Taking away my friend happiness (Episode 1)

Here i come with another my os as I was try to write something new for you all

Taking away my friend lovehappiness
This one shot will be only 2 shot.

Kunj Sarna rich handsome boy and love mahi but some where he also has feeling for twinkle is it love or lust we will see
Mahi – love kunj and trust him blindly and can do anything for him.
Twinkle Taneja – rich and bff of mahi and love her hole heart ❤️ and can do anything for her happiness.
Uv- rich boy and secretly love mahi but he know she only love two people which is kunj and twinkle

#Episode 1
Mahi on call – hello twinkle one friend of college is going to throw party for us as u know we have finished our college and he want u me and my baby to join his party.
Twinkle – mahi plz huh don’t start to talk about him in call
Mahi – why your getting irritated ? listening kunj name as u know how much I love him.
Twinkle – mahi I know u love him and he is your bf but Is just that he irritated me a lots u also know when ever we see each other we start to fight.
Mahi – I know twinkle but he is nice boy from heart and most important is he love me.
Twinkle – don’t get hurt ? I don’t think he love you. As u know he is a big flirty.
Mahi – no he is not twinkle is just he love to tease u that all.
Twinkle – okay and now stop talking about him.
Mahi – smile and said I hope u will also find love one who can love and make u believe
Twinkle okay by now I have to see my cloth for party.
Later twinkle and mahi get ready but something is bothering twinkle and she again call mahi and said – look mahi their is one siyappa
Mahi – what happen now
Twinkle – my driver os sick and he won’t take me to part venu
Mahi oh this is the problem do one thing I will send u kunj baby their and ask u to pick u for part and I will join u their as I will tell my driver to come along with me.
Twinkle – what no your not going to do that
Mahi – twinkle their is no other option
Twinkle- okay fine but tell him to stay in his limit in front of me
Mahi – smile and said okay I will
Half hour later mahi call kunj and said him to pick twinkle other side he was damn happy to pick twinkle with him.

In twinkle house
Kunj knock the door and the servant open the door and ask who is he and he said he is twinkle friend and he let kunj come in. And kunj ask where is twinkle
Servant- madam is taking shower now u can wait here and u can go with her later
Kunj – thank you
Servant – your welcome sir
U know how flirt kunj is he skip from their and end to twinkle room and room look damn beautiful as twinkle but not as much as twinkle look he thought himself.
Twinkle – kaka where is towel of my washroom. She shout which can hear by kaka.
Kaka – baby I change the towel from their and it on bed plz take it I am busy now
Twinkle shouting back okay I will get it.
Other side kunj who had towel and move toward washroom. He give it to her and she said thank you kaka. But she was shock to see kunj their. She quickly grab it and wear them and said how dare u come in don’t u have manner u loser
Kunj – not in his sense start moving toward twinkle and he hold her and she also give in herself to him.

Twinkle – try to move awys but kunj stop her.
Kunj – plz don’t spoil this moment as I was waiting for this.
Twinkle – kunj your not doing right leave me now. Your cheating my friend using me
Kunj – I never love her she is too much tbh I always love you and to make u jealous I date your friend so that u can feel for me.
Twinkle – kunj is wrong leave me
Kunj – no twinkle saying this he start to loss her towel and she give in.
TWINJ were lost into each other kunj pick her up in his arms and move toward twinkle bed. And he start to kiss her and she closed her eye but suddenly she thought of mahi and jerk him and puss him out but u know how kunj is too much stubborn and he hold twinkle hand tied and said don’t u get it I love u damn it.
Twinkle – no I can’t do this I can’t take my friend happiness as mahi love u damn it she yell out.
Kunj – but I don’t love her I told u I only love u since the day u enter to college the day u become friends with mahi or uv it was love at first sigh twinkle for me and I tried to come close to u but u don’t like me and always fight with me and I also start acting like to just to come close to u.
Twinkle – okay I understand that u love me but wht will u tell to mahi that I love your friend not u huh she said.
Kunj – plz don’t spoil the moment twinkle saying this he start her finger and she close her eye.
Note- twinkle also love kunj but showing him as she hate him. As she don’t want to see mahi hurt. That why she is making her decisionto stay away.
And also the door was little open as kunj forgot to lock the door.
Twinkle – kunj plz stop doing this I don’t want to hurt my mahi.
Kunj – okay I will stop until u say me I love u then I will free u. But u have to say this hugging me.

Twinkle – I love you too kunj saying this she hug ? kunj
Remember they are still in bed and twinkle in towel only
When mahi was coming toward twinkle room she don’t believe what her eye see. Her kunj her love of life with in other girl that too her best friend. Mahi phone felt down from her hand as what she see and heard twinkle saying I love u to kunj.
TWINJ thought was distrusted but noise and turn to look in both are shock. And mahi run awys from their and kunj too follow her.

Precap – entry of uv
twinkle – what have I done I took my best friend happiness how will I face her.
Kunj – twinkle what ever we did was right u love me I love u that all.

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