A tale of love by Farin (Shivika ss) Chapter 3

Hello,everyone.I am here with chapter 3.Before starting,have a look at chapter 2 to catch the story.Here it is :
Chapter 2

Shivay P.O.V-

The weather at this Dlinze forest is not in our favour at all.Along with the wet tree leaves,moist and smudgy clay surface was also increasing the difficulty to walk.And top of that,we have another 3 miles extra to walk to the main point from where we would start our real journey.I knew I was at fault for this misconduct of our landing.But frankly,I really was enjoying my walk,as it was with the most talented ,an super experienced forest officer and the utmost definition of beauty with the brain,Ms Anika.Technically my mam,but actually my jaan,my everything.

She wasn’t enjoying the ride at all,I knew.There she had her substantial reason to be angry with me.Professionalism doesnt allow her to be bliss at such mistakes of her project.Yeah..It was a mistake that we are here wasting our time in mere 3 miles and she,being the grumpy woman clearly showed up her irritation in walking along with me.

She was constantly looking at the map to know when we would reach there and I was looking at her.She was so in a hurry and that’s why running instead of walking.To cope with her speed,I had to also run.I never knew a girl can also run so fast.She was running and so did I.I was neither watching my steps nor was I noticing my sorroundings.There were so many big and gigantic trees with their sharp spines looking at me crucially.I was just following Anika’s steps.

Suddenly I felt an intolerable pain in my left palm.A big thorn of one of those trees had thrusted in the same place where I had got hurt the previous day in glass corner of my desk.It was paining so terribly that I couldn’t but screamed,

Anika looked back in worry.She just rushed to me taking my hand in hers immediately.I clearly saw her uptight behaviour then.She got really scared seeing my injury.Anyone would have got scared that moment,indeed.The battered was so deep that even small insects could have made their small place in them.The pain was really making me haywire.

“Can’t you walk carefully?Duffer..!!What was the need to run,huh?”,she diverted my mind to her questions.

What was the need to run!! Seriously!! Has the girl gone mad?She is running so fast and asking me!!

“Mam,you were running and as we both are partners in this project,obviously then I would also have to run,na?”,my question literally didn’t effect her much as she was still busy in my wounded hand.

She picked a water bottle from her small bag and poured it in my cut.

“Ahhh!! Do slowly..its burning.”I exclaimed.

“I am sorry.Please bear it for soemtime.Your wounds need to get washed.Otherwise it can get infected”,she said those very gently yet submissively.
After ages,I had heard her fluty voice.It had heavenly touch in it.I might have fallen for her again that moment.Her tidy and organized hairs were tucked behind ears but I so wanted to fiddle with them.It was always my old habit to play with her smooth and silky bunched hair.Earlier,she had her hair always open giving me the chance to mess with them but then with the time going,she became more introvert and aristrocative with her hairs always being tied behind her neck.

Anika started covering my wounds with her handkerchief.Anxiety was clear in her face.She kept waving air in my hand and asking me,
“Is it still burning?”
“No,not at all”,I replied but she was not convinced at all.
“Dont lie,shivay.I know it must be hurting.What do you do?Cant you be a lil bit careful?You got hurt yesterday at the same place.You should have kept that in mind.But No!! you are always in your own world.Stupid…”,her concern filled nagging brought a smile in my face.But I didnt let her notice that.

She carefully finished my dressing giving a oinment from her bag and gave me a strict order,
“Don’t even try to stress your hand.Do all the works with the other one and yeah, for God’s sake watch your steps.Plzzzzzz”,she pressured her last word heavily.I nodded my head in up-down position just like a obedient patient of her.

“You go first and I will follow you carefully,I promise”,I assured her.

“No,not this time.I Dont have trust in you.If you get hurt again,then?”,she showed concern.

“Then?Why does it matter to you?”I cross questioned her.

This might have realized her that her old form was coming back which she never wanted to bring.She changed her attitude.

“Then my project would get effected and I don’t want that to be happen.Don’t argue anymore and start walking and this time you will be at my front. Now Go!!!”,she snapped at me.

I know she will never show up her feelings.Then why did I just ask her?
Ending the conversation,I started walking with Anika following me from behind.

We reached there in half an hour.Everything was planned there.Our two different tents and a main centralized tent where we had to report clek everyday about our progression in work by Wi-Fi.We went to our respective places and got freshen up.After coming out from my tent,I saw Anika preparing some maps.I showed up to her and she handed over the Map to me.

“The place is two miles away from here and there are 5 to 6 caves and you need to cover them all by today before sunset,okay?”she instructed me.

I noded in yes.And suddenly I realized she had another map in her hand.It had different direction.I asked her being confused,”Arent we going to the same area?”

“No.Its a big place and going together at same place is gonna only waste our time”,she replied bluntly.
“But mam, I am unknown to this place fully.How will I..”she cut me off and put her speech,

“Dont talk rubbish now.I can’t risk my time only for your fear,okay?Moreover you have the map.Believe me, you wont get lost.Now hurry up…you have to come back before sunset.Already time has been wasted much for your stupidity.Now don’t add my trouble”,she said very ruthlessly.I had no words to resist her and hence took my bag and started the excursion according to the map.The map was though very clear cut,but I still felt scared.

I always have believed Anika the most but that moment I really had a doubt on her and her plan also.Still I had no option than doing what she said.

Precap:Shivay lost in jungle.A panicked and angry Shivay and a passionate kiss.

So,peeps I am again sorry for such short updates as I have earlier said my exam issues.I am sure you guys arent liking this Anika,but trust me she has her substational reason to be like that.

So,their past is yet to be revealed.Keep guessing.And I have a question for you guyz do you think Anika sent shivay alone intentionally?? And wait for thier passionate kiss in the next part.And if you guyz want any change in the story or add any track,tell me..I will add them.I will fulfil all your wishes…..stay happy till then.


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