swragini a malayali story (part 4)

how r you
some of my ff readers dont know malayalam
so i am reducing my malayalam words
dont worry i will not leave the malayali touch in my story

so after dropping swara in her collage laksh went to his collage
when he reached collage his friends gathered around him
vinu: laksh today new commers will come to our collage
anoop: so lets ragg them do you remember how our seniors ragged us on our first day at collage
laksh; eda dont you have any other jobes
mahima: oh common laksh it will be fun
sonu; ha da vegam va (come fast)
laksh:ok ok i am comming

they went near the gate when juniors entered they started to trobule them
laksh was standing little away from them
just then his eyes struck in some thing ohhh waite waite it was the same girl whom he saw in wonderla
laksh went near her

laksh: hey do you remember me
girl: how can i forgetyou
laksh: ha by the way i am laksh and your name please
girl: ragini
laksh: so you r a new commer
ragini : yes and you
laksh; actually i am your senior
ragini:ok laksh we can meet any other time i am getting late for my class
laksh; ok ragini bye and all the best for your first class

laksh:(in mind) ragini nice name. swara was right she is so pretty
just then his friends came near him
mahima: hey laksh what are you thinking
anoop:who is that girl
vinu: enthu patti (e=what happend) why r you straing at her
sonu: i know its love at first sight premamm aanu mone
laksh: shutup guys dont say nonesence

after the first session laksh and his friends where gathered in the canteen. just then laksh noticed ragini sitting alone. he went near her
laksh; hey ragini why are you sitting alone
ragini: nothing laksh
laksh: say ragini
ragini: actually i havent got any friends here
laksh: so join us ragini
ragini: no no i am fine
laksh: its not okey hey sonu mahi anoo vinu come here
laksh introduced ragini to every one after while they started to laugh talk etc ragini was such a fun
laksh; (in mind) she is really funny. she is funnier than sanju i want to tell swara about her

after the class laksh and ragini went near the gate that time laksh saw swara standing their.
laksh: hey swara why r you here
swara: da actually my class finished early so i spend some time with my friends and came here
laksh: swara by the way this is ragini she is the one who m i met in wondela
swara: hi ragini glad to meet you i am lakshs sister
ragini: hey swara in wich collage r you studying
swara : st josephs
ragini: oh my brotheri is a also studying their
swara:oh whats hi name
ragini: oh he is of lakshs age and his name is……
just then a person in bike came their
he was wearing a helmet so his cant be identified
ragini; oh he is my brother bye swara bye laksh

she forgot to tell his name…..
laksh; swara she was very funny funnier than sanju
swara; ok ok lets go its late
laksh : ok pokamm (lets go)

precap : who is that guy………… guss

how was it hope you like it
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  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Hai ammu.Njanum malayaliyanh.first timil Malayalam stylil ff kanunnu.all the best.bikil vannath sanskar aanenn thonnunnu.

  2. thnks for writing in eng i cant understand malyalam…..the guy is sanky…..

  3. Hey ammukutty ..nice story cute svenes…plz continue.. Don’t stop in middle..idakku malayalam rasam undu…

  4. Adipoli episode ammu. I think sanky is ragini’s brother

  5. the guy is none other than our handsome SANKYYYYY………………….. 🙂

    1. enne maranno?????

  6. ammu kollam nalla epiyanu……….enikku eshtamayi…….

  7. enikkishtapettu!

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