Takraar Takraar Main Pyar- Ragsan (few shots by drashti) shot 5 last shot

Ragsan reaches GM.
Sanskar called Nikhil and ask him to come down for help.
Nikhil- why did this idiot called me here
Ragini was singing in drunken state.
Sanskar- shut up. If uncle wakes up, he’ll punish u severely.
Meantime Nikhil came.

What’s the Matter Nikhil asked
Sanskar- I’ll tell u everything push the car first.
Nikhil- did the car break down? Did u bang the car somewhere?
Sanskar- stop your nonsense. Car is fine, if we start it uncle will wake up.
Nikhil- don’t worry. Uncle isn’t at home today.
Thank god! We are saved sanskar exclaims
Sanskar carried Ragini in bridal style and they came inside.

Nikhil- aa jao
They reached in ragini’s room. Sanskar laid her down on the bed.
It’s strange! Ragini never drank before nikhil said.
Sanskar- I’ll tell u everything in the morning. But u listen to me. U won’t tell anyone.
Nikhil- r u mad? Why would I tell anyone. If u forgot let me remind u she is my best friend.
Sanskar- okay now shut up and let’s go.
Nikhil- will u leave her in these clothes? If aunt sees her in the morning then we’ll be in trouble
Sanskar covered her with blanket.
Nikhil- arre blanket shouldn’t be enough. There should be decent clothes.

Janki came to ragini’s room to wake her up ( ragini was in night suit) and asked her why did she came late last night. Before ragini could say anything sanskar came and made a story to save ragini. Janki ask them to come down for bf and left from there.

Sanskar was also leaving but ragini called him from behind.
I’m sorry ragini said
Sanskar- apologizing won’t help. U should realize your mistake.
Ragini- I’ve realized my mistake sanskar. I did that to make u jealous. Please forgive me, sanskar.
Sanskar (angrily) apologize to your conscience. Do u even remember what u did last night. Your dad has a respect in this city. And u danced in the pub in short dresses.

Sanskar grabbed her shoulders and asked by the way, what do u want to prove? Ahh, that you’re modern. I know u live in a modern society.
I’m not against being modern. But person shouldn’t forget their traditions. Stripping doesn’t make one modern. I don’t like this..

Then what do u like?? Ragini asked
Sanskar- for a Indian girl, shame and modest is her real adornment. No matter where Indian live, this is their identity. Their food, clothes and lifestyle. Indian dress with veil on the head. Veil is symbol of modesty. If u had veil on your head last night then u shouldn’t do that what u did last night saying that he left from their.

Ahuh!! This headache ragini said.
Lemon water someone offered her glass
Ragini- nikhil tumhe kaise pata ….
Nikhil- sanskar called me. Ragini I never expected this kind of behavior from u.
Ragini- yaar nikhil please tum maat start Hona. That idiot already told me a lot.
Nikhil  (laughs) wah ragini u r unbelievable!! U know what u are am idiot, gaddi, duffer…
Ragini- nikhil why r u taking his side?
Nikhil- ragini he is not a bad guy. I think we misunderstood him. Why did u drank last time?
Ragini- to make that idiot jealous!
Nikhil- jealous… what is going on between u two?
Ragini- please haa.. don’t insult me why taking my name with him.. hamare beech kuch nahi hain..
Nikhil- every love story strats with this kuch nahi.. 
Ragini- shut up
Nikhil- chal bye. I’ll see u. Your Hitler uncle must be waiting for me. Ragini meri baat ke baare main sochna jaroor…

Ragini’s pov:
Yeh nikhil bhi… how could he even think like that?? But why I was trying to make him jealous.. do I really love him or it’s just attraction. Sanskar’s word was aching in her ears. Oh god!! This idiot is driving me crazy!! Idiot, why I am calling him idiot. He has such a beautiful name sanskar…and she smiles.

Sanskar was shown sitting at terrace and playing guitar. He was wearing blue jeans with red shirt.
Sanskar!! A sweet voice hit his ears and he turned around.
A girl was shown wearing blue salwar-suit with red dupatta. She was wearing matching earrings and bangles with light makeup. Her hairs were open with cruel at ends. She had a beautiful smile on her face.. she is none other than ragini.
Sanskar get lost in her beauty. He put his guitar on side and came close to her. He looked at her from buttom to top.
They had a sweet eye lock.

