A tale of 4 cities – Episode 4


Episode 3

Swara and Ragini reached after 30 mins but as it was dark so they couldn’t find anything so they started to look for the gate of the party suddenly they felt as if someone was following them they both turned and they saw a gang of men following then they had a bad smile on their face Swara and Ragini got frightened and started to move forward and the men also followed them. Swara turned to them and said – why are u following us?
One of the men laughed and said – so will leave u both pretty girls?
Swara was about to say something when Ragini stopped her and said – please we beg u please leave us….
No chance – all the men shouted. Swara grabbed Ragini’ s hand and signalled her they both ran as fast they could and the men also ran behind them. One the other side Abhay asked Laksh and Sanskar – why are my 2 bhabis are getting late? Laksh and Sanskar who were looking a little restless told him – maybe they are getting ready.
Oh yes as i heard both my bhabis are too beautiful right Atif? Atif nodded his head mischievously. Swara and Ragini ran across they were totally exhausted but they still tried to run suddenly all the men circled them and started to laugh Swara and Ragini took out their phone and quickly without looking dialed the last number it was of Laksh and Sanskar they both picked up at the same time when they told everything in a hurry and at last they told them to come fast. A man from the gang told – boss they are calling their husbands to come at this the others replied – let them come we will see what they will do …
2 men grabbed their hands Swara and Ragini shouted – leave us..
All the men laughed suddenly they heard a sound of a car they looked behind and saw a black BMW coming towards them and stopped in front of them and they came out it was Laksh and Sanskar they looked at the 2 men who were holding Swara and Ragini ‘s hand while Swaragini looked at them
( Ishq bulava played in background)

Then a man told so you are going to fight with us ha? All laughed. Suddenly Laksh shouted leave them. Sanskar said – Do u know us? Leave them right now
5 people came near them and said – so we will not leave them do what u want u will fight with us Na?.
Laksh told loudly – Yeah obviously as my brother will fight.
Sanskar who were looking at goons was shocked to hear and said – yaar come on u all are too weak u will easily be handled by Lucky only so he will fight.
Laksh was also shocked and said – no bhai why don’t you handle them?
Sanskar said – no no u handle them?
Now the men were totally confused then they asked – why Phattu air got out?
Both of them looked at each other a d smiled then hugged the guy everyone was shocked including Swaragini.then the guy got confused and said what are u both doing ? Sanlak told – we are not here to save them we are here to save u all ….
What do u mean? – said the guy

Then they whispered into his ears – we are not their husbands they think us we are they are doctors they are mad and think us to be their husbands,see them …
The guy looked at them and saw Swara and Ragini both looked up as they were praying to god and the guy thought they are really mad he looked at Sanlak and said – thank u yaar we will leave right now ….
Saying this he ran to his group and said to leave them and go while Sanlak took Swaragini and were about to leave when 1 guy asked the guy – why are u leaving them ?
Guy said – as they are mad and they are their doctors
Which is heard by both Sanlak and Swaragini . Sanskar looked nervously to Swara while Laksh looked nervously to Ragini.

Precap: Sanskar and Swara argue and Laksh and Ragini argue

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