A tale of 4 cities – Episode 1

Well it’s my first ff if u guys like it then i will continue….

A tale of 4 hearts
It was almost midnight bt the night was special karvachouth it was. A girl who was truly beautiful and innocent was waiting at the dinning hall of Maheshwari Mansion she was lost in her thoughts suddenly she came out of her thought at the sound of someone it was a car s sound she dashed from the table and went to the door but she was a little disappointed that it was her sister and her husband Swara and Sanskar are back as it was the special night so Swara kept fast and Sanskar came home as fast as he could and broke her fast and then he took her to an outing so lucky… she wished her own husband would be like him but Laksh never cared for her ,she requested him to come back a little early but now it’s midnight she knew he doesn’t loved her but he can even fullfill her this wish ….
“Hey what are u thinking why haven’t u slept yet Ragini?” Swara came to her and asked behind her was Sanskar he said “isn’t Lucky back yet? ” “No”answerered Ragini in a very polite way she was trying to hide her tears which were finding a way to come out but Swara found it in order to console her she said “It’s okay Ragini its just fine maybe he is working till now ” Sanskar added in a joking way “yeah and i promise u Ragini today when Lucky would be back i would scold him even if u want i will beat him for upsetting my so dear Saali” Ragini smiled she know that whatever happens her sister and Jiju will always be with her

After they went to their room Ragini again sat in the table lost in thoughts she remembered the day when Laksh first came to see her….Everyone was very happy but especially she at the first sight only she fell in love with him he became her prince charming it was already a fairy tale for her but her dream broke just after 30 minutes as the parents were talking they told them to go out and have a talk she was really happy but when they went they were totally silenced then he broke the silence and said “I want to say u something “……outside again a car’s horn was heard which made Ragini came out of her thought she runned and open the door it was Laksh who was looking totally tired he didn’t even looked at her and was going to his room suddenly Ragini said “LAksh please wait atleast break my fast ..i am really hungry ” Laksh fumed at her and said “I didn’t told to keep fast , but if i don’t break your fast then your going to create a scene ok then ” he broke her fast and said he already dinned so his going to sleep and went Ragini couldn’t express her feeling so she kept mum…in the room of Swara-Sanskar swara went to change and when she came Sanskar was already sitting in the couch looking at his phone but he could understood that Swara came so he looked at her he first became mesmerized by her beauty but in the next moment he came out of it and said in a frustrated mood “So for how many days are we going to act like we are a happy family look i am tired of it ” Swara looked down then she looked at his eyes “Why did u came home early? And took me out? ” Sanskar suddenly looked like he have no words to say and then said “because i didn’t wanted to get embarrassed in front of everyone specialy Ragini and Lucky ” Swara didn’t said anything just went to sleep in the bed suddenly Sanskar spoke “Well it is my day to sleep in the bed u go and sleep in couch ” Swara said angrily “Sanskar please i am really tired please let me sleep ” “NO” was the answer and Sanskar went and already lied in the bed .

Swara was really angry she never spoke it didn’t mean she can’t speak and she is not like Ragini who is always soft and how could she compare herself with Ragini as they are not having any problems…and they behave like they are with together happy so? They are happy at least she is happy to see that but now she is not going to listen to Sanskar she went near the bed and she got up “what the hell are u doing Swara?” He asked but she didn’t replied and went in the direction just opposite Sanskar actually it was the opposite side were Sanskar lied so now sanskar feet were near Swara’s head and her feet near his head now she said “I am going to sleep like this if u have problem then go away ” Sanskar was really angry and whispered to himself “this girl.. i am going to kill her damn” “did u said anything” ” no nothing why would i have any problem ha?” Then they both felt asleep.

Precap: Ragini prepared food for Laksh and Swara prepared for Sanskar which they both thought were prepared by their mom and started praising it after wards they were told that it was prepared by their respective wives at which they both looked too embarrassed at their wives…….ο»Ώ


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