Taken for Granted (RUMYA FF) part-3

Anika’s POV

I immediately go to the living room and shout for attention. At first, no one comes except Rudra and Omkara but soon everyone joins.

Me (nervous) – I want to show this clip…

I could see the death glares given by my so-called husband and mother in law, but today I will not care about this. I quickly ask Khannaji to put the USB on the screen.

1st Scene

Svetlana (asking someone) – How is the plan going?

Girl’s voice (standing next to Svetlana, back towards camera) – It’s good… he thinks I like him

Svetlana (laughing) – That’s good… we don’t need that Saumya now…

Girl’s voice (laughing as well) – The Oberois are so stupid… they don’t even suspect me…

Svetlana gives the girl alcohol and then hugs her.

Svetlana (evil laughter) – They won’t know what hit them…

The girl instantly turns around and it is none other than:

Bhavya Pratap Rathore

2nd Scene

Another scene comes up where Bhavya and Svetlana are hugging each other and Bhavya’s face is clearly identified. Another scene comes up where Bhavya is praising Saumya for her acting.

Scene Finishes

Everyone stares at Bhavya who is not even looking guilty.

Bhavya (fake tears) – You guys are going to believe this cheat over me… this video is fake and yes I was hugging Svetlana but I didn’t say anything bad, I was only telling her how her plan will foil… I didn’t want Soumya to suspect me…thinking that her plan is foiled….that’s why I hugged Svetlana…to warn her… How can everyone even suspect me? I thought… I was your family…

Rudra immediately goes towards Bhavya and hugs her and then looks at his brothers angrily.

Rudra (angry) – How can you guys suspect Bhavya? She has done so much for this family… She is my wife … I won’t let you guys … say anything bad to her…

Shivay (upset) – Rudra… we would never believe that girl… we love you… and we trust Bhavya.

Shivay comes towards Rudra and gives him a hug, who Rudra happily accepts.

Om – Rudra… Saumya won’t lie… But you are right she must be manipulating us… to get you back… I am with you.

Om also joins the hug, making it an O bros moment.

Are they serious with me right now? Shivay refused to trust me when he was shown a clip, where I was seen in an awkward position with a guy, he refused to listen to me and now… I will stand up for Saumya. Before I could do anything, another video plays

In the Video

Saumya – Hello, Oberoi Mansion… I know by now that you guys have probably watched the video I asked Anika di to show you… but I am sure that you guys wouldn’t have believed it. It’s so funny how the girl that stayed in your house for so long… the girl that thought you guys were family… was mistrusted but the girl that came into your life just a few months ago as a stranger has the most trust. It doesn’t matter now… I hope to never meet with any of you ever again.

As soon as the clip finishes I scan the faces of everyone in the house and the only people that have guilt are Om, Gauri and Priyanka. Everyone else was pretending as if they didn’t even see the clip.

Me (angry) – Are you guys stupid? Don’t you realise that Saumya was right?

Bhavya (shedding tears) – Bhabhi (sister-in-law)… how can you think that I could do something like this?

Rudra (hurt) – Anika Bhabhi… I never expected this of you. I stood by you when Shivay bhaiya didn’t show trust… bhabhi… you know how Saumya is a cheater … yet you are trusting her.

Me (hurt) – Rudy, I didn’t mean to hurt you… but my heart says Saumya isn’t the villain…

Bhavya (crying) – Bhabhi …do you think I am?

Me (hurt) – No… but…

Shivay (angry) – I don’t want to hear any buts… and don’t even think about accusing Bhavya like that… she is like a sister to me…

I try to argue back but everyone starts to disperse. I go into Shivay’s room to see Shivay angrily waiting for me.

Shivay (noticing me and looking angrily at me) – What was the need for you to open your mouth? Can’t you mind your own business for once… we are getting divorce… I don’t need you in my life… I already found out you cheated on me… so stop pretending to be innocent … you have to leave my house before tomorrow or I will publicity insult you and kick you out.

He then leaves the room while I stand there crying. Why did I even think that he will trust me? Why did I think that he would at least not threaten me? I angrily start packing my bag. Shivay chooses to show trust on Bhavya even though all the proofs were against her, but he refused to show trust on his own wife. I actually feel proof of Rudra, even though all the proofs were against his wife, he stood by her… unlike my so called husband. I sign my papers and then I start to wait until it’s night time so I could leave.

Why did Priyanka leave OM?

Precap – Gauri, Anika and Priyanka leave OM

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