Beautiful, beauty queen, Angel sanskar said
Really? Ragini asked. Am I look so beautiful
Sanskar came closed to her and asked:
Didn’t u look in the mirror after wearing this dress?
Ragini- no.. I wanted u to be the first one to see me in this dress.
Sanskar cupped her face and then how would u know how beautiful u r?
I’ll look into your eyes ragini replied while looking in his eyes.
Sanskar- ragini what had happened to u?
Ragini(smiles) even I don’t know what had happened to me. But u just keep standing in front of me like this.
They both lost in each others eyes. After few minutes ragini turned her face to other side.
Don’t look at me like this. I feel shy ragini said and blushes
Ragini- do u like this dress?
Sanskar- bahut
Ragini runs from their being shy. She stopped in middle and said then I’ll wear such dresses only.
Sanskar smiles and brushes his hair with his hand.

Uncle, uncle ragini shouts and came to nikhil’s house.
Parag- haan beta
Uncle, how do I look ragini asked while putting dupatta on her head.
Patag- u look very pretty beta
Ragini- really
Dad please stop lying. Chudail Chudail hi rehti hain doesn’t matter what they wear nikhil said in teasing tone
Ragini- uncle dekho na
Parag- pulled nikhil’s ear and ragini actually he is talking about himself
Nikhil (angrily) did u call me chudail. Let me tell u chudail is female this
Parag- oh sorry, I mean bhoot
Ragini laughs and pulled nikhil’s cheeks.

Aww.. naraz ho geya, u r very sweet
Parag- what’s the matter beta? Today u find this karela very sweet.
Nikhil- ragini your uncle is talking about himself only
Parag- ragini beta ajj kya hua??
Ragini- even I don’t know. I just like the whole world.
Nikhil- really
Ragini- uncle tell me one thing
Parag- haan
Ragini- uncle, kya aapne ishq Kiya hain

Parag- what’s that?
Nikhil laughs and ragini r u asking this man about ishq.
Parag glared him
Ragini- ishq is something that happens before marriage
Parag- beta hamare yahan to we just get married. What were u saying…
Ragini- ishq
Parag- we don’t love either before or after marriage. 
Nikhil- oh God how boring man
Parag- but beta why r talking about all this stuff.
Ragini- wo… kya bolo
Parag- did u said something
Nikhil- yes ragini why r u talking about love shub..

Ragini- uncle woh actually… nikhil was asking me, so..
Parag- looked at nikhil and brush in laughter.
Nikhil- what
Parag- beta who will love this idiot.
Nikhil- what’s wrong with me?? I am start, handsome and intelligent. Let me tell u one thing ladkiyan mere pichhe itni deewani hain ki mere pechhe bhagne lagti hain…
Parag- ladkiyan kehti hogi bhaago woh aa geya usse maro usse maro
Ragini- right uncle

Nikhil- oh mean yaar ragini
Parag- bye beta I’ve to go to office. Take care and bewakoof tum clean your room otherwise u will sleep outside tonight
Nikhil- whatever
Ragini laughs yaar tum aur uncle share such a sweet bonding. U both fight with each other but both of u can’t stay without each other.

Nikhil- u r right. Just leave about this, tell me about your love story.
Ragini- woh…
Nikhil (excitedly) did u told sanskar about your feelings
Ragini nodded no
Nikhil- what what!!.
Ragini- stop reacting like that
Nikhil- agar bologi nahi then how he will know what’s in your heart?
Ragini- sometimes we don’t need word to describe our feelings it can be seen in our eyes. And I saw love in sanskar’s eyes for me. Limitless love
 bus love guru baki ka parvacham phir kabhi nikhil said folding his hands.
Ragini gave him death glare

Nikhil- sorry…. ragini I’m so happy for u. U won’t get guy like sanskar. He’ll always keep u happy and side hugged her
Ragini- hmm
Nikhil- I’m happy for u but I’m feeling bad for sanskar..
I mean how could he bear u, your tantrums oh my God poor guy!!!
Ragini- Nikhil u want me to kill u. Stop your bakwas and clean your room. Otherwise u have to sleep on road Ragini said teasingly and runs from there.

