Takraar Takraar Main Pyar- Ragsan (few shots by Drashti) shot 3

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A girl is shown doing military walk left right, left right. A boy was sitting on the bed and he was holding his head.
Ragini stop your military walk. Mujhe chakkar aa rahe hain tum is tarah dekh kar nikhil said
Ragini stops and said my dad is impossible I mean woh kaise uss idiot ko hamare ghar rehne ki permission de sakte hain. I can’t bear him for 2 minutes and dad said he’ll stay for 2-3 months.
Nikhil- Ragini did u notice how he was impressing uncle and aunty with his sweet talks.
Ragini- yeah!! Even parag uncle supported that idiot. I mean how could he support that idiot.
Nikhil- Ragini all dads r same. They like everyone except their kids.
Ragini- but we need to do something. I can’t stay under same roof with him. Think something nikhil..

They both starts thinking and after few minutes
Idea!! Nikhil screams
Ragini came and sit next to him and asked what’s the idea
Nikhil- Ragini tell everything to uncle & anut that how u could have been died because that sanskar. And I’m sure after listening your story uncle will not just throw him out from the house, but he will send him to jail.
Ragini- looked at him
Nikhil- I know it’s a brilliant idea
Ragini- shut up it’s a stupid idea. U know my dad very well. If I told him than he’ll throw me out of my own house. U know what he thinks about me. He thinks I’m irresponsible, immuture and so on
Nikhil- Ragini in this situation we have only one option. If sanskar said by himself that he doesn’t want to stay in your house
Ragini- but why that idiot will say like this.

Nikhil- but yaar at least we can try. U go and try to talk to him
Ragini- main
Nikhil- aur nahi to kya main
Ragini glared him and left.

Ragini’s self talk: hey bhagwan help me. Ragini take a long breath. U can do it. Yeah I can do it.
Sanskar’s room:
Ragini opened his room’s door and shouts hgf and turned her face on other side
U shameless creator Ragini shouted. Why r u not wearing your shirt. Don’t u have manners.
Oh hello miss nakchadi don’t u have manners that u should knock before entering into someone’s room Sanskar shouted
Ragini- shut up it’s my house and just can go wherever I want. I don’t need your permission

Sanskar- I know it’s your house, but now I am staying in this room. So technically I’m owner of this room.
Ragini- stop your bakwas. I need to talk to you about something important
Sanskar- what
Ragini turned her face and shouted u shameless creator why didn’t u wear your shirt yet and throw bed sheet on him
Sanskar hold bedsheet in his hand and yelled: r u mad??
Ragini- shut up and cover yourself with this.

Ragini- look Mr. Idiot first of all I don’t like u
OH my God what a news! Miss. Ragini godidia doesn’t like me Sanskar said dramatically
Ragini glared him and look so both of us can’t stay under same roof. So one of us have to go and u decided that
Sanskar interrupted her and said I think this is right decision
Ragini looked at him shockingly and said so u don’t have any problem with it
Sanskar- problem no way. But by the way miss nakchadi where r u shifting. I mean to a hotel or are u going out of town?

Ragini- me? Shifting? R u crazy?
Sanskar- u said one has to leave
Ragini- I was talking about u
Sanskar- when did I said that I want to leave and who r u to decide where I’ll stay??
Ragini- look I am owner of this house. So I’ll decide who will stay in my house
Sanskar- owner and u my foot. Shekhar uncle allowed me to stay here. I’ll only leave when he’ll ask me to leave and one more thing that day will never come
Ragini- so it means u are not leaving
Sanskar- yes u want me write down on a stamp paper
Ragini- ok fine just wait and watch what I’ll do
Sanskar- r u done?? If yes so u can leave. I have to change

Ragini was still standing there.
Sanskar- madam I said I have to change. Wait!! Do u want me see changing?? Naughty girl!!!
Shut up!! U shameless creator. U r disgusting, cheapo, idiot Ragini yelled and left from there
Sanskar smiles and brushes his hair

Ragini called nikhil
Nikhil: haan ragini what did sanskar said. Did he agreed
Ragini- no yaar
Nikhil- don’t worry. We will think something. Actually I’m at gym right now. We’ll talk later.
Ragini- yeah bye
Nikhil- Ragini yaar chill. Don’t take stress. Bye and hanged up

After few hours:
Nikhil came from gym. He was going his house and thought I should meet ragini. She was very upset. And came to ragini’s house.
He was walking and saw that shekhar and janki’s room’s lights was on.
Uncle and aunt r not sleeping yet? They usually sleep early. I should say good night to them and walks to their room.

Shekhar and janki were talking.
Janki- listen, we’ve only one daughter. She too get married. God has given us everything. Look don’t be so tense.
Shekhar- okay madam
Janki- tell me something. Who is this sanskar?
Shekhar- he’s my close friend DP’s nephew. He’s only son and he has more than 1 billion property. He’s in trouble
Janki- what kind of trouble?
Shekhar- 20 yes ago his father was killed in property dispute. The same people to kill sanskar now.
Janki- I don’t understand how can anyone think of killing  such a sweet and young boy.
Shekhar- u r very innocent

Ragini’s room
Nikhil: ragini! Ragini
Ragini- I’m not died yet. Why r u shouting?
Nikhil- I have to tell u something and told her what he listened.
Ragini- really?? It’s great news.

