Take me with you (OS) Part -2


Hi guys I never thought I will write a second part for this! Here it goes…

After the song was over Abhi carried Pragya (His Fuggi) in his arms and left the place.
Pragya asks, “ Sir ? What are you doing here? Let me down please. What will people think? Abhi replies, “ They will think we are lovers, what else? Pragya gasps and says, “ What? Please let me down for god’s sake ma will be angry on me now.” Abhi said, “Fuggi why don’t you understand? I can’t be without you, don’t go away from me.” Pragya was staring at him and thought, ‘ Did he really say Fuggi? Or am I imagining things again?’ She asked, “ What did you call me?” He said, “Fuggi, You know when you are angry you look like a fugga (Balloon) so I named you Fuggi.” Pragya was smiling like an idiot. Sarla, Beeji and Janki came there. Sarla said, “ Leave my daughter please! (Folding her hands in front of him, He lets Pragya down) I don’t want her to suffer more. If you want her you keep her with you or you just let her rot in jail. I can’t let my daughter face pain anymore please leave her.” Pragya tried to interfere and was slapped by Sarla. She again tried to speak, When Sarla was about to slap her Abhi held her hands. His eyes were red burning with anger and said, “ Nobody touches my Fuggi!” Sarla asked, “ Sir why do you say something like this? In which way is she related to you? She is just your secretary. You will marry Tanu in few more days then what will happen to my daughter? Who will marry her? If you take her in your arms like this in front of everyone? (Folding her hands) Please let go off my daughter.” Abhi said, “Why nobody understands my plight here? I love your daughter I realized it very late, I want her to be with me all the time. The fun fact is I even had a dream in which I was filling her forehead with sindoor (Tells the rest of his dream) I feel there is some connection between us, I don’t know what it is but I can’t live without your daughter she is my everything. She is mine!” Saying this he again lifts her in his arms and walks towards her uncle’s house. Sarla, Beeji and Janki are left dumbstruck hearing what Abhi said and prayed to god, “ Please unite them! I only want that to happen! Please!”

In Pragya’s uncles house

He let Pragya down and said, “Bring me my favourite Coffee Fuggi.” Pragya happily went towards the kitchen. While Abhi roams around the house and walks into her room to find a photo of Pragya in bridal wear sticking out of the pillow. He was shocked and took it out and was even more shocked seeing him in bridal wear next to Pragya. He was happy but the world around him started to spin, he lay on the bed holding that photo in his hands. Meanwhile Pragya was searching for Abhi in the hall. Sarla comes and says, “ Sorry Pragya I had to do that to see If he will rescue if someone else slaps you , hurts you or plans against you at any cost. I am sorry dear I had to do it *Kisses Pragya’s forehead* Pragya asks Sarla, “ Have you seen him? He is nowhere to be found.” Sarla replies, “ Did you check your room?” Pragya nods No and rushes to her room because now she remembers she kept their marriage pic under her pillow and prays that Abhi dint see it. When she reached the room she finds Abhi sitting on the bed and talking to someone. He sees Pragya standing near the door and says, “ I will speak to you later and hangs up.” He moves towards Pragya at first she smiles but her smiles disappears when the distance between them started to decrease. She tried to move but he pinned her against the wall with both his hands on either side so that she couldn’t move. Abhi leans more closer to her and asks , “ Mrs. Pragya Abhisehik Mehra, what have you decided? Are we leaving today or you want to spend some more time with your family?” Pragya was shocked , speechless before she could utter a word his lips met hers and they were lost in their own world when sarla called , “ Pragya… Abhi….” Both came back to their world, Pragya runs away from there leaving Abhi to murmur, “ Why does someone always has to come in between our romantic moments?” Pragya meets with Sarla in the hall and tells her , “ Ma I think he got his memory back and said what happened in her room minus the kiss of course 😉 Abhi is seen coming out from her room and takes blessing form Beeji, Janki and Sarla and says, “ Ma can I please take her home?” Sarla says, “ Of course you can, she is your wife who will stop you? * With teary eyes*. They both walked past them.

After sometime

They both reach MM to see Dadi and Dasi welcoming them, “ Finally you came back with my Bahu, I am so happy today.” A beautifully decorated mandap is seen in between the hall. Tai ji, Raj , Tauji , Mithali all are seen running here and there to correct the decorations. Purab is seen yelling at people to finish off the decorations properly , he turns to see Abhi and Pragya walking towards the Mandap. Purab comes and hugs Abhi. Abhi says, “ Not bad Purab! You did it before we reached. What about the other thing which I told you?” Purab said, “ Its done don’t worry bhai. Now will you please go up and your dress both of you. Your dress is kept on your bed.” Both Abhi and Pragya reaches their room to find a Beautiful Red and Gold colour mixed Lehenga and a Blue and gold mixed Sherwani. Pragya took her lehenga , before she could move Abhi rushed to the closet closing its door behind him. Pragya waits for 15 mins and thinks , ‘ It’s better I will get ready here.’ She changed herself into her lehenga and was applying makeup when Abhi came out of the closet. She said, “ Finally you had the heart to come out.” He said, “ Fuggi I am a Rock star! *Rock star music plays* A Rock star takes his own time to get ready.” Pragya nods her head in disappointment and continues with her make up. She was about to apply lipstick when Abhi came near her and took Lipstick from her hand and said, “ You know what I hate this lipstick.” Pragya asked, “ Why my dear Rock star?” He said, “ Why wouldn’t I hate ? It has the privilege to be on my Fuggi’s lips and not me (Pouting).” Pragya blushed revealing her pink cheeks. Abhi spun her around and leaned closer and asked, “ While I get the Privilege of kissing you now?” Pragya was breathless and just nods. Abhi was about to kiss her when they hear someone’s knock at the door. Abhi thought, ‘ I have to take my Fuggi away from here somewhere for honeymoon, Nobody is even letting me to kiss my wife then how can I get to see my cute princess Abhigya?’ His thoughts were broken by the knocks again this time accompanied with a dialogue, “ Hey Bhai please come there is an order for everything Wedding comes first and then only First night.” Purab giggles after saying this. Abhi went down first and after sometime Pragya was brought down by Dadi, Dasi and Mithali to the mandap. Pragya was shocked to see Police inspectors roaming around and noticed handcuffed Aaliya, Tanu and Nikhil standing near the mandap. She turned towards Dadi who said, “ Don’t try to change Abhi’s mind they deserve this.” She also spots Sarla, Beeji , Janki and her uncle. And the marriage rituals begins. Exchange of the garlands, Followed by seven rounds around the sacred fire, Abhi puts Mangalsutra around her neck and fills her forehead with sindoor. This completes their marriage once more. They look into each other’s eyes
(Their eyes speaks)

I know its Short but its the end of my story!! And for Lurking in the dark Guys you gotta wait! Bit busy will give you 2 episodes this weekend!

Dhivya (Di), Nannu,Priyanka, Princess Madhu,Vanshu,Achu,Minu,Solace,Reshma Pradeep,Ashika,Saranya Thank you guys!!!

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