A tale of 4 cities – Episode 8

Episode 8
It starts with Sanskar and Laksh coming down when they came down they saw everyone busy with some decorations. Many guests arrived , children were running here to there in their best clothes,many people coming and there are many to welcome them,there were flowers red and white hanging decorations were there. So it does nt take a genious to tell that some occasions was going on. Sanskar and Laksh unable to understand what was going on looked at each other and then again at the hall. But this time they both didn’t had the time to look around as both of their eyes were glued to the 2 most beautiful angels as if they have really came from heaven directly with wet hairs and beautiful white Saree with red ending.

Suddenly they both realized who were the both obviously Swara and Ragini they were looking really beautiful with busy heads as they were working. And since they were coming up so alls eyes met . Swara’s light brown colored eyes perfectly matched the dark chocolate eyes of Sanskar and Laksh ‘s medium brown colored eyes were matched with Ragini’s attracting black eyes they were lost in their eyes.”Ahem Ahem” all the 4 came out of their thoughts and turned to see Uttara and Parineeta standing with Adarsh behind them giggling and winking at them .

All the 4 turned crimson red as they knew that neither Uttara and Parineeta nor Adarsh is going to leave them. But due to their fantastic luck they were saved as their mothers came to the rescue but sadly there were also giggling. So to change the topic Laksh asks “mom what is the occasion?”Sanskar joined him too “yeah what is happening all around?” Sujata chuckled and smiled at Annapurna and said “why u both s wives haven’t told you anything?” Uttara laughed and retorted quickly”no and when will they if my 2 cute big brothers have some free time also..” Parineeta cutted off and said teasing them “yeah they are always busy…busy staring at their wives so where is the free time?” All laughed turning the 4 no other option but run away. Now Sanskar turned to Swaragini and said “is anyone going to tell me what’s going on?” Swara replied ” Durga Puja today is Saptami after all and bade papa decided to throw a party.” Suddenly they felt like everyone have stopped talking then they heard a round of claps . They turned to look around. They saw their Bade papa on stage smiling at everyone and then he took the mike and announced”Hello! Ladies and gentlemen Thank you for joining us today at Saptami lets welcome our mother who is Durga ma with happiness today we will have many programs not many some as it was decided at the last moment so lets continue we will start by playing Sindoor khel. Most if the men and women joined but at front were Swara and Ragini(Nagada Sang Dhol Baje played in bg) they were looking very beautiful as they were gracefully throwing sindoor on each other while dancing. Sanskar and Laksh looked at them from the stairs. All were looking really happy as they twirled around their plate.

Then everyone started clapping as the music came to an end. Then Durga Prasadji came at the stage as he announced and welcomed 4 elder men to show the amazing Dhol ceremony everyone clapped as they played carrying 6 dhols while taking rounds and dancing as if they were carrying feathers and then Durga Prasad ji welcomed 2 men to come and show them the sword game the both started dancing with their sword as they were attacking each other play fully with their real swords. Then at last Durga Prasad ji came and said “I hope everyone enjoyed now comes the song and dance I hope the youngsters are happy now so lets start” till now Laksh and Sanskar were mostly staring at their wives but now they got a little shocked hearing the couple dance as they again have to dance with their wives. But before they could fume at their wives Swaragini themselves came to them and said “we know that u are not going to dance with us so no need to tell we wont trouble u” Laksh asked frowning at Ragini “so with whom are u going to dance with?” Sanskar asks Swara”yeah and u who u are u going to dance with” “we will find out”Swaragini said together. “Good” said Laksh and Sanskar sarcasticaly. They turned out to go other ways. Suddenly they felt as if some person were playing guitar s then song

Heeriye chehra bandh ke main to aya re
Doli baaraat bhi saat me main to laya re
Heeriye chehra bandh ke main to aya re
Doli baaraat Bhi saat me main to laya re

Sanlak turned to see everyone staring at the stage and there comes 2 guys one wearing a blue shirt and black jeans and another one in red tshirt full sleeves and blue jeans. But both were facing backwards to the audience

Ab to na hota hain
Ek roz intezar soni
Aj nahin to kaal hain
Tujhko to baas meri honi
Re ……
They both turned around.
Tenu leke main jawanga
Dil de ke main jawanga
O tenu leke main jawanga
Dil de ke main jawanga

They came and pointed towards the girls almost every girl fell in love with them. For the first time Laksh and Sanskar felt insecure about their looks as the other 2 boys were really handsome and suddenly they heard someone cried at them they turned to look and saw Swara and Ragini jumping in joy.

Ragini said” Asad” and ran towards one of the guy who was wearing a blue shirt and Swara said “Zain” and ran towards the other guy who were wearing a red t-shirt.
(Asad is from Qubool Hain played by Karan Singh Grover and Zain is from Beintehaa played by Harshad Arora.)

Precap: Laksh and Sanskar gets jealous seeing Swara and Ragini close to Zain and Asad. 

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  1. Mica

    i smell fire, burning, burning…ahem ahem…. love it Nijhum.. you go galz! 😀 😀

  2. Awesome and I too feel like something is really burning badly and smell is very high.
    ( Ragini , Asad) and ( Swara , Zain ) . Hmmmm aab majza aayega . Sanlak bachke . Hammari swaragini kam nahi hai tum logo sei .

    1. Nijhum

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  3. wow ab ayega mazza heheheh enjoyed it even i can smell something burning

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    awesome part and ff also the forcefull marriage and how swaragini are stubborn in their waya and the goons scene and sanlak saying swaragini mad and swaragini hearing it and their dance that was one of favourite song and their secret opening i nfront of each other. durga pooja and everyone teasing and sanlak staring swaragini and there jealousy is gonna see in next part think so and their insecurity. loved the ff and the part also loved it waiting for the next part ??

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  10. nice love it want ragini

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