A tale of love by Farin (Shivika ss) Chapter 4

Hello everyone.Today chapter 4.
Chapter 3: Chapter 3

Anika P.O.V-

I am not convinced at my plan at all.Have I done the right thing?If he really get lost in the jungle,then..

Noo!! Nothing sort of that will happen.And From now I will not think about him.The place is only wrong,not the map.Even if he gets stray,he will himself come back after learning a lesson.

I had so much to do.First report clek about our positin,then trace our other members, prepare our foods and then going to the northern area of the jungle to continue my investigation of the day.It had to be a hectic day.But I was just lost in my evil plan.Why was I worrying for shivay when I,myself had sent him to the area intentionally?I wanted to teach him a lesson.Thats why I had made him part of this project,of course.When he would find no cave in that area and get tired in searching,would come back having nix in hand.Thats what I wanted him to be,a perfect loser and most importantly,he,to think himself as that,a loser.When the plan was so perfect,why had I had to worry??

It was been 4 hours and there was no sign of shivay to come back.Was he any trouble?

Uffo!! why I am still thinking about him? No,Anika!! concentrate on your work.You have still lots to do in hand.Just forget him!!Forget him!!

I cant forget him.Never!!

Then why my mind was saying the same thing impatiently.I couldnt fight more with my mind and heart and decided to get me a coffee,a perfect dose for fading my worry.No,I think those are flimsy worry.I,in a jiffy let them out of my mind sipping the first hades of my coffee.Yeah,I was feeling better then.

But No!!The easiness went again from me giving me back my old headache.Its Shivay!!Another one hour had passed and still he was viewless.

What If he is not able to figure out the map?I know he is a nuts and using his brain in need is just not his cup of tea.Shall I go?

Nooo!!why will I go?He isn’t a kid.Its fine if he is in wrong place.Then did the map go there to roam only?Cant he use that to come back?No,I wont go at any cost.

Again my mind and head engulfed in a serious fight.I really coudnt do anything but taking a decision about the matter.It was badly needed to end the fight as it was getting on my nerves giving me no chance to work or be at peace at all.


I knew I had taken the decision in a sudden urge.But I had to prepare an excuse for myself only to justify my sudden verdict which was so incompatible against my impassible nature.”I AM GOING THERE JUST FOR MY PROJECT AND I CANT AFFORD MORE TIME TO BE WASTED JUST FOR HIM.SO,HE NEEDS TO BE BACK”-that’s how I made a mind to go there.

I wae walking amidst the deep jungle since long.It was getting dark all where I was moving my legs out.That proved the sun was descending down taking all the brightness with it,hence making it a seriously dangerous place in this deep darkest forest of Africa.The darkness can take the fright of one’s life with uncountable exquisite beasts,man eating amphibians and venomous insects,worms which This Dlinze Forest take pride in.And some nocturnal can take one’s breath away.And I was walking through all their pathway.

The jungle had turned into a ghost house after some time and I had to turn on my torch light.Shivay was nowhere to be seen which was scaring the hell inside me,not that murky grasped night.I forgot all about my project,investigation and the concealed darkness and even about my plan where Shivay was trapped then.All I had in my mind was just him and his safety.

I guess a bedbug had also bitten me with its poisonous sting which it kept thrusting in my leg-skin for a long time.But I had no time to bruise it off or jerk it.Shivay was more important that those pain caused by some blo*dy insects.


Prayers were coming from my mind unknowingly.Suddenly I felt a small tear rolling down my cheek and with time going,the tears were rolling down more heavily and profusely.I couldn’t hold myself then.I just collapsed in the floor yelling “Shivayyyyyyy!!” Nothing came back in echo and I again shouted,”Shivayyyy!!”

My Badnass!!That time nothing came from my shouting also.I had no courage to walk,still I got up and started walking with a mere torch light and a gun for safety.Suddenly at a little distant,I saw a small something,or rather someone.A benumbed figure cuddled in himself,siting under a big hooded tree.He was not okay at all and as I came more close,the figure seemed to be very known to me.

