A tale of 4 cities – Episode 3


Hi guys it’s episode 3 so let’s start
It started from Laksh and Sanskar leaving for office when Swara and Ragini ran behind their respective husbands to give them their files and tiffin. By seeing Swasan Ragini and Laksh started to act as if they were really happy with each other and by seeing Raglak there Swara and Sanskar also started to act as if everything is going perfectly. In the evening Laksh was at his cabin he felt really bored. Five days he have joined the office and now only he felt tired.
Suddenly his friend Atif called him, he picked up the phone and answered “Hello Atif whats up?
Atif – My friend where were you? I heard you are in the office now Gosh! U and office don’t match seems like Ragini Bhabi have pulled your ears and putted u in the office.
Laksh – Shut up Yaar I am not changed and no one can change me understand?
Atif – ok! Allah bhaagban help! Don’t get angry. Ok now if you have been the same then you would come to my party.
Laksh – obviously I would say where?
Atif – seriously? Great then wait I am coming to pick you up tell the address
After 20 minutes Atif reached and were talking when Sanskar entered into their cabin. Sanskar – hey Atif you here ?
Atif – Assalam Walaikum bhai yeah actually I came to pick Laksh up.
Sanskar – Walaikum Assalam pick Laksh up means?
Atif – party…..actually i called him ..he
Sanskar – what! Party? Would u mind if I also join u?
Atif – why would I mind? But will Swara Bhabi agree?
Sanskar glared at him and said- what Swara bhabi ha? Is my life going to be depended on her decision? Get lost…
Atif laughed and said – oh u both brothers are just the same. Ok come let’s go…

After 40 mins they reached it was a grand party Atif invited all his friends. As Laksh and Sanskar were seeing the decorations suddenly Atif ran to them and said in a very exited tone – hey both of u are here See our best friend Abhay has returned but well not alone a too pretty girl is actually not from Swara bhabi or Ragini bhabi but still….
Laksh and Sanskar ( together) – shut up
Aryan came to meet-Hey how are u? Guys well meet to Shivangi my love. We met 2months before but see na how love started no one knows well I heard u too both are married! God well then Bhabi i want to meet them ask them to come right now please. Laksh and Sanskar denied but no one listened so finally they called them and told to be present which they agreed after denying….the two girls reached after 30 mins reached but it was dark so they couldn’t find them. Suddenly they felt as if someone was following them they both turned……..

Precap: The girls ran across they were exhausted leaving no other opinion they called their husbands for help but then some one grabbed both of their hands…..

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