Takraar Takraar Main Pyar- Ragsan (few shots by Drashti) Character sketch & Intro


Hi everyone. I’m new here. It’s my first ff.  I’m writing few shots on ragsan. Hope u guys will like it.

Character sketch
Sanskar- a cool, handsome dude. Loves singing and playing guitar. Loves his bade papa and badi maa more than anything else.
DP- bade papa of Sanskar. Caring and a successful business man.
Ap- wife of Dp. Loving and caring. Loves Sanskar a lot and can’t see him in pain.
( ram and sujata both r dead. Ap and Dp took care of Sanskar and they don’t have any kid)

Ragini- a beautiful and bubbly girl. Short tempered and modern, wear shorts and doesn’t wear traditional clothes. Loves dancing..
Shekhar- father of rags. Mature person but strict. Friend of Dp and a business man.
Janki- mom of rags. Loving and caring. Loves her family a lot.
Nikhil- friend of ragini or I would say friend come brother. Ragini always makes him bakra. Very close to ragini.
Parag- father of Nikhil and a friend and neighbor of Shekhar ( imaginary character) treat ragini like his own daughter.
Swara, kavita, kavya and uttara besties of rags.


C.T. college
A boy is shown singing and playing guitar. He is wearing black jeans and black shirt with black vest. He is wearing a black cap and playing guitar and singing
Ranjhe de yaar bulleya
Sanskar, sanskar, sanskar people r cheering for him. Yes he is our hero sanskar.
He ends his performance and everyone stands up and claps for him.
Suddenly people hears a shot of bullet and sanskar is bleeding.
Everyone starts running here and there.
Dp got to know about sanskar. He left to hospital with Ap.
Soon they reached hospital.
After an hour. Doctor came to DP and Ap.
Doctor how’s sanskar. Is he fine na Dp asked
Mr. Maheshwari their is nothing to worry about. Bullet just touched his arm. He will be fine and doctor left.
Dp hugged Ap and said I told u na our beta is very brave.
After few hours sanskar got consious.
Dp and Ap came to his ward.
Sanskar Ap said and hugged him.
Thank u DSP sir Dp said
Badi MA why r u crying I am absolutely fine sanskar said and wiped her tears.
Beta u r my life. We have no one beside u. U r amanat of my devar and devrani. We already lost your parents and we can’t lose u Ap said with broken voice.
Sanskar hugged her.
Thank God u r fine beta if something could happen to u then how could I’ve faced my brother up there?
Bade papa why do u say that?
The bullet has just grazed my arm. Just a little blood was lost. That’s it sanskar said while holding Dp’s hand.
Little blood? The entire shirt is soaked with blood Ap said while holding shirt and hugged him and cried.
After few hours sanskar got discharged.
At home Ap was feeding sanky.
Suddenly phone rings. Sanskar picked up the phone.
Did u reached home fine some one asked from the other end.
Who is it sanky asked
The bullet which grazed your arm it could have pierced your heart too the other person said
Why did u fire at me sanky asked being angry
Dp grabbed phone from sanky and said how dare u? Who r u
Your old business partner whom u sent jail and cut phone.
What happened ji Ap asked
Nothing Dp said and went to make a call.
After some time he came to sanky and asked him to pack his bag
But why Bade papa
Because u r going to Shimla. My friend shekhar stays over there. I already talked to him.
But Bade papa it is not necessary
Listen to me if u stay here I’ll be under constant tension. Please for my sake Dp said.
Sanky your Bade papa is saying right. Once police will find the culprit u can come back.
But badi maa how I’ll stay without u guys??
I know beta it’s hard for u. But it’s matter of few months.
Okay sanskar said and hugged them both.

A girl is shown sleeping and she has a cute smile on her face. Suddenly she wakes up and looked at time. Oh God it’s still 2:22 am.
Time itna slow kyon chal raha hain.
I am not feeling sleepy. What should I do?
Should I read a book? No such a stupid idea…
Watch a movie… no yaar
What is wrong with me??
Yeah that’s good idea she said and picked her phone and dialed a number.
Tring..Tring ….
A boy who was sleeping waked up with jerk. Who the heck is calling me this time.
He saw his phone and said why is she calling me this time??
Hello yaar. What happened? R u okay na. Is uncle aunt fine na?? Abbe yaar why u r not speaking he said in one go.
Bus beta ho geya. Tumne CBI kab se join ki hain kabhi bataya nahi
Boy- CBI
Haan tu itne questions kyon puch raha hain girl yelled
Why did u called me at this time?
Actually yaar I’m very excited that tomorrow I’m going on a picnic with my besties. So was not able to sleep.
U know khushi mein
R u mad ragini?? Boy yelled
U wasn’t getting sleep. That’s why u disturbed my sleep.
Abbe yaar nikhil was u sleeping?
Ragini people like me sleep at time.
What u mean by people like u?? Rags yelled
I mean people not chudail tumhare jaisi jo na to soti hain na sone deti hain
Did u call me chudail??
Yes I did now phone katon aur khud vi sau aur dusre ko vi sune do.
Bye.. and Nikhil cut the phone
Hello… oh hello
I hate u.
Ragini lay down on her bed.
Scene freezes on faces of ragsan.

Precap: meeting of ragsan and some fun.

Hope u guys liked it. Please do comments and let me know if I should continue it or stop it…

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