Taken for Granted (RUMYA FF) part-5

Anika’s POV

As I say to Gauri about teaching the Oberoi brothers a lesson, I myself don’t know how we will do it…

Me (trying to cover up my worry) – Priyanka … now you tell us…

Priyanka (upset) – Anika Bhabhi… Gauri Bhabhi… I was tired of all the fame, I was receiving for no reason and I was tired of not being loved. Everyone would assume that since I was an Oberoi princess, I would be loved by everyone and I would be perfect at everything. To be honest bhabhis… I wasn’t and I still am not. Since I was young… mum and chooti mum (pinky) would always tell me that since I am a girl and since I am rich .. I have to do this… I have to do that… I can’t be around these people… I have to be around these people. They controlled my life and they never cared about my opinion. Never, I was asked my opinion in any situation… mum and dad would always fight…

and Shivay bhaiya would always be with HIS BROTHERS! … making sure that they are fine and that they didn’t get hut … no one ever taught that there is a girl… who is just as fragile and need of love as the boys… when we got older, Omkara bhai would be there… but he also had his own problems to deal with. When dad started to force Omkara bhai to join the business… I was shocked… Why is it always that a guy leads a business? Why not a girl? Since young, my dream was to become a businesswoman…. And the only person who understood me was Saumya di… she supported me and told me to achieve my dream… but after she left… I felt Lonely… to come to the point… I left OM because I know that Saumya di is right and if no one can believe this… then I will leave this place… as my family don’t know how to respect women.

Me and Gauri immediately give a hug to Priyanka

I and Gauri immediately give a hug to Priyanka. I again start to feel guilty… I have been living in OM for so long yet I failed to see the sadness behind her smile… and Saumya started living after me… but still saw the sadness… How could I ever misjudge Saumya? I need to apologise to her…

Me (upset) – I am sorry Priyanka… I have been so busy with my problems… that I failed to recognise that some people need more help than us…

Gauri (crying) – Yes Priyanka… I am so sorry…

Priyanka (wiping her tears) – It’s fine bhabhis… I just want to meet Saumya di and apologise to her…

Gauri (happy) – I can help you with that… I will tell you guys at the train station.

Soon we all arrive at the station, as I go towards to pay for the fair, I see that I only have enough money to go on a train, I turn towards Gauri and Priyanka who are equally worried as me.

Me (worried) – Do you guys have money to pay?

Gauri (upset) – No bhojai. I only have money for a train ride

Priyanka (upset) – Same bhabhi…

I look at the driver with a sad face and then go through my purse to find the money I saved for the train ride. I half-heartedly give it to him, but he doesn’t take it.

Driver (upset) – Di… I have heard about your problems and I want you guys to punish those people that troubled you… I don’t need money but a promise… please punish those people… if you promise me then…I will think of it as my payment…

Me (smiling) – I promise bhaiya (brother) but at least take the money.

Driver (smiling) – You are calling me your brother and then giving me money… I got my promise… so I will leave…. please fulfil the promise…

The driver then waves at us and then leaves.

Precap – Anika, Gauri and Priyanka meeting Saumya 

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      Hello dear, thank you dear and will update soon dear

  5. Jasminerahul

    Priyanka too felt lonely in OM.shocking.good that all the 3 girls decided to meet soumya.the driver is so sweet.nice pic

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