My take on Current track.


I agree to all of you all who are right abt SHIVIKA. Their pair and their story makes sense, because they have a story ? , their fights are realistic, tashan that makes sense, the love story that makes sense, the chemistry they are building makes sense, the whole “opposites attracts” is proved by them, Shivaays pov is realistic and anikas views are equally realistic so their partnership is realistic. Unlike Romya , they have no base ( untill now) Rudra himself is Strong enough character to make us laugh loud rolling on floor but when paired with somya the sense of humour just back fires their is no spark we can sense as I do feel when SHIVIKA on screen – it’s like theirs is a perfect pairing Shivaay needs an “ANIKA” in life to show him the other side of the world and Anika needs a “SHIVAAY” to show her she cannot win battles all alone. They have a meaning to their story, they complement each other, they complete each other.
In case of ishana I personally think OM is a strong character he adds the meaning to the other characters , as if he is the brain and heart for the other characters in the show but when paired with ishana I dnt really find the impact of his character. Ishana’s character is no doubt strong but what purpose? What she potrays is bluffing I dnt get how she will complete Om as a person. Because as of now what I understand is ishana will have bad impact on oms good character or it will be only om completing ishana with truth, money, power and all positives but ishana will be null.

This is my take on the couples , although I am a SHIVIKA fan but that dsnt mean I only love them, I like omkara too and rudra too I just don’t find Romya igniting the fire in the story. But Ishkara will somehow Atleast do this. So for me the best couple rank goes like
1. Shivika
2. Ishkara
3. No not them (untill now)

Please put in your thoughts below in the comment section. I was just analysing the couple’s and their story base.

Please no bashing and abusive criticism. I just want to understand the story line from your point of view. A pure friendly discussion.

Also this ANALYSIS IS ON THE STORY UPTILL Now and not Future.

Thank you in advance. 🙂

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  1. Omkara and roumya story is boring you now bcoz both the storys have not yet started…the current track only focuses on shivika and that’s the reason you find realism in the story…as per my opinion…personally I lyk ishkara

    1. Pritha1234

      Yeah I agree to you, that is why is precised on my take as “UPTILL NOW” , but what I was pinning on was that the base and characteristic of the partners… shivika matches in this case, actually I m nt able to understand on what factors the pair of ishkara will be done. 🙂

  2. I am also a fan of Shivika and I agree with you but I like Rumya too and think that they look cute together. ? Everyone has their own opinions and point of views ?

  3. it is your point of view .I feel shivay doesn’t deserve anika and he should marry tia .

  4. om deserve anika .anika should marry om bcoz their thoughts are same .I don’t want shivika

  5. it’s my pov.

  6. I want om and anika bcoz ishana and shivay is also bad .it would be good

  7. sorry for such bad comment I told you already why are comparing though you have right to say your pov

  8. don’t get me wrong for some of them loves ishkara .your perspective is different others perspective different

  9. everyone loves shivika but don’t compare with ishkara .m sorry for offending comments

  10. m really pritha

  11. Pritha1234

    Are its okay @shivani I already said I would love to hear your and others point of view and thus I posted this. And before you all jump the gun down… I LOVE BOTH SHIVIKA AND ISHKARA and only RUDRA. I was stating regarding the stroy track. 🙂

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