Beta nikhil tu to bura phasa hain. Hey bhagwan kisi ko bhi Hitler baap or chudail dost mat den nikhil self talked…

Ragini came to room and looked herself in the mirror and smiles.
Sanskar did u saw me like a mirror? Ragini said while covering her face with her hands.
Sanskar came behind and put his chin on ragini’s shoulder and said yes, just like this mirror.
Ragini looked at him and he disappeared.

Next day
Ragini was in her class and teacher was giving lecture.
Ragini was taking notes when her phones beeps. Ragini looked at message and replied.
Nikhil- u r getting lots of messages. Who is it?
Ragini- you know it
Suddenly ragini’s phone starts ringing.
Teacher came to her and asked what is this? Please get up. U know cell phones r not allowed in classroom. U can go out if u don’t want to study.
Ragini- I’m sorry sir!! It won’t happen again sir
Ragini’s phone starts ringing again.
Ragini, switch off your phone teacher yelled. Who keeps calling u?
Sir, he is calling me and bothers me ragini said signalling at sanskar. Sanskar was wearing peon’s clothes.
Ragini- why r u harassing me by calling me?

Teacher (shockingly) what? Is peon tinku kumar is bothering u.
Peon- sir I don’t have phone.  How can I call her?
He was not sanskar. Ragini was just imagining him. Students starts laughing at her and ragini felt embarrassed and left from the classroom.

She walking and came to main gate. Sanskar was standing their in security gurad’s dress. Ragini came to him and smiles. But her smile fades away when she saw sanskar was standing on the road waiting for her. Ragini was looking at both sanskar and they were smiling at her.
Who is sanskar between the two of u? Ragini asked being confused
I’m Chaganlal security guard replied
Ragini came to sanskar and he laughs. Ragini touched him to make sure that she isn’t dreaming.
Ragini kya hua sanskar asked
Ragini- tell me the truth. Are u sanskar or someone else?

Sanskar- what happened to u ragini? U forget so soon. I’m ssnskar..
Ragini- sachi? Are u kidding na?
Sanskar grabbed her arm and said: why r u being silly?
Ragini- sanskar I don’t know what happened to me. Where ever I look, I see u.
Sanskar smiles and came close to her and whispers I lost myself in my beloved.
They both smiles.
Ragini- u were going to come at 5:00 pm. How come u r so early?
Sanskar- I never left. I’m waiting here since morning. By the way, ragini, even I don’t like to stay away from u. Let’s go somewhere out.
Ragini- aa… but I’ve to attend my college. Bunk it today. Please yaar!!
Ragini (smiles) okay, as u say!!

Ragsan was sitting in the park.
Want chocolate? Sanskar asks ragini offering her chocolate
Ragini- just one
Sanskar nodded in yes
Ragini- then u ear it. I can’t eat it alone. Let’s share it and they feed each other.
Ragini- u r naughty. U gave me less.
Sanskar gave her his chocolate too and ragini smiles.
Sanskar- do u like it?
Ragini- very much
Sanskar- very much? But how much?
Ragini- we r sitting at a romantic place so I answered romantically.
Sanskar grabbed her waist and that’s what I happened to hear.
Ragini- chocolate is just like u.

Sanskar- like me. How?
Ragini- little sweet and little bitter.
Sanskar act like being angry and said So I look bitter to u.
Ragini- pehle pehle lagte the
Sanskar (smiles) now u find me sweet
Ragini- haan

They both smiles.
Ragini- sanskar why do fall in love with me? I mean what u saw in me that u wanted to spend your whole life with me?
Sanskar- I wanted my wife to be sweet just like u. I thought my wife should be thikki (spicy) so u r. She had be brave and u r very brave. She should be mature, beautiful and caring like u. Mujhe to meri pasand ki ladki mil gayi what about u?
Ragini- I thought my husband would be healthy (little fatty), dark color, with big moustache and dimaag se pedal….
Sanskar- it means u got disappointed from my side.
Nahi itna bhi nahi ragini said teasingly
Sanskar- accha badmaash ladki
Ragini- sanskar will we always stay happy like this?
Sanskar- haan any doubt

Ragini- sanskar thanks for coming in life and loving me that much
Sanskar- shh… thank u for filling colors in my life.
I love u ragini
I love u too sanskar.
They both hug each other…

              THE END

thanks everyone for your love and support. Please do comments….

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