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Love stories♡♡ mujhe bachpan se hi love stories padna ka aur love stories pe bani films dekhna bahut pasand tha. This story revolves around me who lives in the world of romance and love stories…. I used to think that one day a boy like hero of love stories will come in my life. But I was wrong because god wrote a Love Story by his hands. Love story of Ragini, Swara and Arjun or I should say Love Story of Ragini, Swara, Laksh & Sanskar … A Love story Hamari Love Story…)

Scene 1

Two girls were laying down on the bed in their night suits.
Girl no.1:  di
Girl no.2: haan
Girl no.1: so di what is love for u?
Girl no.2: please ragu now don’t start your prem mantra
Ragini: shona di please making a puppy face

Swara: love waste of time
Ragini: di love is not waste of time.
Swara: okay so what is love to u?
Ragini: Love is feeling which completes u, love is pooja, love is ibaadat, love is a ehsaas which gives u new life…
Swara: ragu bus stop it yeah whatever but I don’t have time for love… i want to fulfill my dreams before falling in love.
Ragini: di u can’t preplanned love, it just happens!! 
Swara: oh god prem pujaran ragini ji can I sleep if u allow me…
Ragini: di u r so mean… good night and both of them slept.

Scene 2

Shekhar: Swara me and maa decided to fix your wedding with Nikhil.
Swara: papa how can u even think like that?
Sumi: shona what’s wrong in it.. u know Nikhil from childhood u grow up together.
Parvati: why can’t u marry Nikhil?
Swara: because I love someone else
Ragini: di u love someone and u didn’t even told me
Shekhar: who is he?
Parvati: what does he do?
Sumi: kon hain shona..
Swara: Arjun

A boy is shown wearing blue jeans with white t-shirt and blue sleeveless hoodie standing near mountains and taking pics. He is our hero.

Another boy is shown wearing black jeans with red shirt, a black hat and he was playing guitar.
       “Ranjhe de yaar bulleya”
People were screaming and dancing: “once more, once more”

But suddenly ti ting ti and he woke up with a jerk after hearing alarm. He is our another hero.

Shekhar: u have to marry nikhil and that’s final.
Swara: okay fine, I’m not a kid anymore. I can take my own decisions and she left from their.

Scene 3

Shekhar was listening news and suddenly Swara Bose daughter of Businessman Shekhar Bose met with an accident and went in coma.

At hospital:

Sumi, shekhar and Parvati were walking here and there in stress.
Ragini: nani, mamu, mami don’t worry. Doctor said di is out of danger and their is nothing to worry.. but get interrupted by a loud voice…

Swara… swara meri jaan what happen to u?
Ragini: (shockingly) who r u? Why r u screaming my di’s my name?
Boy: I’m Arjun your would be jiju..

They were in shock when they hear another loud scream..
Swara… look who is here? Swara where r u? He comes to Ragini..
Boy: ragini where is my swara?
Ragini: my swara?
Shekhar: who the heck r u?
Boy: I’m Arjun, swara’s arjun.

Screen splits at Shocking face of Ragini, Swara in ICU and crying faces of our both heroes.

A/N: hey my lovely readers! Saghi is here with a new ff. This ff is inspired from a Punjabi movie. It’s not a long ff it will have few shots don’t know how many. May be five or six (may be less or more). Some of u may find it confusing at first. And about pairs it’s combination of Ragsan, swasan and swalak but one lead pair. U guys can find out lead pair after 2- 3 shots. So that’s it.. I know I do too much bakbak…

Here’s brief character intro:

Ragini: a simple and elegant girl with attractive eyes. Beautiful inside and outside. Crazy about love stories and romance. Lives with her nani, mama, mami and cousin. There is no secret between Ragini and her cousin.. Ragini always share everything with her.

Swara: cousin of Ragini, modern, carefree and wants to be a model. Hide a big thing or secret from ragini.

Shekhar: dad of swara and mamu of ragini , a Businessman.
Sumi: wife of shekhar, a housewife
Parvati: dadi of swara and nani of Ragini. Little bit old fashioned, looks strict but soft from heart.

Arjun no.1 ( Nemish Taneja/ Laksh) a handsome dude, with killer looks and photographer by profession. Wants to earn money by shortcut.
Arjun no. 2 ( Varun Kapoor/ Sanskar) a cool guy, with killer smile and plays guitar. A dreamer and flirty. Wants to become rich without doing any work.

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