A Tale of Hatred into Love – Chapter 1

A Tale of Hatred into Love

Hiiiiiiiiiiii friends,…Again This is your Renu,…Before blabbering anything,..i wanna Confess one thing about this Story,…This Story was actually started by my Friend,..She started well but She lost her connect after 3 chapters,…I followed this story few months back,…So,Wanna Continue this story in my version for her,….M thanking her again for this wonderful plot,… She titled it as “Against all the odds”,…I gave it a new title here “A tale of Hatred into Love”,..Though the old title was apt,I felt this one will suit acc to my version of this story,…

A concise summary of this Story So far,….

Radhika was an innocent girl,who wants to achieve her dreams of becoming a writer,…Arjun,asks Radz to marry her one night in Goa Beach,..Radz hesitated,..So,Arjun made fake marriage by taking vows around bonfire and putting sand as Sindoor on her forehead ,tying his sister Nandhu’s thread from his wrist as mangalsutra on Radz neck..He spends that night with Radz in his own hotel,…Next day morning Radz understood that she was cheated by Arjun as he checked out already and the room was booked in her name thru that Hotel lady staff,…That lady hand over the thread which Arjun tied on Radz neck,..Arjun was happy by destroying Radz life for his Sister,..

Then After 3 years in Birdsong,Mumbai,…Radz was shown with a child Ansh,…Neil and Sam were supported her and Neil adopted Ansh to make life easier for that child as Radz was not ready to reveal the name of Ansh’s Father,.Sam and neil badly wants to know who he was,….Neil was shown as a close friend to Radz and he infact was the pillar for Radz,…Ansh used to call Neil as his Dad and Radz as his mom,….Piyali and Samrat were Sam’s parents and Arjun is a family friend of Sam,..And In his home,Nandhu was also clueless about Arjun’s disinterest in everything and she dunno anything about Arjun’s deeds,..She infact was a good character,…Then Arjun came to Birdsong as a special client was shocked seeing Neil and Radz with a child when piyali introduced Radz to him,….He misunderstood them as couple as Ansh calling them as dad and mom,…Radz too was froze seeing him again in her life,..Tears of agony tries to come out thru her door of eyes,..But she maintained well like arjun who also controlled his guilty feeling while seeing her,…

Sam saw him and tried to intro Radz to Arjun,..Radz understood Arjun was sam’s family friend,..She was confused either to leave Sam with ansh or be normal that his presence never affects her,…Arjun read her pain in her eyes when she stared the similar thread on his wrist which he used as Nuptial chain in Goa,..Sam was worried seeing Radz apathy,..She tries to make her normal and inquires about the matter,..Meanwhile Neil excused everyone and took Radz away from them and Neil understood some change in Radz after seeing Arjun,..But he din ask anything about that to her,…Rather He promised her that he was father of Ansh and hugged her tightly in assurance,…Radz was shocked when Neil started acting differently as it sounds like a couple and when she saw Arjun,who giving some deadly stares on Neil and also understood neil’s plan which brought smile on her face,..Neil excused himself leaving them alone to talk with sam,..Arjun started their official convo about some youth centric ad and watched keenly to get any reaxn from her,..But Radz tried to act cool by scribbling her note pad,..But she was shocked when he took Goa beach promises in his speech,…Radz falter for a second and Arjun too couldn’t hold his temper for a long asked her directly that Neil know about her First affair with him or not,…She boldly said hiding her pain,..No,He dinn knew about her first but she knew he was her last,…This word made Arjun fume in anger and he left the hall ignoring Neil and Sam,…Sam was confused about arjun’s behavior,….