And then THAT’S IT!! It was none other than SHIVAY.He was seriously lifeless body then and was sweating like anything in such a cold weather of Africa.I couldn’t be more frightfull after seeing him like that.I rushed to him.He was really being very fatigued to me.His limbs were shivering.

A part of me cursed me to death for pushing him to such extent.I was such a bad human!!! I thought the word beast would suit me perfectly.I didnt know what to do at that moment.I was totally clueless about his state.He was not in any condition a normal human stay generally.Neither was he taking nor responding,only was trembling and fluttering his eye buds..I,guess my blood was being curdled that moment and his silence quake was tearing me up.I coudnt figure out what the hell happened with him!!

A pore suddenly just lighten up in me.PANIK ATTACK!!!

How could I forget such a sensitive thing about shivay.He always gets panic attack when things don’t place in according to him.Its is an inborn issue and things something get nasty if he faces darkness!!
I knew my self taking wouldn’t help him.Still I was so guilty that I wanted to run from there without facing the problem at all.The first thing came in my mind that I needed to calm him first,otherwise things could go out of ny hand.

“Its okay,Shivay..just relax..its perfectly alright.You please calm down..I am here,baby..Nothing will happen to you..its okay..Relax”,I pampered him like a baby patting his back.I knew this was the only way to calm him down as I had tried it earlier also.He didn’t hear my words.He was constantly looking at one point in front of him.

“Shivayyy..just look at me,damn it..settle your eyes on mine..look at me,please”,I shouted at him litterally,making his face turn to me by my hand.He looked at me then after a long time.I knew he needed a safest support then.He just seized my shoulder with his immobile hands.His quaken hands might have found the most immune place to support in.He grasped my heavy cardigan shoulder making it easy for me to calm him down.

“Anika…its…so…sooo..dark..here..please take me from here,”he fumbled terribly while saying those,groping his grip in my shoulder.

“Its okay…I am here,right beside you only,baby.You just calm down,please”;I placed my composing words in his body.He still was fumbling while talking.His lips were being restless to be comfort and I wanted to give him that.

I,in a jiffy smooched his lips with mine just for a warm touch.I,probably knew the best way to relax him.I don’t think that was a lustful kiss at all..it was just a lambency on his lips.I knew,he loved the moment most.I licked his both parts of his lips very gently.Leaving the smooch,I cupped his face,

“Now relax..okay..its all okay..hmmm??”I asked him.

He nodded his head in positive way.He felt better than before,I guessed.I made him stand up and took him from there.We came back at our tents.I made him sit on the floor mate.

“You sit here for a moment.I will be back with water”,I told him.

“I am sorry for all the trouble,mam”,he became an obedient worker from a frightened boy in a second.

“Its perfectly okay.Moreover,I am responsible for your such..”, I didnt complete my words.I didn’t want him to know about my evil hands behind his condition.”Nothing..you take rest okay?”,I ended my words.
I went to bring water.Till now,I hadnt realized my immense pain in my leg.Finally,I looked at them.

I was really shocked seeing them.My left leg was fully drenched in blood.THAT blo*dy BEDBUG!! It had bitten me like hell and now that shivay’s tension is out of my mind,I coudnt take that physical pain anymore.The hole created by a small insects looked very split.The blood was not stopping its flow at all…I shouted in pain as it was really very piercing to handle.The pain was moving from my leg to body.I was feeling so numb.

I felt dizziness and everything became so blurred in front of my eyes.I dropped the water bottle,actually it had fallen from my hand.I had no support in my hand at all.Before collapsing in dark,I just saw a boy rushing to me.
I didnt know who he was.But I could only feel being carried away by someone!!

Precap:A big fight between shivika.A little bit revelation of their past.A lil bit of intense scene between them

Peeps,I know the kiss was not passionate at all as you guyz had expected.But Trust me,in that situation,I felt that was the right time.I hope you guyz aren’t dissapointed with me.Wait for more time,I will make their scenes a bang on.If you want any change or add any track in this ss,kindly inform me.I will keep that in mind
Don’t stop commenting,please.I really need them badly.


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