A tale of 4 cities – Episode 12

Hi guys the lazy leaf is back to eat all your heads. Really I was angry on myself being such a lazy cat. But I promise to update regularly.

Episode 12
It started from Sanskaar hearing Uttara’s confession.
Swara and Ragini both were too shocked to utyer something. Sanskar stifly looked at Uttara’ s eyes, who was weeping badly,right now.Uttara was really scared and tensed so was Swara. Then Sanskar suddenly almost flew to Uttara’s direction and then……..hugged her. By feeling the warmth of Sanskar’s embrace, she started to cry even more. Then Sanskar started to console her.
Sanskar- “it’s ok it’s ok you don’t have to cry. You could have told me…I am your big brother I could have helped. Now it’s ok princess…I will kill the person who made our princess cry.”
Ragini joins in.
Ragini- of course oh princess please don’t cry…otherwise your this simple Dasi will cry with you too.
Ragini starts crying comically joined by Sanskaar too.
Swara- Oh hello! How can everyone forget me? Now as you both have started crying there should be a sad background music too right? Ok alright there..

Ye dil (khush) kyun rahe
Kyun hum (poore)mein jiye
Ye dil (khush) kyun rahe
Kyun hum (poore)mein jiyein
Kyun (life)meri ye sahe
Main adhoora (mar) raha hoon
(Always) ye keh raha hoon
Mujhe teri zaroorat (nahi) hai
Mujhe teri zaroorat (nahi) hai

Ragini and Sanskaar started crying too comically, this made Uttara smile..
Uttara-“Bhaiyoo,bhabi you all are tottaly mad.”
Then she starts laughing. All of them smile.
Then suddenly Uttara’s phone rings. She picks up the phone and by reading the person’s name who have called her,her face went blank. She became very nervous and pale. By seeing the change in expression in Uttara’s face the three of them asked together,who was calling?

Uttara nervously tells the name….” Zachary ”
She looks at three of them,and they nod.
Uttara’ s hand tremble while picking the phone..She puts it in speaker,but Sanskaar and Swara quickly signs her to put it in normal mode otherwise everyone could hear that.
They looked at Uttara’s face as she tensely pick the phone up…..

Uttara”why have you called?”


Uttara” no..please listen…please Zach…”

Uttara” But from where Zach?”

Uttara” no…no ..Zach..Zach”

The phone cuts, Uttara again starts weeping badly.
She looks at Swara,Sanskaar and Ragini and tells them that ….Zachary told her that the don threatened him to give the required money or else he will seize the documents forever.
Swara,Ragini and Sanskaar gets shocked.
But soon they recovers and goes to console Uttara.
Swara- Princess! Don’t cry we will find out a way soon.
Ragini- Ofcourse ,princess! Remember that if god have closed a door,he opens another one.
Sanskaar- of course, he will open. Coz, you are not only our princess…you are his princess too. I will go in search of money right now,you don’t have to worry.
Sanskaar turns and goes to leave when Swara stops him.
Swara- Sanskaar please wait!
Sanskaar- what now? Can’t you see there is a problem going on?
Swara- Yeah, I can see that. That’s why I told you to wait so that you don’t become a problem…
Sanskaar – what do you mean??????
Uttara- Bhayiuu,Bhabi why are you fighting?
Swara and Sanskar realized that they were fighting infront of Uttara, so both gets a little nervous.

But soon Ragini comes to their rescue by changing the topic.
Swara and Sanskaar went together to seek money.

Meanwhile, Laksh just now finished his meeting with the new investors, it was late that’s why the Maheshwari men had called them in their houses.
Attending the meeting was truly boring…Sanskaar only came for half an hour. So Laksh got Sanskaar’s works too.
Adarsh also was not there more than an hour, Laksh was the smallest of them all but he had to take all the works.

After bidding good bye to the investors, the only thing Laksh wanted was to go up to his room, and take a small shower.
So Laksh went up to his room. There he saw Ragini moving to and fro in the room,her blonde skin was nearly pale white, tension was clearly visible on her face. She was murmuring something to herself.
She hadn’t noticed Laksh.
So Laksh went behind her silently and ……….,..
Shouted in her ears….”woooooo”

” aaaahhhh…..”
Ragini then saw Laksh standing in front of her with his puppy eyes and a innocent look, as if he didn’t knew what happened.