They both went to nikhil’ house to talk with parag.
Ragini and parag was on either side and Nikhil was in the middle telling them some plan.
Ragini- oh
Parag- stop it go and die u fool.
Ragini- please said with puppy face
Parag- beta it’s dangerous

Nikhil- ragini leave it. This coward won’t do anything. Hear me
Parag- whom do u call a crowd?? Am I a crowd?? I used to carry a gun.
Nikhil laughs and said- dad u used to carry gun? Have u ever seen a gun?
Parag- u fool don’t laugh. I can show u photocopy of my license for gun.
Nikhil- dad forget about license, have u ever fired??
Parag- I once got a chance. I had a fight with a man. I got the chance to take out my gun. I was angry, I removed my gun and aimed at him
Ragini and Nikhil looked at each other.
My eyes were red with anger. I was about to shoot. My hand was shivering. I was about to shoot parag said
Nikhil- then what??

Parag- the man very smart. When he saw the gun was about to shot, he asked brother for what price u brought the gun??
I said 25 thousand. Why do u care?? He said; do u want 30 thousands for it??
I got greedy and gave him gun and laughs.
Nikhil- hahaha mimics parag. Look ragini in fights your favorite uncle makes a profit.
Ragini- Nikhil I don’t understand your typical dialogues
Nikhil and parag starts arguing.
Ragini- uncle, u two keep arguing for no reason. Uncle, for me you’ve to side with me. Aapko meri kasam
Parag- u always make me helpless by binding me with your oath. Now that you’ve done it. I’ll have to help u.

Ragini- yes! That’s the spirit. Nikhil now uncle is also with us. Now tell me the next plan.
Nikhil- the next plan is ready. Ragini, somehow bring him out of the house. And then we’ll thrash him.
Ragini smirked

Next morning sanskar and janki was sitting in garden and drinking tea
Ragini- good morning mom
Janki- ragini beta today is Sunday. College is closed. Where r u going early in the morning?
Ragini- mom I thought sanskar is our guest. I should take him out to tour our little city.
Why she is talking so sweetly? Is something cooking in her mind or she got some sense?? Sanskar thought
Ragini- want to come sanskar
Janki- ragini, from today u won’t drive. You’ve met with an accident twice in 15 days. Thank God u weren’t badly hurt. Your dad scolds me.
Ragini- okay, sanskar will drive.
Janki- ragini he is our guest. U will make him drive.
Sanskar- aunt don’t consider me just a guest. I’m getting bored in the house. I’ll go out. Don’t worry. I’ll take my car.
They both sit in the car and sanskar was driving. When he stopped and come out from the car
Ragini- where r u going?
Sanskar- just wait. Let me bring my driving license and left from there
Ragini smirked and said idiot bring whatever u want.

Idiot, today you’ll be taught a good lesson.
Sanskar came and both left from the house.
Stop! Stop ragini said and sanskar stopped the car.
They came out of the car. They came to some place.
Ragini- isn’t it nice?? Ragini asked signaling at Mountains
Sanskar- it’s really great.
Ragini- this is nothing bacchu. I’ll show u the real sight.
Sanskar- vaise ragini I feel as if heaven is at our feet. This widespread mountains simply looks like heaven
Ragini- yeah!! U have not seen anything so far. Want a cold drink??
Sanskar- in this cold weather
Ragini- just watch. U will start sweating soon.

Sanskar- what
Ragini- nothing
They both sit down a table and ordered drinks
Sanskar- ragini why the way this restaurant is at a nice place. The view 8s great from here.
Suddenly two men came wearing black cloths like dons. Wearing black hats, glasses and covering their faces. They r nikhil and parag.

Nikhil- fire
Parag- tum goli chalao
Ragini looked at them and signals them to shot.
Nikhil- be brave dad
Parag- no beta u be brave
Nikhil- look at my shot and he fires
People starts running here and there. Sanskar hold ragini’s  hand they hide behind a wall.
Sanskar took out gun from his pocket and said ragini I think goons have followed me here.
Parag- I say I’m very scared. Let’s go home
Nikhil- dad be man. Why r u being crowd?

Parag- how can u fire? I have only fake bullets
Nikhil- forget about the fake. Just shoot!!
Parag- you’ve challenged my manhood. U think I can’t fire. And he fires
Sanskar shoot from another side.
Nikhil- dad the target is there and you’re firing elsewhere
Parag- u fool what rubbish. I didn’t fire. U fire and now blaming me
Nikhil- I didn’t fire either.
They both looked at each other and screams and hide under table being scared
Sanskar fires again.
Nikhil- ragini has got us in trouble. He keeps a gun too.
Parag- his gun is not fake like ours. They’re real bullets.
Nikhil- what will we can do now?

Parag- just came our with hands raised just like mine
Nikhil nodded and they both came out raising their hands
Parag- wait, sanskar beta don’t shoot. It’s the two of us. If u shoot we’ll be martyred.
Nikhil- I’m not married yet
Sanskar- u both? Why did u fire?
Nikhil- we did it on ragini’s order
Ragini- nikhil shut up

Parag- I told them not to do it but she didn’t listen. She said we just need to scare sanskar out of the town.
Nikhil- but he was ready to send us from this world
Sanskar- ragini it’s very bad. Your prank could have got someone killed.
Nikhil- we brought fake guns. We didn’t know u had real ones.
Sanskar- bade papa had given it me before coming here. I always keep it with me.
Ragini, your plan has failed. Think of something else sanskar said while putting his hands on his chest and left from there.
Ragini- idiot and frowns

Precap: Engagement

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