A tale of 4 cities – Episode 6

Episode 6
Sorry guys for being late so lets start

Swara,Sanskar,Laksh and Ragini entered the party after them were their friends who already surrounded them. Now Atif said a little mischievously “So now as all the couples are here specially u both then lets start our couple dance competition let s see who wins?” At this all the 4 disagree at which Aryan smiles and says teasing Swara Sanskar “Why are u all rejecting it? well I don’t know about Laksh and Ragini but Sanskar u and Swara were doing romance in the street so we gave u a chance to do it on the dance floor…” Swara and Sanskar looked too embarrassed and after a lot of pleading and teasing all the 4 agreed. So the host started the competition. With Tere sang Yaara it started .

Karam khudaya hai
Tujhe mujse milya hai
Tujh pe mar ke hi to
Mujhe jeena aya hai
Laksh and Sanskar swirled Swara and Ragini around.
O tere Sang Yaara
Khushrang bahara
Main tera ho jaun
Jo tu karde Ishara

Laksh hold Ragini’s waist and dragged her a little closer and lowered her in his arms
O tere Sang Yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat diwani
Main zard Sitara
Sanskar holds both the hands of Swara turned her and pulled her closer to him and she jumps and he catch her knees by both of his hands.
Kahi kisi galli mein jaun main
Tere khusboo se takraun main
Har raat jo aata hain mujhe

Wo khab tu
Laksh holds Ragini’s hands put his mouth closer to her hand turns her and make her hold his shoulder and holds her waist and take a round together staring at each others eyes.
Tera milna dastoor hain
Tere hone se mujh me noor hain
Main hoon suna sa ek asmaan
Mehtab tu…..
Sanskar turns Swara backward to him and pulls her closer holds her both the hands releases her then again holds her.
O Karam khudaya hain
Tujhe mujse milaya hain
Tujhpe mar ke hi to

Mujhe jeena aya hain
Laksh and Sanskar again swirls Swara and Ragini.
O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat diwani
Main zard Sitara
Laksh again pulls Ragini closer while Ragini gets a collition with Laksh and about to loose her balance while Laksh grabs her by her waist and they have an eye lock.They both stand quietly.
O tere sang yaara

Khushrang bahara
Tere bin ab to
Na jeena gawara

Sanskar holds Swara s hand and make her round and pull her closer while doing that both their legs get entangled and Swara loses her balance and about to fall while Sanskar holds her by her waist and they also have an eye lock.

Song stops and every one claps. Hearing the claps Laksh-Ragini and Swara-Sanskar regained their consciousness. Now the host tells the name of the 2 best couples. All hear the names attentively and the name s were of Rag-Lak and Swasan. They 4 gets shocked now the host tells Swara and Ragini to come to the stage. They both goes. Now the host give them a prize and asks them that “We all know that the life-part we think as a dream prince we don’t get so how do u guys wanted to have your dream guy?” Swara and Ragini tells one by one while Laksh and Sanskar listens attentively.

Precap: Sanskar tells Swara that if he is not her dream guy then why did she marry him?She tells that he knoWS why did she marry him. It was all forcefully. Meanwhile Laksh and Ragini hears their conversation and asks them if they are also not happily married like them?Swara and Sanskar get s shocked and asks what did they meant by like them?

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