Ragini breathing heavily due to fright” Laksh are u out of your mind? For heaven’s sake what the hell do you think you were doing????
Till now Laksh had tried hard not laugh,but hearing Ragini’s angry remarks he could not control himself… He started to laugh loud..cluching his stomach.
Laksh wiped his tear of laughter and then said”Damn I didn’t knew that you were so freakable …huh for the love of god,you send bells inside my ears…Dej’a vu???”
Laksh started to roll out of laughter.

Ragini fumed ” whatever do you mean..by Dej’a vu…and seriously you must be having some serious issues regarding your adjectives..means seriously,what is the meaning of Freakable here???”

After the dangerous laughter and hilarious fight ended, Laksh
intensly asked Ragini” what were you thinking that time…and why were you so worried??”
Ragini almost had forgotten about that due to the fight.
She again turned pale.
Laksh saw her reaction and again asked her.
But Ragini kept silence and then she spoke
“,Laksh it’s nothing of your interest…”
Suddenly Ragini’s phone rang,she saw it was Uttara’s number. She understood that Zachary must be telling to give the amount now.
So she grabbed her phone, and received it loudly ” Hello! Ma,no no it’s ok….”
She went outside the room,Laksh could not hear her but he was observing her expression she was really looking damn worried and serious.
When Ragini came inside Laksh asked her
” Is everything alright in your house…what happened?? ”
Ragini got a little tensed,but tried hard to look confident in front of Laksh …So she spoke ” I said right it was none of your interest. ” She walked out of her room.
Laksh got irritated ” It was none of your interest…huh what does she think me as?? Man….like seriously I could have helped her. But she is like a coconut..toooo hard to break. She will never tell me. Ok let me call aunty she would surely tell me”
Laksh called Sharmistha..mother of Swara and Ragini.

Laksh- Hello aunty
Sharmistha- Yes Laksh, is everything alright?
Laksh- Well aunty it was my dialog, I was about to say it.
Sharmistha- Why Laksh what happened?
Laksh – Aunty if there is a probs you can tell me I can help.
Sharmistha,- What are you telling Laksh? Why would here be a problem?
Laksh- But aunty, Ragini..
Sharmistha- Oh! Ragini..please give the phone to her also and tell her to call me daily.. Swara calls me daily but she don’t..
Laksh- What?? But you were speaking with her right now..

Sharmistha- What..I haven’t spoken her for days.
Suddenly Ragini enters the room, she was a speaking to Sanskaar this time. They couldn’t manage the money.
By seeing Laksh she again started to pretend speaking to Sharmishtha.
Laksh thought- If I am speaking to aunty then whom she is speaking to?
Ragini cuts the phone and told him- Laksh please go out.
Laksh- Why the hell will I go out?
Ragini- Because I need to change clothes.
Laksh – Ok fine ! You can change in the washroom .
Ragini- No I will change here!

Laksh – Fine you change I will not look there Ok??
Ragini- Whaaatttt??????
Laksh – Yeah as I will not go…
Ragini murmured something to herself and then told..- Ok fine I will change here only.
She pretended to open her Dupatta.
Laksh- ok ok ok ok …fine I am going…
He hurriedly ran out of the room.
Ragini smiled proudly to herself.
Then she opened her cupboard and took out a big trunk like box.
It was full of real antique gold jewelries. She got it in her marriage, by Annapurna Laksh ‘s mother.
She took all the ornaments and then, went took a big bag, filled it up and went outside. Mean while Laksh was waiting for her to come outside the room. When she came he followed her.

Precap:Ragini will go to a jewellery shop and Laksh will follow her. He will see her keeping the ornaments in rent and taking money in return. He will blame her for keeping all those in rent and assume that she did it to run away with her, lover………Swara and Sanskaar will return home together, Swara will trip, and Sanskaar will hold her hand and they will enter the home holding hands and Parineeta will tease them. Both of them will get embarrassed.

Sorry guys today was mostly Rag Lak day not only today next episode also and then it will be Swasan day.
I hope u have not forgotten that Zachary is being potrayed by Alex Pettyfer.

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