A tale of love by Farin (Shivika ss)

Hello guyz,Its Farin again.Till now,I have opened my pen only for writing One shot which contained one or more than that chapters.And not to forget to mention here that I have got sooooo much love from here that I am just overwhelmed.Still I read all the comments in my account and so many personal messages,I can’t tell.When i started off on the OS “A sacred thread”,the concept was totally well planned since the show had started and i got immense love that led me to write three more stories out of my own imagination.Its really been a great journey in such a short span of time.I really hope my stories are never snapped or never boring.

Writing is not in my blue blood,still yet its just my mere effort to bring those thoughts out through the pen which i imagine in my shallow dreams.Usually,when your imagination gets a lil bit of applause,it pushes you more to go more to that way without any expectation as this platform can easily mislead you to doom.Getting less coments often discourage the author,but the effort of one person when he praises a story with a simple”Great-well written” should never go unnoticed.Love is always love,be it inexplicable or show offed..Right?So,here I am taking a minute to thank all my READERS those who used their hands to write something for me and also those who took out time for reading my imagination,those who didn’t comment but had a wide smile reading my story.Thank you so much,really.

Here I am trying to start a new SS on shivika.I am here posting only the promo.It you guyz like it,I will continue.
A big office is shown.In the entrance,its written’The jungle wonderers”.Its one of the ancient,well known and reputated archaeological instruction.Here they work on jungle areas where they believe aged relies,skeleton,fossils are found.Till now it has always maintained its rank in number one position.Today they have emerged with two big companys and hence got a big project in hand.

A big hooded and white skinned aged Person with bald head heads towards a room.He enters there..

“Hey,shivay,my boy,Today I have got a bombed news for you.You will be crazy hearing this.Your dream is gonna get fulfilled.You are gonna get a leading project.Just have finalized a deal happening in Africa.Its the northen side of the place and I am sure You would get me the best diamond of the universe.”

-“But clek..such high profile project and me….I mean sir me??…..Sir…I have never been there…sir..How will I manage?”

-“Its either you or no one..I have full trust on you.And Ms.Anika Raichand is there to supervise you.She is the head of the project..I am sure You guyz will make a lovely due making these project the best one.”

-“But clek,If Anika mam knows that I am in the project,she may back off.You know very well that we don’t get along with at all.She will throw me out of this.”

-“Dont worry, man..she herself has opted your name to me.Now,no nonsense.Get packed,inform your family and get a fly to your dream project…okay my boy??”

-“Thank you so much,clek…I am so honoured to get the project.I will give my best to it,I promise you,sir..I promise.”

Clek comes out.He shakes hand with Anika

-“Congratulations..its your 109th project and I am sure this is also gonna be your one of those successful engraved ones.But one thing I coudnt figure out why you chose a junior intern like shivay to work with you?I know he has potential but he can never cope up with your experience..I hope you didnt take any wrong decision?”

-Relax,clek..My decision are never wrong and when its regarding my work,it gets more perfect,okay?”

-“Okay,dear.Just get the diamond to me.”
clek goes..
Anika smirks and tells,”Mr.Shivay singh oberoi,you are never gonna forget the journey in all your life.”

The promo ends here.
So,peeps just guess whats in Anika’s mind? and why Anika and shivay don’t get along with each other?And the most important question,how will the trip to Africa change their destiny making it a tale of love?.Just guess.guess.and guess..comment plz .only then I will go forward..


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  1. JanviSingh

    Awsm…. N super interesting……
    Post d next part soon dear…?????

    1. Farin

      Will try DEAR ☺☺

  2. Cooool….pls continue

    1. Farin

      Thanx you took time to comment ❤❤

  3. Shivika

    Post soon….waiting…..fab promo

    1. Farin

      I am glad that you liked it??

  4. Nithu

    Good concept..farhin…

    1. Farin

      Thank you dear❤❤

  5. Samm

    it’s so interesting! can’t wait to read more of this. i’m still blown away by the image of shivaay working under anika! that’s like the synonym of wow! 😀 🙂

    1. Farin

      I am so fed up seeing a female lead always inferior of the male lead..thats why tried something new..hope I can entertain you dear??

  6. Interesting

    1. Farin

      Ibma glad that you liked it dear??

  7. Nainaa

    You killed it Baby.. I am looking forward for next episodes…
    Keep going and keep rocking..
    Love you loads..?

    1. Farin

      And i was waiting for you to comment badly..here you are..thanx darling..❤❤❤

      And I love you too back and forth??

      1. Nainaa

        Aww!! Yaar mujhse aur seh nai jayegi.. tumari reply padne ke baad mujhe kuch ajeeb sa feel ho rahi hai.. 😉
        Love you back to back..

  8. SamSun

    pls do continue, you never disappoint your readers and you always give awesome articles so pls do continue. it has a very good plot, cause we will be getting to see shivaay working under anika and calling her ‘ma’am’ ????????

    1. Farin

      Awwww!!Your words mean a lot to me..I am just honoured?

      And let the love blossom,this ‘mam’ will turn into Anika itself

  9. Its awesome…..??????
    Update nxt part soon…..?

  10. Sat_9492


  11. Amazing…

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