The tale of 4 cities – Episode 5


Episode 5
It started with a man asking the guy that – why are u leaving them?
Then the guy said- as they both are mad and these boys are there doctors…..
It was heard by all including Swara and Ragini and Laksh and Sanskar looked at them very nervously. Swara and Ragini at first got confused of what they are telling but at the next moment they understood that it was their husband’s planning……..

They both gave a murderous look to them. While Laksh and Sanskar looked at them for sometime then pulled their respective hands and made them sit into the car and drove away. In the car no one spoke then they reached as Laksh was driving so at front Ragini and Laksh were sitting so when they reached Swara and Sanskar came out quickly and as Laksh parked the car Ragini got out and then Laksh but as Ragini was closing the door of the car it caught her Saree’s pallu and there she got struck her cheeks became red of trying to take it out but it was IMPOSSIBLE suddenly Laksh looked back and saw her trying to take her pallu but failing everytime. He didn’t knew why he felt so restless and worried but his legs were not in his control it moved on his own and came towards her and then his body became uncontrollable which leaned over her and then his hands tooo it on it’s own moved and slowly took the pallu out and then he realized that he was actually came too close to her and she kept her eyes down without searching anything he quickly moved back (hua hain aj pehlibar played in bg)and she also got her actual senses and went without saying anything to her . Seeing her attitude Laksh whispered – oh see she didn’t even say thank u…
Suddenly Ragini turned and said – why should I? Why do said i am a mad?
Laksh thought to himself – gosh! How can she hear my words?
Why could nt I- Ragini asked ?

Laksh was too much confused
On the other side Swara and Sanskar were walking without any noise suddenly it was broken by Swara she had enough she can’t bear her anger now she had to let it come out she fumed in anger and screamed at him – how could u say to them that i am a mad means How? Sanskar had little taken aback at sudden blame on him and he looked upto his the dark brown eyeballs of her seems to have gained some magical gold in it then..oh Fish! Why was he thinking like this? So he answered quite confidentially – u should thank me for saving u and u are fuming?
Swara became a little silent as her anger was gone now- i thought u were going to fight with them…
Oh please i don’t love u that i will fight for u got it? Sanskar told a little restlessly then he smirked and said – and u should have scolded me if i said a lie but its a truth..
Whattttt? Swara again fumed and hits his head and shoulders with her soft hands Sanskar got her hands and threw it resulting swara losing her balance and was going to fall when Sanskar holds her waist and they had an eye – lock the moon up them shines as if it was smiling seeing them.(bekhudi played in bg) Swara and Sanskar get lost in each other when they heard their friends surrounded them and laughed. Sanskar realized which position he was and let Swara go… both looked red in embarrassment.

Precap: all go inside the party and had a couple dance

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