hi it’s kushagra .the idea of this story came from today’s epi only .the great shivaay singh oberoi’s attitude needs to be changed .in the show this story is dedicated to his character only .do read my other stories also

let’s start

in a posh restaurant a business meeting was going on

with a man in business suit seated at central chair and other business delegates around him

a delegate asked to that man : mr shivaay singh oberoi .how can you assure us that in investing in such a risky project of oberoi group will yield profit

shivay: why i need i mean are you doubting calibre of oberois

another delegate ; no we know of what oberoi’s are capable but mr oberoi you may be aware this time in this project the land we want belongs is a private property and owner is not interested to sell

shivaay: mr roy you are mistakken there’s nothing which shivaay doesn’t knows ,the owner of that land is waiting in another room for me and there’s no one who can deny me

another delegate:she is very stubborn and hell bent to not to give that land

shivaay smirked :if she refuses to give i’ll snatch

and he left the that place with his body guards and proceeded towards the room where the owner of that land was waiting for him

as soon as he entered, he was shocked it was her his biggest competitor in collage in short his enemy .she was always better than him but his ego never let him accept that and they had a small eye lock she mocked

she:thank’s for coming too early mr oberoi now then why your stupid men kidnapped me

shivaay: so hi miss anika oh i think i forgot your surname opp’s you never had one .am i right or am right

anika :i didn’t have as i never needed .i preferred to be self made then being a shivaay ops i mean good for nothing spoilt brat

shivaay: yeah right good for nothing still ceo of oberoi group shivaay singh oberoi.i am born with legacy.miss waitress .

anika shocked

shivvay: what you think i don’t know you are what just a 3rd class waitress in a hotel who can do anything for money

anika: mind your language blo*dy rich brat .i earn by my hard work not by my parents name

shivaay :why am i waisting my time with you.chuck it all just say the cost of that plot and end all this

anika :one think get straight in your head mr oberoi am not selling that land it belongs to my brother i want give it to you

shivaay: think again either this land or your brother’s future and your job

anika: what you mean .

shivaay: anika sahil is class 10th na .just imagine what if he is expelled from school in the accuse of stealing question papers or anika what if you are fired in accuse of seducing rich men .what will society do with you two.tch tch i really pity

anika :shivaay you can’t be too low

shivaay :i can .now don’t waste my time and sign these papers

anika signed them with teary eyes but removing her tears in stern voice before leaving said

“mind my words mr oberoi’s .it take’s no time for tables to turn”

i’ll return for my chance and your destruction

shivay :i’ll wait with pleasure

precap: anika’s revenge

i know it’s too short update but actually i wanted to ask you people what you want harsh punishment to shivaay ,his destruction and non love storied end or anika’s revenge then realisation of mistakes by shivaay and at last a love story .actually i am too angry on him after his pov for women so i won’t first one .but still choice is your’s in either case’s he’ll be punished but it’s your choice you wanna see him suffering for life or repenting and then forgiven by anika

in short

love story or justice to anika .

please give your suggestions

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  1. I think punishment and then love story to continue

  2. I want justice to anika and even love story so plz can u write in such way its my request revenge is incomplete without love?????

  3. Sanchi

    Shivika just doesnt feel complete without love being in the mixture.
    As for Shivay though his ideals offend most of us, has a heart behind that wall.
    And I cant deny the fact that they have bit of truth in them and they also represent a huge part of us and our society.

  4. Nice concept.Update next part soon.well for shivay’s pov in d serial,don’t worry it would b good in further episodes n also the makers have represented different types of people/mentalities present in d society. For now,about this story, the way you’ve potrayed him makes him d worth of revenge n justice to anika.but u can also add realisation,accepting n forgiveness.

  5. Akshaya

    Even I wanna revenge that character. Hate love story Kush

  6. Shaza

    There is nothing so much about justice also ..after all he gave her money na …?..Waiter..isn’t it a lil too much poor type…let her atleast be a Asistant manager …..anyway I want love story …maybe u can do it like , while she is taking revenge ..she will fall in love ..just a suggestion …but yea the ep was pretty good…

  7. Jazz1

    I was also kind of got angry on shivaay so I think first punishment then love

  8. Tridha ( Troyee )

    Please kushagra di write a ff on ishkara. Please please please. Badly missing their love story. Please write on ishkara????
    BTW I loved this ff . Don’t know about others but I liked it.
    But please di write on ishkara. If u write then surely give the link in telly updates page please.

  9. It should be punishment-shivaay realisation-forgiving by annika-love?

  10. first he should be punished for his haughty attitude .anika should show his position

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