Takraar Takraar Main Pyar- Ragsan (few shots by Drashti) shot 1


Hi guys it’s Drashti here. Thanks for your support.

A guy is shown driving a car. Music is playing in background. He was enjoying the nature, beautiful mountains was all around the round.

Boo……m suddenly he hit his car with another car. A girl fall down.
Oh! Ragini has fallen off a girl said
Ragini!  Ragini Ragini girls screams
She fall down from the cliff.
Swara please help me rags shouted
She was shown holding a tree. She looked down and screams
Ragini Ragini
Sanskar came to them.
Ragini- now shall we do kavya said

Do u have a rope? Sanskar asked
What? Swara said
Do u want rope to hang yourself? Swara asked
Swara, do something quickly rags said
U go down kavita said to sanky
Why? To die Sanskar said
She’s your friend. U can go
Main Swara said being scared
Is any of u are ready to go down sanky asked
Please go. What can girls do?? Kavita said while putting hand on sanky’s shoulder
U r a man. Please go. Please na
OK fine sanky said. I’ll do something
Swara, please do something rags yelled
Ragini don’t loosen your grip. Kavya said we’ll do something
Do something Swara said to sanky
Idea sanky shouted and starts taking off his jeans.
Oh what r u doing? Girls asked
Have u seen the movie No entry sanky asked
What? Swara said
My friend is is danger and you’re thinking of film.
Oh yaar u don’t understand me. U too remove your jeans sanky said to kavya, kavita and uttra
Shut up! Shameless person they all shouted
Sanky was removing his pant and girls screams at him and closed their eyes.
Do something quickly rags yelled
What I can do? Your friends won’t give their jeans?  Sanskar shouted
Shut up rags yelled
Chup shut up my foot sanky shouts.
There is no rope. We’ll tie jeans and pull u up.
Oh so that’s way swara said
Ask your friends to give me their jeans or else I’ll leave sanky said and starts leaving
Wait wait wait girls shouts and stopped him
Swara, kavya, kavita, uttra remove your jeans rags said

Kavya kavita uttra go and remove your jeans swara ordered them and they left.
U too remove your skirt sanky asked swara
It’s so small swara replied. It’s of no use to u.
Sanky- it will be of biggest help. Give it to me.
Aww…swara said and left from there
Soon they came back with their jeans  (they were wearing shorts so don’t think wrong) and sanky tied their jeans.
Come very slowly sanky said to rags
They were trying to pull her.

Rags! Don’t Leave your hand swara said
Sanky- come come
Give me your hand sanskar said to ragini while forwarding his hand
Ragini gave him her hand and he pulled her and they both fall down on ground.
Ragini was under and Sanky was on top of her. Rags was breathing heavily. Sanky was lost in her angelic face.
Suddenly Rags relieaze their positions.
Back off!! Rags said and pushed sanky

Sanskar gave her look and said! What? ??
I’ve saved your life. U should be thankful to me.
Rags stands up and shouts at sanskar
You’ve saved my life?? Today I would’ve died because of u. U drive like blind!! Idiot
What r u saying swara said
Thanks swara. For me u have to remove your jeans.
Rags- oh God why r u standing. Go and wear your jeans.
They picked their jeans and left.
Sanskar gave look to Rags and starts walking.
Oh why r u going behind the girls?? Rags shouts at sanskar

To wear Jean sanskar said and smiles
OH God Rags shouted I’ve not seen a shameless man like u.
I’ve not seen ungrateful girl like u sanskar shouted back. I’ve saved your life. But no thanks, nothing
Thanks my foot Rags yelled and left
Sanskar gave her unbelievable look. Suddenly a Jean hit his face.

Rags came to her friends and said
What happened swara asked
Do u spare tyre swara?
No swara replied
U checked the car before leaving from car. But didn’t Check the spare tyre Rags said
Is it your car or mine swara asked
Rags- That’s fine. But how will be go home now?

Swara- Rags, if u say we’ll ask him for lift signaling sanky
No, no, no sanky said. I can’t give lift to such an ungrateful girl while looking at ragini.
First tell her to apologize for her misbehavior. Then I’ll thi nk. 
Should I apologize to u? Impossible rags said
OK fine. Then shiver in cold. I’m leaving sanky said and sits in his car.
Rags look at time kavita said
Sanskar tried to start his car, but unfortunately it didn’t work.
Ragini smiles victoriously.
Sanky came out from car and starts checking engine.
Girls was giggling at him.
The radiator has blasted sanky said being frustrated
Now we’ll see who dies in cold rags said
I’ll be okay. I’ll go check in some hotel sanskar said and left.
Now what will we do swara said
Your plan has flopped. Let’s walk now rags said to swara. We’ll call home if we get the network.
Ragini he’s going kavya said

So what should I do??
Swara- Ragini until a car doesn’t come will we stay alone in this remote place.
I’m scared uttra said
Uttra is right swara said. It’ll take 2 hrs. for the car to come. In fact we haven’t call yet. Stop him until the car doesn’t come.
Rags- me
Swara- haan
Rags- never. U can stop him if u want

