Taking away my friend happiness (Episode 2) Last Part

Here i come with another my os as I was try to write something new for you all

Taking away my friend lovehappiness
This one shot will be only 2 shot.

———Last episode
———//-Episode 2
It seen like mahi is breakdown and she was crying sitting in car and recalling what she just saw.
Mahi pov – I know kunj you never Love me from beginning and I also know that you love me to show twinkle. It was not your mistake it was all my mistakes I can see love for twinkle in your eyes but I go with the flow and take this show up relationship real but don’t work kunj it okay I don’t get my happiness but u will get twinkle. Coz I’m your happiness their is my happiness I will always love you. Suddenly mahi car stop and she said what happen brother why u stop the car.
Drive – madam i think someone got into the car
Mahi – what how can u be so careless and drive.

Driver sorry madam
Mahi move from car to see who was it and it non other then uv.
Mahi – hello Mr are you okay
Uv – yes and he saw his lady love I front of his eyes and he forgot all the pain that he has now
Mahi – come I will drive you to your house.
Yuhi went to uv house and he thank her for doing this and he said can we be friends as u help me.
Mahi okay so friends

1 month leap yuhi friendship grownup and it seen like mahi forgot what kunj did to her. And uv proposed her she agree as she saw true love in his life and yuhi tell their parents they want to married and their parent agreed to get them married.

In this 1 month twinj didn’t see or talk with each other and twinkle was feeling guilty what she did to her friends
PhoneMahi – she make a call to someone and said to herself common pick up the phone twinkle. Finally she pick up the phone and said I am sorry mahi what ever u see it was not it look.
Mahi I know twinkle and I trust u.
Twinkle – why u have called me

Mahi – actually me and uv getting married.
Twinkle- double shock listen as she love kunj
Mahi – she told twinkle everything to her and she was happy at least her friend got love one.
Twinkle- I will come only for u.
Mahi – thank you.
Uv also call kunj and said everything and kunj also agree
Yuhi married location.
It was all yuhi plan to make them one.

Yuhi said together well done ?
Twinkle was going to mahi room but it was dark and someone already send kunj their inmahi room saying that mahi want to talk with him
Someone knock the door
Kunj – come in mahi he said with out looking at the person.
Twinkle – kunj what are u Doug here and why are u calling me mahi
Kunj – idk uv tell me to come here
Twinkle okay

Kunj – iam sorry whatever happen. Iam really happy for mahi that she is moving on in life
Twinkle – yes even iam happy that my best friend find true true.
TWINJ together iam sorry I over reacted on what ever happen between us

Kunj – twinkle I seriously love u and I am guilty that I used mahi to get u.
Twinkle – I understand kunj. Saying this she was about to move but kunj hold her hand and said can’t we just start it again like normal
Twinkle- kunj if u promise to not hurt mahi again or any girl feeling
Kunj – I promise u saying this he said if everything normal now then can I plz get a hug from u it been long
Twinkle smile and hug him and this all has plan by yuhi to make them together.
Uv : well done my would be wife

Mahi – it okay afterall iam mahi
Later twinj come to yuhi holding hand and yuhi understand that twinj are together.
Uv – oh hello twinj if everything done that can me and mahi get married or u both thought to married now
TWINJ – confused ?‍♀️ twinj
Mahi yeah twinj Twinke- Kunj –=Twinj

TWINJ smile
Kunj – uv first u married and mahi get married then let me see if married will work or not then I will married twinkle he said and Twinkle look confused ?‍♀️
Mahi – twinkle he is just kidding don’t take it seriously
Twinkle – mahi your still taking his side
Uv – yeah twinkle saying this he was about to hug twinkle but kunj drag twinkle hug her ????
Mahi also drag uv and hug him and mahi said guys group hug before our marriage. And they share group hug and later father call yuhi for married and twinj also act as their are also doing married ritual with along with yuhi on other side.
Screen freeze on twinj-yuhi happy face.
Thank you for the love and support u all give take care.

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  1. SidMin

    Aww really loved it … that’s good that Mahi found her true love …
    Love you keep writing such stories …

    1. SidMin23

      Thank sidmin

  2. Presha

    Hey did….
    Its awesome…
    Just loved it…
    Mahi found her true love…

    1. SidMin23

      Thanks and yes mahi found her love

  3. Mia12

    Hey Artii..
    Just Awesome yrrr…????..
    Love it sooooo much…❤❤❤❤..
    Plz write like more…☺☺..
    N my name is Priya not Mia..??..

    1. SidMin23

      Thanks priya

  4. Wow amazing
    I loved it

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      Thank nisha

  5. Heyyy ?? I am really sorry…… Couldn’t comment on previous shot…. Comment karne waali thii par tab tak aap yeh Wala part post kar Chuke the ..Toh I thought I’ll comment on thiss…Par Meri Mummy ne daat laga dii????toh ab kar rahi hoon……Btw ignore my blabbering ?? Amaazzziinggg and superb OSs???Twinj se lekar mahiraj tak sab Badiya thee????

    1. SidMin23

      Thank you so much cp

  6. Sameera

    Hayeee yaar thoroughly enjoyed 2 part too yaar loved it yuhi scenes ??…..
    So Cuteee yaar loveddddddd it ….

    1. SidMin23

      Thank you sameera

  7. Ramya

    Awesome amazing sidmin
    It’s so cute n lovely
    Love u keep smiling

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      Thank you ramya

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous

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  9. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Hey sidmin,
    It was awesome amazing superb lovely os yrr…
    I loved reading it…
    Do write more such interesting os…
    Keep smiling
    Love you ??????????????

  10. Baby

    sooooooooooo cute loved it………
    finally everything got set…..it was a cute romantic love stry and it was awesome n fabulous…….☺
    love u lods♥♥

    1. SidMin23

      Glad u enjoys

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