Takraar Takraar Main Pyar- Ragsan (few shots by Drashti) shot 2


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Sanskar- chal beta kuch soch jane ka ullu banagi vo miss nakchadi

In car
Thank God finally I got ridfrom that idiot rags said while folding her hands
Swara- ragini this is not fair
Rags- what??
Swara- wohi jo tumne Kiya

Rags- what I did??
Swara- ragini u promised sanskar to give him lift and how could u do this?
Kavya- haan Rags Swara is right. He helped us a lot na
Ragini- oh really!! I would have been died because of that idiot and u guys r praising him
Swara- but u didn’t died na!
Kavya, kavita and uttra- haan u didn’t died
Ragini gave them what the heck look. Oh u guys r feeling bad that I didn’t died. He did his best to kill me, but I was lucky.

Swara- come on Ragini he isn’t bad. He sung a such a wonderful song.
Wonderful song my foot Ragini yelled. His voice was like bamboo shoot. My ears r still hurting with his horrible voice.
Swara-  please ha he sings better than u
Kavya- Swara he sings much better than ragini’s so called friend signaling nikhil.
Kavita- guys did u saw his body, his muscles.
Uttra- yeah he is so handsome na.
Shut up u all ragini screams. There r many other things in our life which r more important than that idiot. Why the way r u on side or his?
Kavita- sachai ki

Swara- she means that he was right. He helped us being stranger and u was so mean to him. He was…
Interpreted by ragini please stop it. I’m not in a mood to argue that idiot spoiled my mood. Please guys I’m tired and I’ve headache.
There was complete silence in car. After some time they dropped kavita, kavya and uttra to their homes. After some time swara’s house came.
Rags- bye swara, good night
Bye, good night nikhil swara said ignoring rags.

Now their r only Rags and nikhil r in the car.
Omg.. I can’t believe it that my best friend ignored me because of that idiot. And what she said his voice is better than me. My foot!! Mr. Idiot just pray ki tum phir se kabhi mere samne na aayo varna… ragini murmured in frustration
Water…nikhil offer her water bottle.

Rags- I’m not thirsty
Nikhil- yaar thoda thanda pani pe lo u know na cold water reduces temperature
Ragini glared him and he stops
Nikhil- sorry, now tell me why r u so angry??
Ragini told him everything.
Nikhil- I must say brave man jisne tumse panga le leya
Ragini- shut up nikhil, he even made fun of u Remember joker
Nikhil- haan whatever
Ragini- OK stop talking and pay attention on road. I can’t take risk again.
After some time they arrived.
Ragini- thanks yaar nikhil. Chal bye. Good night
Nikhil- Good night and he left from their.

Next day–
A big bungalow is shown. Sanskar came to that house.
A man was watering the plants.
Namaste uncle Sanskar greeted him
Namaste he replied, beta I didn’t recognize u.

Sanskar- uncle I’ve come to meet a great man like u. U r such a big businessman yet u r watering the plants. The great businessman Mr. shekhar is watering the plants, this is not less than a breaking news.
This boy is misunderstanding me. (He is not shekhar, but parag nikhil’ dad and best friend of shekhar)
Beta, u didn’t say why and whom do u want to meet.
Sanskar- uncle my bade papa must have informed u
Parag- your bade papa beta, who is he? I don’t know any bade papa, say clearly
Sanskar- Durga parsad maheshwari
Parag- oh so u r Durga parsad’ nephew and ram prasad’ son.

Sanky nodded
Parag- move your guitar aside and seek my blessings. I’m your uncle
Sanskar touched his feet and Parag blessed him. Parag and Sankt came inside GM.
Parag- beta this is the house and it is very lively here. Bhabhi son has come from delhi. Bring some snacks for him.
Beta come we’ll sit and talk. Take care of your guitar. I don’t know if it can be played but it’ll surely hit me hard.
Beta don’t take it seriously I always keep joking.

Parag- sorry beta I forgot to ask your name
Ji Sanskar maheshwari he replied
Parag- u have such a lovely name.

Parag and Sanskar was talking. When nikhil came their ( nikhil and Parag use to spend their most time at GM)
Nikhil came their. He was singing some weird song. He did saw sanskar.
Parag- don’t talk too much with that cartoon.. (nikhil and his dad keep taunting each other)
Sanskar was shocked to see nikhil in GM.
Parag- he’s always keep crooning. Have some tea.
Sanskar- he’s nikhil na and nikhil looked at him
Nikhil- hey you’ve reached home. Ragini, ragini, yaar ragini he screams
What happened ragini asked standing in stairs
Nikhil- ragini come hete, look at his guts. He’s a limit
Ragini- nikhil why r u shouting??

Look, look at him nikhil said signaling towards sanskar
Ragini looked at him and yelled
U!! U rogue
Parag gets shocked at rags behavior and
Beta ragini
Rags- how dare u enter my house!!
Sanskar came to Rags and ragini please listen to me
Rags turned her face other side. And I won’t listen. Your car broke down because of your fault. If you’ve come for compensation then u won’t get a penny. I could’ve been died because of u. Stupid idiot!!!
Nikhil, why r u staring me? Throw him out
Nikhil- sure
Sanskar- uncle I think you’ve spoilt your daughter. Look at the way she talks in front of u.
Ragini frown and nikhil get shocked at his statement daughter
Parag- beta, you’re mistaken.  She isn’t my daughter
U r not Mr. Shekhar godidia sanskar asked
Nikhil- oh hello u think he’s Mr. SG? He is my dad Parag shah.
Parag and nikhil starts taunting each other.
Parag- go away or I’ll expose u in front of ragini.
Nikhil- u will expose me?? I’ll expose u.

A car stops in Front of GM and a man came out from the car
Parag- shekhar has come. Go and open gate parag ordered nikhil
A man and woman come inside. They r janki and shekhar.
Nikhil- uncle, you’ve come. Hello uncle. Hello anut
Hello nikhil janki replied
Shekhar looked at sanskar and said sanskar
Sanskar nodded in yes and touched his feet.
Shekhar hugged him. Did you’ve Amy trouble in the journey?
Trouble?? Sanskar looked at ragini and Rags glared him

Sanskar- no uncle, there was no problem.
Shekhar- janki he is sanskar. My best friend’s nephew.
Sanskar greeted janki.
Janki- beta have some parsad. We’re returning from the temple.
Sanskar- I’m lucky to get the parsad on reaching home.
Janki smiles and offered parsad to nikhil.
Janki- nikhil, why do u keep your hair straight??
Nikhil- aunt it’s fashion
She give parsad to Rags and parag.
Shekhar- parag did sanskar had some tea and snacks?
Parag- we’ve been hospitable to him. Ragini and nikhil were also hospitable.
Rags and nikhil looked at parag.
Shekhar- janki clean the guest room. Sanskar will stay here for 2-3 months.
Ragini- 2-3 months?

Shekhar- ragini is there any problem and Rags nodded in no.
Parag looked at Rags and nikhil and laughed.
Parag- nikhil did u hear? Who is he? Go and apologize to him.
Ragini- nikhil u won’t apologize and uncle u don’t know about this idiot.
Parag- beta I think I should go. It’s t I me for me medicines and he left and dragged nikhil with him.
Now ragsan r alone. Sanskar came to ragini and folded his hands on his chest and smiles and left from there.
Ragini’s temperature was on peck. 2-3 months my foot.

Precap- ragini’s masterplan to send sanskar back.

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