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Hi Readers,
Iam writing this FF to put down my views about the show, Isshqbaaz.
I have been watching the show since day one and i have realised that this show is more or less is like all other shows which we have already seen or are watching.
Iam sure that more of them would disagree with me but think of yourself “What is NEW in it”? Iam sure many will say it shows “Bromance” or brotherly love. You all the true about it, the serial does shows brotherly love, but my question is “For how much time do they show the Bromance and how much time can they show bromance” ? Ultimately they will be left to show nothing about brotherly love. In fact in just one month they have stated showing “Romance” and the “Bromance factor i feel has started diminishing.

Now some general things which we often find in every serial and never questions about. I feel there is a need to question certain aspects like –

1. Everyone must have noticed in many serials like Ishqbaaz, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi (KRPKAB), Ek Duje Ke Vaaste(EDKV) that the Girl always has to be financially weak than the boy and the story is never complete until unless the boy helps the girl or her family financially. This ultimately leads to the building of a soft corner for the guy in the girl’s heart.
My point is why does every time or if not every time then majority of times, the girl is from a poor background compared to the guy? Why it can be vice versa? And How come the guy whom the makers(Directors) most of the times portray to be “Super Rich” meet the girl whom the makers show to be totally opposite(Poor background), Moreover these two totally opposite people not only meet but also falls in love.

2. Interestingly, Every story first make their lead pair become enemies and then somehow the girl enters guy’s house for some work (eg – In KRPKAB, Sona and Dev had a fight and then Sona entered into Dev’s house as his mother’s nutritionist and in Ishqbaaz also Shivaye and Anika had a fight and then Anika entered into Shivaye’s house as his wedding planner)and then they frequently meet each other and the girl takes care of the guy’s family and builds a soft corner in the boy’s heart.

Here, i would also point that how come Shivaye’s wedding is planned by Anika? I mean is Anika a wedding planner, i guess NO, she is just a girl who use to handle a canteen and knows nothing about planning or if also she knows, she hasn’t done this in past(not shown to us). Then the question arises that how come a family so rich as the Oberoi’s haven’t kept a professional wedding planner for Shivaye’s wedding? Also Tia seems to care a lot about her wedding and wants it to be grand then how come she hasn’t questioned Anika’s role or job and demanded for a wedding planner?

3. The directors always show that the guy is very busy with his business or work and is never at home,always at office, but then why is it always that when the girl enters the guy’s house, the guy seems to have no work and is always at home and then also remains successful?

4. This point of mine is specifically for Ishqbaaz –
It was earlier shown that because of Shivaye, the lawyer who was handling Anika’s case(Sahil’s custody case) ran away with Anika’s money and Anika knows about it. My question is why is Anika not asking Shivaye about the lawyer or her money? They showed Anika to be so desperate for the moon of her braclet which was struck in Shivaye’s wrist watch then why is she not desperate for her hard earned money?

5. The moon incident reminded me of one more thing-
Remember guys when Shivaye hugged Anika from back? Shivaye didnot knew it was Anika and he thought Anika to be Tia and so he hugged her but then how come Anika did not said anything ? Mostly she is always talking but didnot said a single word when he hugged her thinking her to be Tia. Moreover later Anika was blaming Shivaye for hugging her, but in reality she is to be blamed.

6. Lastly, They had shown that Anika and Sahil’s Bua sold the house to Shivaye and a few episoded later Anika told Shivaye’s dadi that the house is in Sahil’s name. Then how come bua sold the house to Shivaye? It is true that Bua has Sahil’s custody but that does not give her any right on Sahil’s property.

These are few of my findings about the serials i watch. Feel free to comment.
Thanks for reading. Do share your views.

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  1. you right about this mistakes in serisl but don’t think about this small mistakes and enjoy serial

  2. Etne hi question h to serial dekhne ki taklif kyu leree ho fir yah mistake ki Dukan khol rakhi h

  3. Watch the serial like a serial and enjoy don’t compare with the realty. Sorry to say this but in my opinion don’t take too much to the heart

  4. Listen…. The moon wala incident anika was going to say something but tabhi parda saamne aa gaya nd then om and rudra she didn’t get an opportunity… Moreover if you are having such a lot of problems then what Wll u say about those supernatural shows

  5. Swatkat

    WHY there is no like button for comments …. as i agree with many … 🙂 🙂

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