Taken for Granted (RUMYA FF) part-2

Gauri’s POV

Hearing all the commotion, I come outside to see an argument happening between Omkaraji and Sasurji (father in law), I immediately come in the middle to stop the fight but Omkaraji in his anger pushes me towards a table where I hit my head and blood started oozing out. I carelessly get up and then touch my head to see it covered with blood. Thinking to stop the fight first, I go towards the living room to see that the fight has already stopped thanks to Priyanka who is looking at me shocked.

Priyanka (shocked) – Bhabhi… you have got blood coming out, we have to take you to the hospital…

Me (scared) – No Priyanka… I am fine… I will do first aid myself

I could see that Priyanka was not sure about letting me do first aid,

Me (smiling through the pain) – You can do the first aid for me

Priyanka immediately started smiling and then went to get the first aid kit. My brain immediately starts to think about what happened to Omkaraji, as I was thinking, Priyanka comes with the first aid kit and starts to bandage my wound.

After 15 minutes

Priyanka (smiling) – Bhabhi, it’s all bandaged up

I get up and hug Priyanka, who hugs me back and then I head towards Omkaraji’s room. As soon I arrive into the room, I get shocked to see the room messy. The only thing that isn’t broken is the bed, every art piece, every furniture is broken. I immediately go towards Omkaraji who is standing in the middle taking an injection. I tap on his shoulder and he instantly drops the injection. He immediately turns around and looking me angrily

Omkaraji (angry) – What’s your problem dammit… can’t you leave this house already?

Me (shocked) – Omka…

Omkaraji (angry) – Don’t you dear you say my name from your dirty mouth… I hate you!! Do you understand? I HATE YOU! You aren’t worth anything… just because I am living with you… doesn’t mean that I am starting to love you as never in my dreams I will ever love you…

Me (teary-eyed) – Why Omkaraji?

Omkaraji (laughing in pain) – Why? Are you being serious? Do you think I would fall for a girl who has the guts to marry a guy who is double her age and our marriage… (laughing) you must be joking… I HATE YOU MS GAURI KUMARI SHARMA… you don’t deserve love from anyone.

Me (teary-eyed) – Omkaraji … I understand you are upset with your father…

Omkaraji (angry) – Mr Oberoi isn’t my father… Do you understand? And how will you know the meaning of a father after all you don’t even have one… even if you did… your father would have been ashamed of calling you his daughter… you can’t ever be a good daughter or wife or daughter in law.

I look at Omkaraji with shock, how dare he say that my papa would be ashamed of me… my papa wouldn’t ever be ashamed of me… After pushing me away from me, he walks away angrily, not even caring that the push could have hurt my wound even more. I will not let him hurt me anymore… I immediately go towards the cupboard to start packing my bag. As I open my bag to put the clothes, I see a letter addressed to me.

Dear Gauri di,

Hi di, I am Saumya … Saumya Tendulkar or as you may know as, Saumya Kapoor. Di I am writing this to tell you a bit about me as I know that, you wouldn’t know me well. I am not one of the Kapoor sisters … someone else is. So di here a few facts about me:

I love Parathas

I used to love Rudra but now I hate him

I had a younger brother

I am now an orphan

I live in Mumbai

Di here are a few things about me… Di this letter is written to you so that you can tell Anika di to stop blaming herself. I am sure after Anika di reads the letter I gave her, she will blame herself… to tell you the truth she is not the only one at fault… my so-called brother Mr Omkara Singh Raizada and Mr Shivay Singh Raizada are also at fault. I trusted them di… I am not coming back to this place ever again as this place gave me nothing but pain… If you are in trouble, please don’t be scared to contact me on ********** and if I don’t pick up the phone then come to this address: **** Don’t be scared… By the way di, please play this USB which is in your bag, after Anika di plays the other clip.

Thank you di (I was never angry with you di)


Who do you guys think is the backstabber?

I look at the letter with tears in my eyes, this little soul has been hurt and I start to feel guilty as well. I judged a girl too quick… I quickly look through my bag, and finally, I find a USB.

Precap – Character Sketch

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    omkara is so rude n cruel to gauri.no trust at all.poor gauri.she too got soumya’s letter.sad that soumya hates rudra now.is the kapoor sister bhavya?

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