A tale of love by Farin (Shivika ss) Chapter 1

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First part–

Shivay P.O.V–

I am still so baffled on what just happened.Did Clek really came?My first leading project..my first…yeah..shivay..your first…I said those exclamative words taping my chest with my middle finger..I was so confoundedly lucky.How did the project just dropped at me?Just How?

I couldnt hold myself from giving a pinch to my left hand.OUCHHH!!! It was real,not a blo*dy dream at all.On realising it after my stupid pinching experiment,I got over my chair and started dancing.

“No one can now stop me from being the leading archaeologist …yayyyyy…So,now shivay singh Oberoi will be the hero of news covers..Africa,I am just coming to you dear.Hold your hearts on,because now its gonna be in Shivay’s hand”,I was so dramatic while saying those.New bubbles were being prepared in my head,stomach,mouth,eyes and where not!!I was dancing like hell..Shouting in happiness..

And then it had to break.I kind of slipped from the chair.The thought peeped my mind in such a way that it started to ache heavily.

Anika?Did she really opted for me?How come did this happen?Did it really happen?Has she forgotten everything?–I didnt know whether I was happy or confused while thinking those.

I was happy that Anika had chosen me.She,be the only women whom I would just crave to work under.But why did she count on me?Has she forgiven me?– Those thoughts were just snapping at my head aimlessly.


I heard a big sounded voice from behind.It was none other than my boss,Ms Anika Raichand on what she feels proud of being.Her words were so dry and sarcastic.

“Mr.Shivay singh Oberoi,You must be flying in sky,right?”

I didn’t say anything.I was really flying.But her question was never thrown at me to get the answer .She just frowned at me expecting a bow down before her.Her words were full of ego,aristrocat,vainglory and her eyes had the immense pain that I once had given her.I was entering into her red widen eyes all over again just then she again broke my imagination.

“Arent you?”

“Thank you so much,mam.I am really blessed to work under you.I admire you for the chance.”

“So,did you really deserve it?”
Her words were clearly indicating where she wanted to go.She was in a mood to make me feel inferior to her.She was really prepared.But part of me had decided not to break in front of her.

“Why aren’t you answering?I asked did You really deserve it?”

I gathered corage to say,”I think deserving person get the chance always.”

“Hmm..you are still smart enough to make people fall in your words.Old habits die hard..right? “She laughed dryly and I got to know how she was pricking my past..Actually it was our past..She was trying to piercing my heart with her words.But I holded myself so strongly that Tsunami coudnt break me then.

“Mam,I only stated the fact.I dont see any other reason of your chosing me?”

“Oh Really!!!You just had that assumption?? Nahh!!Get over your dreams,boy”-She clearly had no resistance while saying those.She was frowning and chewing the chuingam in her mouth.And I knew my answer would lead to a major breakdown for both of us.So,I tried to keep mum..

“I just want to break your confidence which is as fake as you.What did you think I would put my dream project at stake just for your so called talent ?…Huh!!!A whore like you don’t deserve a spit let alone a chance ..Got that?”

I just couldnt stop myself then.Unknowingly,my mouth uttered,”Till when Anika,you will punish me?Do you really enjoy every bit of my humiliation?Till when???

I cursed myself for saying those.Why couldn’t I stop myself then? Anika coudnt bear my reply..

She just holded my collar tightly and pushed me to the board behind my chair.She pressed her whole body on me.I felt a pressure in my neck as she clinched my collar..My back was hurting a lot due to the pins of the board.But she didnt care…

“Yeah,I enjoy every bit of your pain.When you cry,I feel the happiest person in the whole world.When you feel ashamed,I feel the proudest..when you get hurt,I feel just blissed…you got it?? blissed..”She tightened her grip on my collar more giving me intolerable pain.Her face was so close to me.Her nose was touching mine.She intentionally whispered those words coming close to me just to give me more pain.

But she couldnt stop her flow from her eyes and I am so sure she must have cursed her eyes then for betraying her.Her red swollen eyes with big teardrops proved that she didn’t mean anything what she just had said.Her mouth were only moving.Those were not her words..

Giving me a material look,she left my collar and this time pushing me to the pin with her hands on my chest..I felt sicked to the pain,still managing not to react.She kept moving in back way still looing at my eyes.She was walking in reverse not looking her way.

She was close to the corner of my desk.I just rushed to her placing my hand in her waist stoping it to get hurt by the glass made corner.BLood oozed from my grip.

“Be careful,Anika.You would have got hurt.Cant you see?”I shouted at her without thinking about her reaction at all..

“Does it really matter,dude?”She ruthlessly replied back to me.

Hardly she knew,yeahh it blo*dy matters…it matters me the most.She left the place jerking my hand from her waist.She didn’t even notice the blood.How Ironic!!

“And Dont you dare to call me Anika next time.This institute is mine and I have allowed no one,I repeat no one to call me by my name.You better get that.”

“Okay mam..this won’t get repeated”
She went upto the door and threw the first aid box to me,

“Get your hand fine by tomorrow.Its a long journey to the Africa and i can’t loose it for you.”
Though she made it selfish but her words had so much care in it.I didnt say anything.Words are sometimes an obstacle in some situation.

I was just waiting for a new day to the Africa..Didnt know what is store in my destiny.

Precap:First day in Africa..danger in jungle and some major fights between Shivika.

Peeps,So what do you think what might be the reason behind anika and shivay seperation?What made Anika so hard and emotionless?And where the journey will lead them to?

I won’t disclose the reason so soon.Still keep guessing and dont forget to comment..plzzz


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