A tale of 4 cities – Episode 2

Sorry guys for being late thank u for all your comments it is the second part Episode 2

The day begins with Sanskar sleeping opposite Swara. Suddenly the alarm clock rings. Swara got up but then again lied down as she was not in the mood to wake but as the alarm was ringing continously Swara got up and saw that the alarm was ringing just beside where Sanskar was sleeping Swara leaned over him to stop the alarm and was about to fall over him when she managed. She stopped the alarm and was going to take her hands back when Sanskar huged the right hand and held it close to him very tightly while Swara was trying to release her hand her phone rang she saw it was near her foot,she somehow managed to take it by her legs and was talking to her Ma over phone when Sanskar got up he released her hand and snatched the phone from her and started to talk. Swara looked furiously at Sanskar then she quietly went to make breakfast for everyone.

In the other room Laksh got up and saw Ragini was nowhere in the room. He first thought to call her name to see where is she then he thought “What the hell why am I thinking about the girl due to whom I lost my happiness I was so happy as a bachelor but she………” suddenly Ragini came out from the washroom she wore a black Saree,her hairs were open and wet and in her forehead was her maangtika. Laksh looked at her and couldn’t do anything to stop looking at her then Ragini looked up and their eyes met. Laksh looked back and furiously ordered “I am hungry isn’t my food ready yet?” Ragini said in a low voice and polite tone”Laksh i was going to see that only”then she went.In the breakfast table everyone was having breakfast when Laksh and Sanskar saw their favorite food on table they both tasted it and thought it was cooked by their mom as it was fantastic so both started praising it. After some time Annapurnaji smiled at them and said “Well thank u but it was actually cooked by your respective wives ” Laksh and Sanskar looked at Swara and Ragini then Uttara teases her by saying “Oh my god you both loved your wives cooked food so much. Everybody laughs while Laksh and Sanskar were totally embarrassed.

Precap: Laksh and Sankar leaving for office and Swara and Ragini ran behind them to give their files and tiffins .

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    aahh soo the girls ready to be typical wives while the boyz can’t accept their fate as married man ? O.o … so funny.. luv it ty

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