What is your take on current track of Vishkanya?


Zee Tv’s popular show Vishkanya premiered on 28th March 2016..at 6.30 slot.This show focuses on Girl who have poison on her body from 5yrs..her blood is full of poison… If her nail scratches someone they will die.She wears neem thread on her neck to make her normal..Kalpana was married by harshavardhan..He is already married to nandhitha(Mittai family) But he marries kalpana..Nanditha gets to know about his marriage and orders vishal to kill the girl whom harshavardhan married..Vishal hits by car..harshavardhan and Kalpana sister..that is Apu mother..

Few episodes back Kalpana revealed that Apu is vishkanya to her and told about her sister state..Apu agrees for taking revenge against mittai family.Malay is young boy he tried to enter apu house when he was 10yrs old.But he failed to see her face..After 10yrs he meets Apu and falls into love with her..When he proposes her two times..second time he gets slap from her..In the mean time nandhitha asks malay for marriage..he agrees to it becoz of hatred against apu..

Kanika smokes malay acts as if he likes her.Kalpana will bring new man arjun to act for apu husband..But it fails..arjun finally kidnaps apu and tries to misbehave with her..Malay engagement will take place..he will recall his love towards Apu and runs to save her.
Malay will save her..But apu blood falls down that place fully gets fire.

Malay does not see it.He safes apu..he asks her does she loves him? she says no..Malay comes there and saves her mother from getting beating from mittai family and others..Malay tells i love apu..He tells i need to marry her..Aou will also tells yes so that she can take revenge against mittai family for her mom and chachi.

Nandhitha accepts her and tries to kill apu with goons..but she saves her and hypotnize the goons..they comes back to kill nandhitha but fails..Now as per sources New girl will be entering show..Are you excited to watch Love triangle between malay,apu and new entry? Stay tuned to watch the show

-Submitted by Narendran

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  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    How is my poll?? Kathy and others vishkanya family members!!

    1. Great naren…. N tnx for promoting vishkanya in all the ways…???

      1. it is my pleasure yaar..i need vishkanya to be no.1 always and ek duje ke vaaste also

      2. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        I will go to any extent in my life to promote this show..

    2. Great thinking

  2. My favourite show… Wants to see more apulay scenes … If the new entry for positive reason… Then it is fine…??? need vishkanya for long run…

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Kathy I did this poll so that we can more and more fans to show.. How is my idea??

      1. Good idea naren… I really wish to have more n more fans to our show…??? tnx …

  3. Thank u?…for describing the recent stage of this dhow

      1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        It is my pleasure.. Yaar.

    1. Tnx for commenting here ireena….?

    2. its also my pleasure☺

  4. Ufffffff Awsm drama serial

    1. Tnx Zoya zee for the comment…. Pls do watch the show n comment on our page…?

      1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        Yes.. Watch our vishkanya show

  5. Hi Kathy,

    Yup. I’m new to this.
    let me introduce maself
    This’s Sengu from Tamilnadu.
    I’m a fan of vishkanya serial, though I don’t even know hindi

    1. Hi sengu …. U r always welcome to our family…. Tnx for watching n commenting here …?? tamilnadu which part ur from ??? Many members r from south here…

  6. I dont want this love triangle if that girl comes in between apu n malay i will surely get an heart attack now? that girl or her mom should not create any trouble for apu already this nandita is no less she is pure devil by nature hell bent to stop marriage. Kumkum falling on malay from that girls hand I did not like it what do makers want to show? Plz I did not like this way.

  7. In Salem

    1. Ok sengu … Keep commenting our page as well…??

  8. in this poll u describe that apu say yes to him so that she can take revenge from nandita vishal and other accept malay but didn’t say that she loves her i am still doubting her love good try to increase fans

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Yes.. She did not tell to Malay.. Apu told to kalpana only

      1. ok thanks bro

  9. I’m new here I does not like horror stories but after reading about vishkanya I’m very much excieted and waiting for the new episode

    1. Welcome to our family Linsa… Keep commenting…

  10. I want VISHKANYA ,my favorite serial to be the no. 1 and i am liking the current track

    1. Tnx A.K pls do comment on our page as well…??

  11. kathy many have voted for enough of cast!!!!34.26%…apulay scenes 36.4%.. and another 29.38%yes for new girl

    1. Yes naren… Many need apulay scenes only…. I wish the vishkanya team would see this n try to understand their fans request….

  12. i wonder who voted for enough of cast??

    1. Enough of cast is now 34.71 naren…. Don’t know….

      1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        Me tooo wonder who voted? I thought of putting just for fun but many took it little serious and voted for it also????

      2. Not little naren… It’s a serious issue now… It shows how much all fans hate the new entry… ??

  13. hating this they are showing apu in bad light and making this girl vardan main lead , we want apu malay scene not some vardan love drama

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      He’s.. Same for me also hifi..

      1. today saw ne promo shoot , in which vardan is potrayed as lead heroine and apu as vamp , i just cant take it , this is wrong , they cant turn female lead a vamp and some random gal main lead . it must be anokhi prem kahani ko vishkanya not vardan

    2. Same here ….


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