That’s all folks,…Now,You gonna see My first chapter of this Short Story on our Beloved Ardhika,…I hope it will be good,…I din have any plan to write here as I just continued this story to give a proper end to it,….But,I decided to post whatever I scribble here cox you ppl are my first friends, who help me to identify my interest in writing and also encouraged me a lot to scribble whatever it may be an analysis or FF,…And This story will be a combination of both Past and Present & both love and Hatred,…And We gonna see how A love turned into intense Hatred and How Hatred will again turn into a deep Love,…

Chapter 1:

In Mehra’s Mansion,…

Arjun felt some storm has hit him for real after knowing Radhika moved on in her life,…He cant digest the fact that she was living happily even after everything happened btw them 3 years back,.. But, Here He couldn’t do anything rather living with her mere thoughts for all these years,…He stepped up towards his room furiously carrying those haunting memories of her with him even ignoring his staffs and his Di Downstairs,…After a while,All were shocked hearing a loud noise from upstairs,…Nandhini asked everyone to leave from there just to check what happened to her Brother suddenly,…


In Birdsong

Sam was puzzled by Arjun’s action of leaving the conference hall all of a sudden,…
Sam:Chasni,..What happened yaar?,…Anything wrong chasni?,…Why Arjun leaves angrily from here and that too without attending the conference yaar,..Are you guys already discussed anything regarding the Ad?,…
Radz after taking a deep breathe faced Sam with her smile began,
Radz:No sam,….I dunno,…We just Discussed about some youth centric ad concepts in general,…But,I too was puzzled seeing him leaving the hall suddenly,…
Neil understood something which Sam couldn’t began with a known smile,
Neil:It’s ok sam,..We will discuss about this latter,…I think, Now We should concentrate on other things too,….Am I right Chasni?
Radz:Haan neil,…You are right,…There are so many things in our life to discuss rather wasting our time in some unwanted things,….You people continue,…I had light Headache now,…So,M heading to home with Ansh,…Bye Sam,…Bye Neil,….
Saying So,Radz left the hall hurriedly leaving neil and Sam alone,…
Sam:Neil,…What happened to Chasni yaar,…I was asking about Arjun,..But,Why she lost in some thots yaar,…Whether Her past again haunting her,…
Neil:Sam,..Dont worry about chasni yaar,…Whatever Happens is only for Good,… Couldn’t understand,….
Sam looks him puzzlingly began,
Sam:What good yaar?,..I couldn’t get anything,…Why Arjun left angrily or Why Chasni left worriedly?,…But you are saying coolly that whatever happens is Good,…Stop it man,…,…
Neil:Sam,…You believe me na,..
Sam nodded yes,…
Neil: Then, Just be cool yaar,…Ok,…Cummon let’s work on this presentation a bit,…
Sam:Hmmm,…I hope everything will be fine sooner as you said,….
Both started working on the presentation,….


In Arjun’s house,…

His anger,His hatred for Radhika occupies his nerves completely,…He could see the rage of his veins,which wants to kill Her for moving on in her life with another man,…How could she?,…HE shouted literally and started throwing all the objects on his dressing table and He broke the table as if he was trying to feed some food for his huge anger,… He was successful in punching his face on the mirror for pretending to be calm when Neil touched his Radhika,…He understood that he was never successful in destroying her not now and also then,..She was happy,…No,She cant be,…When He couldn’t move on in his life after spending that night with her,…But here she moved on,….Arjun cant accept the fact,…It only increases his rage to another level,…He continued punching the broken mirror till he get his calm back despite his bleeding Knuckles,..Till yesterday,She just stole his sleep but today he lost everything in destroying her,…His frustration came out louder in his voice almost frightened everyone in that building,….
Arjun:No,…I wont leave her,…I wont leave you Radhika,..I wont leave you,…
Nandhini,who entered Arjun’s room slowly was extremely shocked seeing Arjun punching the mirror with his hands,….She ran towards him and hold his forearm from punching and began,
Nandhu:Arjun,..Are you became mad?,..What are you doing??
Arjun felt somehow his anger was suppressed seeing his Di with his reddened eyes,…He began furiously after gaining his lost breathe,
Arjun:Nandhu,..Leave me,..I want to kill her,….
Nandhini made him seat on the bed, Caressed his hair affectionately started applying ointment on his wounds,. While tying the Band aid on his wounds, She slowly began,
Nandhu:What happened Arjun?,..Who you want to kill? And Why Arjun?,….

