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Swarasanskar swasan fan. I am in love with this couple. And what I love the most is the ff written on them by the writers.

But we just have three ff getting so popular these days. Anjali, Sree and Anu’ ff. And honestly they deserve this love and everything.

I am going to point out the best things I loved about their ff. I am writing it not in any particular order but in the order when I read this.

Mr. Maheshwari and I – I loved the concept. Its really real and I really loved it to the core. Sanskar is really a genuine guy. The way this ff started I loved it. I never admired Ragsan but the way Swara became the thorn in their life was just lovely. Just waiting for the day when they unite. The story is too realistic and all the characters have been given good amount of exposure. And I love each and every bond.

Acceptance – Sree is no new name for us. She’s very talented and a superb story teller. The way she has written all the parts keeping us hooked is superb. Loved Sanskar here as he’s really nice. Who can forgive someone who tried to kill you? But he did. Waiting for Sanlak bond to get okay and also I loved Swara. Inspite of all the negativity around her she realised her true love for Sanskat. Hats off Sree!

Fix You and Fixing Broken Souls : Fix You started as the most romantic story. Just loved the nervous Swara and romantic Sanskar. He fixes her but at the end both are broken. That actually broke me too because I admired them a lot. And now Fixing Broken Souls is just a blockbuster. Full on romance, emotions, suspense (right now) Loved it to the core! Lets see how the broken souls are fixed.

I also love a lot Swasan you are mine by Bushra and All Saba, Neha and Vini di’s ff.
But I felt like writing about these three as I can see their friendship. There’s no jealousy and that’s something I totally adore.

And Swasan has been given a new life by all the swasan ff writers. Every ff is different in their own way and now that Swasan is again rocking in the show I cant be more happy as a swasan fan.

Comment and let your opinions be out about ur say on these wonderful ff.
I know I have missed many but I plan to read them. I am twenty in engineering so hardly any time to read. So I just read the abv mentioned ff.

Credit to: Swasan fan

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  1. I agree..ive seen them commenting in each others ff. All three are sho cute..they are my fav…and u shud try reading ur mine by Bushra…im sure u wud love that…

  2. I agree these ff are Awsome and I love all Swasan ffs…I read them all..,

  3. Thankss soo much Swasan fan!!! So sweet of you… And I love the way you’ve written about all 3 ffs… Especially my little sissy anu’s ff… <3 <3 <3

    I think now I have to read bushra's properly… I guess I've read few epis… But missed a lot.. Need to catch up with it….
    And there are sooo many more amazing ffs' out there.. Pls do check it out!!1

    And my babes!!! They're my sweetie pies….. I love them a lot!!! :* :*

    Aww.. Thnxx Heena!! Glad u find us cutee 🙂 🙂

  4. Okay. Now this is getting so cute:)
    I guess its the third time someone noticed ur friendship and that’s really sweet. And by the way, I have just posted an FF analysis for Swasan lovers. I hope you all like that. And thanks a lot dear for mentioning my ff name in the list. That’s really sweet of you♥
    And yeah, I loved the way u described my ff. Its a tough job to describe it in so few words;)

    1. Wow… An analysis huh?? My babe’s getting better and better <3 <3

      Yeah.. Even i think it's the third time… And once for eva and i… I really dont know what to tell them..
      Me soo happy anu!!! :* :*

  5. What happpend to realisation exoneration ff yar, even I couldn’t comment on that ff. I am missing that ff badly yar. Tell alahan di to continue that ff. Its almost two weeks but not even a single update from her. Many were requesting her to write but I dont knew what had happened to her. She was not even responding to our comments. Please ask her to continue the ff

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