Tale of Love …. A Devakshi OS

Guys this one is another try to write an OS …tell me your views…

Amay – Dev jaldi ut ja warna tere wajah se mein bhi late ho jaunga….
(Dev wake up or else I will also get late because of you)
But still Dev doesnt get up. Amay gets a bucket of water and spills it on his face. Dev gets up.
Dev – bhaiya iss choti si jaan ko mar dalo ge kya…
Amay – chup chap ut ja aur taiyar ho ja …mujhe aastha se milna hain yaar..
(Shut up and get ready fast ..I want to meet aastha )
Dev – oho ..ab mein samjha mere bhole se amay bhaiya ko bhabhi se milna hain….
(Oh so my innocent Amay bhaiya has to meet bhabhi)
Amay blushes.

Amay Dixit and Dev Dixit were Raghunath and Ishwari Dixit’s sons.
They were studying in bussiness college. Amay was 22 years old and Dev was 20 years old.
Amay – acha toh tujhe Sona se nahi milna hain kya…ok toh mein chalta hoon tu yahi reh …
(So you don’t want to meet Sona …ok then I am going you sit here)
Aastha Bose and Sonakshi Bose were sisters . They were the children of Bejoy Bose and Asha Bose. Both the families were very close to each other and secretly wished that the brothers should get married to the sisters. The children lived in independent houses . They didn’t live with their parents as their college would become far from their house. Dixit and Bose house were opposite to each other. They would visit their parents every weekend.
Now after Dev babu gets ready both Amay and Dev leave for college. Amay loved Aastha from a long time but he was a shy guy so he never expressed his feelings to Aastha. De and Sona were bestie. Dev got along well with Aastha and Sona with Amay. Sona knew that Amay loved Aastha .

In college ..
Dev rushes for his class thinking he was late but notice s that his bestie was sitting with some one else today. He was jealous. Sona and Dev always sat together. But today Dev couldn’t understand why his Ms khargosh wad allowing that Jatin to sit with her. Sona notices Dev and waves to him . Dev doesn’t wave back. He glares at her angrily. Sona doesnt understand the reason behind is anger . In mean time Jatin thanks Sona and leaves from there. Dev comes towards Sona.
Dev – sona yaar tum kisi aur and specially Jatin ko yaha kaise baitne de sakthi ho…
(Sona how could you let Jatin sit here)
Sona – Dev you are just impossible. Jatin ko notes chahiye thi isliye woh mere pas aaya tha aur mujhe ek doubt tha toh meine usse puch liya…par tum har chiz ko assume karte rehte ho..you know what just go to hell..
(Jatin wanted some notes so he came to me and I had a doubt so he explained it to me..but you assume everything… You know what just go to hell )
Dev was ashamed. Someone came and announced that the professor was on leave that day so they don’t have a lecture for the next 2 hours. Sona didnt even wait for Dev and left. She hated the typical possessive Dixit side of him. She noticed Amay and Aastha outside and went towards them .
Sona – bhaiya , di aapko kuch khana hain mein canteen ja rahi hoon.
They say no. Dev calls out to her but she leaves without even turning back.
Amay and Aastha ask him what had happened. But he had no time so he rushes off to convince Sona. But Sona was Sona she saw Dev and purposefully went and sat beside Jatin who was having coffee. Sona and Jatin talked a lot then Jatin asked a favour from Sona. Actually he loved a girl Riya and wanted her help to propose her. Sona takes Jatin to the ground so that he could practice . Dev could see all this but was not able to here their conversation. So Dev assumed things once again. Sona had asked Jatin to assume her as Riya and asked him to propose her. But Jatin was unable to do it. Sona offered to help him by giving him a demo. She held a rose and gave it to him and just said the three magical words . Dev who witnessed all this was broken. He could not digest the fact that Sona had proposed someone else. He leaves from there. Jatin thanks Sona for helping him. Aastha and Amay could see tears in Dev’s eyes . When questioned he tells them everything and also goes back home. Here Sona was feeling lonely without Dev so she decided to apologize to him. Aastha and Dev shared a good bond so Aastha followed him home and Amay stayed for Sona. Sona approaches Amay.
Sona – bhaiya yeh Dev kaha chala gaya hain …mein usse kab se doondh rahi hoon…
(Where did Dev go I am searching for him from a long time)
Amay makes her sit and tells her that Dev left home and the reason behind it. Sona is hell shocked. She tells Amay how she was helping Jatin. Amay calls Dev and tells him the truth. Initially Sona doesnt talk to him but finally forgives him….

2 years passed …
Dev and Sona’s bond grew more and more stronger as each day passed. They both were in love with each other now. Amay still had not confessed to Aastha. So Dev and Sona came up with a plan to bring them closer. They had organised a date for them . And finally Amay proposed Aastha. Aastha was really happy atlast Mr Amay Dixit had proposed to her. She hugged him tight. Dev and Sona witnessed all this by hiding behind a tree. Few days pass by…
The college had organised a trip for Aastha and Amays batch. Sona never stayed alone . This time even her parents were not there as they had to attend one of her family wedding. Sona was sad without Aastha. She was feeling lonely. Aastha called her but Sona didnt talk to her properly. Aastha was tensed. She called Dev and asked him to check Sona. When Dev to Sona’s place he saw that Sona was down with flu. He took great care of her. Stayed at her place by taking her parents permission. Prepared khada and khichdi for her. He did every possible thing. Sona was touched. She could see the love and affection for her in his eyes. She decided she would propose him as soon as Aastha and Amay returned. Days pass Sona recovered . Aastha and Amay also returned. She shared with them that she wanted to propose Dev. She called Dev and asked him to come to XYZ place. She had booked a table for them near poolside. She proposed Dev and gave him many letters which had all her feelings for him which she had written in the past 2 years. Dev was freaking out of happiness. They had hugged each other . Everything was well between the couples until one day Sona went somewhere without informing Dev . She just had left a letter which read that she would return in a week and asked them not to get tensed. As promised Sona returns after a week just to be welcomed by a slap by Aastha.

Sona – I am sorry . Mein janti hoon ki aap bohut pareshan the mere liye . Mujhe kuch dino pehle ek call aaya tha paris se jaha uncle aur baba milke ne ek company set up ki thi. Waha ke employees ne mujhe bataya ki company ki halat bohut kharab hain aur usse bachana hain toh jaldi hi waha jana padega… Uncle aur dad vaishnov devi mein hain isliye unka call nahi laga..isliye mein Paris gayi thi. Aur ab hum sab ki jana padega
(I troubled you guys a lot but I had to go to Paris as the employees called and informed that the company established by uncle and dad was not in a good position and in order to save it someone had to go there . They couldn’t contact uncle and dad as they were in vaishnav devi… And now they all had to go there. They all went there . Everyone worked hard in order to save the company. Dev and Sona in order to spend some time with each other use to go home at lunch time and used prepare food for everyone. Now the company was in a good position. Their parents were proud of them . Their marriage was announced in the success party.
On 30 september (on air marriage date)
Aastha Amay and Dev Sonakshi got married. At last it was time for a selfieeeee. ???

Guys I hope it was not boring. Thank you for your lovely comments….
Love you all ???

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