Reality stuck him after hearing these questions from his sis,…Arjun distanced himself from his sister and began,….
Arjun:Woh,…Nothing Nandhu,…I just remember some unwanted past,…you don’t worry about these,…Have dinner,….Ramu kaka,….Ramu kaka,…
Arjun yelled Ramu kaka’s name loudly,….
Ramu kaka: Haan Beta,…
Arjun:Clean this room before I come,…And prepare Dinner for Nandhu alone,…
Ramu kaka:Ok beta,…
Nandhu:Arjun,Where are you going at this hour?,..You was already tired and now had wounds on your knuckles too,…
Arjun:Nandhu,…Please,…Just a drive Nandhu,…Don’t wait for me,…Kaka,. Serve dinner for Di,…
Saying so,Arjun walked out of his room ignoring Nandhu’s repeated calls left her worried,….


In Piyali’s house,….

Piyali:Neil,…It’s good you came,…What happened to Radhika?,…I saw her upset again after that Goa Incident,….
Neil:Nothing mam,….I’ll talk to her,…Where is she?
Sam:In her Room Neil,…She is not talking with Ansh too yaar,…
Neil: Ansh is still awake,…
Piyali:No,Neil,…He was sleeping in my room,….I’ll take care of him,…You talk with Radhika,,…she din have her dinner too,….
Neil:Hmmm,…You both Don’t worry,..I’ll talk to her,…
Saying so,Neil entered Radz room,…
Whereas Radz was lost in cherishing her moments with Arjun in Goa standing on the window side,…She remembered Arjun’s loving stares for her,..There in those eyes, She saw the real love for her,…It cant be fake,…Her intuition tells her that she was never be wrong,….He loves her and Ansh is the symbol for their love,…But,Why he ditched her,..Why he did this?,…Why He gave her such pain?,…Every women in this world wants her life partner to be with her while baring her first child in her womb,…But Arjun ditched her,..He used her,….How he could give such pain to her?,…She asked herself many times in these 3 years these questions,…Now,He was before her,..But,She don’t want to listen anything from him,…She was living this life for Ansh and now,She achieved her dream by becoming one of the famous copywriter with the help of her friends,…So,She made her heart strong by deciding not to look back at some dark pages in her life,…Tear droplets automatically started rolling down on her cheeks,…
Neil witnessed this began,
Neil:Chasni,… What are you looking there?,…Looking for Rain,…I think,It wont come till you stop your Rain,…

Radz turned towards Neil began,
Radz:My Rain???,…Neil,…What do you mean yaar?
Neil:Ya,…all the black clouds which are responsible for Rain is in your eyes,…Then How we get Real Rain yaar,…
Radz wiped her tears averting her gaze from Neil,…
Neil holds her shoulder and began,
Neil: Chasni,…You cant hide anything from us,…I never ask why you are crying or what’s the reason behind it?,….Chasni,…You know one thing yaar,…Just because Something ends your life,.Doesn’t mean It never should have been,…Remember You lived those moments in your life,..You learned,..You grew,..You moved on,…You achieved your dreams yaar,…Today Radhika Mishra Means a Well known Writer,A strong woman,A girl of Altruism yaar,…Don’t remember that pain which stops you to move on yaar,…Cox you get Ansh after facing that betrayal na,….So,Now Ansh is your world chasni,..We are always with you in all walks of your life chasni,…I want you as a old chirpy girl not like losing yourself in deadly past,…..

Radz for a second didn’t want to break herself again..she had already collected herself after all this…. But hearing Neil’s motivational words didn’t helped her to bottle up her feelings..she just burst into tears and started sobbing while hugging him by clutching his shirt..her tears were soaking Neil’s shirt,…Neil holds her shoulder after breaking their hug began,….

Neil: I’m there for you as your friend till my last breathe chasni,…Don’t worry about anything yaar,…Just concentrate on your work and Ansh Chasni,…

Radz nodded yes smilingly and neil wiped her tears on her cheeks and began,

Neil:Chasni,… See yaar,..You drenched my shirt with your Rain,..Now,I have to dry it,….