Oh mister swara shouts
Sanky turns and said
My name is Sanskar maheswari
Swara came to him. I’m sorry. Sanskar maheswari.
U r a man, yet you’ll leave us girls alone here. We’ll call home to get another car. We’ll drop u wherever u want. But please be with us until the car doesn’t come swara said holding his arm
Why?? Sanky said
Swara left his arm. Look it’s a forest area.
If a wild animal came….swara said being scared
Sanky- look I can’t save u from the lion..
Lion?? Swara screams please, ruk jao na
On one condition- sanskar said
What condition swara asked
Your nakchadi friend sanskar said while signaling towards rags.
What’s her name??
Ragini swara replies
Sanskar-ragini, rogini, whatever

Tell her to apologize to me first.
Swara looked here and there and went back to rags
Sanskar smiles
Swara- yaar Ragini, what will you loss? If u apologize to him. In need…
We’ve to bow before donkey too girls said together.
I got it ragini said and smiles.
Sanskar was standing when ragini came to him with her gang.
Ragini- mr. Sanskar maheswari I’m sorry

Forgive her her gang said
It’s okay sanskar said while turning towards rags.
Now tell me what I’ve to do sanskar asked
Give me your mobile. My mobile has no network ragini said
Sorry, I turned off my sim card before leaving Delhi sanskar said
Oh no kavya said while putting hand on her head
Sanky- I’ll buy a new one here
Ragini- let’s move now and see if we can get the network.
They starts walking. After some time swara asked ragini
Check out if we’ve got the network yet.
Swara I got the network ragini said. I’ll call nikhil and she went little far.
Sanskar u r so good swara said. I apologize to u on my friend’s behalf.
Sanskar smiles. I can even give my life if someone asks with love.
Nice, myself swara while forwarding her hand.

Sanskar- Nice to meet u swara and shakes hand with her.
Ragini finished her call and turned towards swara. She got angry seeing swara is getting friendly with sanskar.
Swara ragini said in anger. Swara left sanky’s hand.
Ragini- the car is coming.
Swara- that’s fine. But what we will do in the meantime.
Swara, ask mr. Maheswari if he knows to play guitar or just… ragini said while touching the guitar
Sanskar- oh madam, I know playing guitar and singing too.
Ragini- let’s see that.
Sanskar starts singing.

Jisse dhoondta hoon main har kahin
Jo kabhi mili mujhe hai nahin
Mujhe jiske pyaar par ho yakeen
Woh ladki hai kahan
Jisse sirf mujhse hi pyaar ho
Jo yeh kehne ko bhi taiyaar ho
Suno tum hi mere dildaar ho
Woh ladki hai kahan

Swara, kavya, kavita, uttra was dancing with him and enjoying. While ragini was getting angry that her friends r ignoring her for sanskar.
Sanskar : woh ladki hai kahan
 Woh ladki hai kahan.
He finished song. Swara, kavya, kavita, uttra claps for him.
After some time a car came. A boy came out from the car. He was wearing jeans with blue shirt. Sanskar looked at him from bottom to top.
The guy was singing:
Nikhil has come on the road running. Because of the dust on the road I was delayed.
Sit in the car quickly.
Come, come
Sanskar laughed at his singing.

(Nikhil likes to sing and he keep singing weird songs)
Sanskar came to him and said
Who is this joker?
Oh hello, I’m not a joker. I’m nikhil he said while coming close to sanky.
Sanskar- move back. Don’t poke my eye.
Girls laughed.

Ragini, is he your driver? Sanskar asked
Oh how dare u to call me driver?  Nikhil said while showing his index finger. I’m ragini’s best friend childhood friend.
Chal nikhil leave it. Isse baat karke time waste krne ka koi faida nahi hai ragini said while putting hand on nikhil’s  shoulder.
Sanskar- he’s good for time pass signalling nikhil.
Nikhil- Not time pass. I’m 12th grade pass.
Sanky- interesting. Mr. Nikhil do u leave in her house ? I can’t believe it. Sanskar said and stands next to rags
Ragini- there r many more things in my house, u can’t believe.
Nikhil signals girls to come and left.
Meaning, you’ll take me home sanskar said and winked
Shut up ragini shouts

Sanskar- I think you’re weak in English.
Ragini- Kyon?
Sanskar- say something else besides ‘Shut up’
I’ve sung such a good song, yet your mood hasn’t changed.
Ragini- your voice is like bamboo shot.
Bamboo can become flute if u touch with your lips sanskar said with smirk.
Oh you! Shut up ragini shouts
Swara- ragini, come aaja
Ragini starts walking and sanky was walking behind her. Ragini stopped and
Ab tum piche hi pad gaye
Sanskar- oh madam, u promised to give me lift.

Lift.. why not? But first get your luggage ragini said and smirked
Haan and sanskar left to get his luggage.
Ragini smiles and went to car and sits in the car.
Ragini- nikhil let’s drive.
Bye ragini shouted from the car while waving her hand to sanskar.
Sanskar turned back and saw car is leaving.
Cheater!! he shouts

Precap: ragsan next meeting and fight!!!

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