you valuable inputs 🙂
love you all a loads muaah :*

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