Radz smiled at Neil amusingly and Neil feeds her Dinner,..Radz started Having her dinner Hearing Neil’s jokes,…Then He made her laydown on the bed and continued his non stop jokes sitting beside her,which made Radz to forget all her pains for a while and let out herself in a deep sleep,…Neil stopped his jokes and wrapped her with Bed sheets ,..Then, He Went out of her Room silently after confirming she was fallen asleep,….

Credit to: Renu


  1. Vivi

    This story is really good… U r amazing….u should have startd writing dis story earlier…..y did u kept us waiting…..waiting 4 more…keep writing.. Luv ya alot….

  2. Renu

    Friends,…Sorry for Not replying to all your comments in Missing pieces,…

    But I read all your comments in the last episode of missing piece,…My heart filled with tears of Gratitude after reading each one of your comments especially Naomi,surabi,Nisha,Ramya,…And almost all comments,…If i dinn mention any of your name here in this comment,..It doesnt mean I missed your’s,….I love all of you including the Silent Readers,….Thanx for all your support and mass encouragement,…It motivates me a lot,…Even I forgot My personal pblms for a while,…Thank you so much friends,….Dunno what to say cox you all are my friends,….

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    Ok,..I dinn yet start next episode in missing pieces,..So,Will start by today and will try to update by tomorrow guys,…Till then I hope you all will like this short story,…It was entirely contrast to Missing pieces,…I hope I will do justice to these two stories,…

    Thanx again Friends,..M signing off now,…

    your Renu

  3. Lakshmi

    Wow renu ..u have updated this story here also .superb yaar.This story is really amazing n different.And u r portraying that very nicely .Will be waiting for next chapter. Love u ???..take care..

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    Omg renu!! Thanks di!! How are you?! Seekrama update pannu …

    Love you loads.. Tc.. Keep smiling.. Bear hug ??

  5. manha

    Renu my super writer, this is superb yaar. Thank u for another one. The story was different n with ur tadka it will be superb. I’m waiting for the next chap. How will things go?? How will arjun change?? what was the past?? n so many questions. I’m eagerly waiting for ur essence in this story. loveeeeee u. Take care.

  6. zayn

    Exciting story renu..
    Really brilliant story.. and i love ur stort yaar cant stop my self from reading it again and again..
    Update next part soon. 😉 🙂

  7. nisha


    Renu this is amazing dear very interesting story offcourse in ur words it will be like never read before dear another rads arjun story awesome

    I just loved it dear.

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  8. Devga

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    Nee valkaiyil miga periya uyarathil irukum pothu ( as a writer ) un peiyar renu endru andha book ill oru nick name a add pannu …. Naan andha book la evlo pages iruko avlo tym padipen …. Promise

    • manha

      this is not Any ff continuation from TU. this is some other story of our friend. But she is not feeling connected with the characters n cannot write further. Renu said she will continue so the summary was the story so far. N now renu will continue to the story. I hope it was a satisfied answer.

  9. Aru

    Superb renu…thanks a lot for writing this…NEIL ,wow he is such a bestie..i’m very happy to c such a deep bonding btw them..they all live in a single home..i mean piyali,samrat,sam neil radhu n ansh..thats great ,,,plss continue

  10. aastha

    Wow renu y din u start tis earlier?????y u kept us waiting by nt alloweng us to read tis beautiful story…

    I hate Arjun….jst bcoz his sis hd a bitter past y does he want all te girls to b te same????instead f ensuring no one meets hs sis past he s gng around n destroying every girl’s life……..poor rads she too fell as a prey 4 hm…….bt I ws surprised readng tat Arjun regrets for all hs deeds…..n since tat ni8 he cud NT sleep as rads visited hm n in evry dreams…..n nw he cud not believe tst rads

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      aastha wow i’m seeing some different girl today. what was the comment yaar. Don’t worry Arjun ko ham bahut sataayenge itna ke bas thak jaaye. hai na renu. oh i ‘m loving this arjun ko sataooo. god am i becoming some weird??!!! I dont know. But who cares. lol.

      All the best sweety for ur exams. wish u write alll the exams well n gud. now take rest. Take care.

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