swragini a malayali story (part 3)

i am back
thanks for all your comments and support
so lets start the story

after a week every one was gathered in the hall (swaras home)
today swaras result of plus two will be published
aaaaa waite a minute some one is missing pidikitty athu nammude swarayanu
and you know what? she dosent have any tenshion

sumi:daivame….. this swaara where is she? look she is not at all tensed
shegar:sumi please keep qute for some time
just then swara entered . just then sumi started to scold her .after a long argument laksh came their with his laptop
laksh: amma swaras result has come
sumi: vegam nokku penniu etra mark undennariyanam daivame firstclass engilum kittiyal mathi
shegar: sumiiii……..

when they checked swaras result they where amazed and shocked swara has won her plus 2 with full a plus
swara was the most shocked person among them…. she was staring at the result
sumi: swara congratulations ammede midukkikutty
shegar: kalli a plus aanallo???

after a while sumi and shegar was busy telling swaras result to others

swara was sitting in her sofa thinking about her result. just then laksh came near swara
laksh; edi penne ennalum nee ithengane oppichu
swara: ente ee face ente ee skin ente ee………..
laksh: edi korange serious aayittu oru karyam chothikkumbam cinema dilouge parayalle
swara: pinne ariyatha kaaryam chothichal enna parayum onnu podai….
laksh: athuvidu ini entha plan ente koode engineer nu varunno
swara: i dont want to be an injineer like you
laksh:then what is in your mind
swara:athu aalochikkanam ?????

for a week swara was a free bird but then her mother started to tell her about different collagues
swara was very lazy to go to collague but what to do vidhi allathentha parayya

a month after swara is going to her collage its her first day her mother is forcing her to were churithar pakshe pennu sammathikkande

laksh: ediii swara vegam i am getting late ninne kondakkiyittuvenam enikku collagil pokan
swara: da varunoo appa amma byeeee
laksh and swara went from their

at swaras collage
laksh: appo sari bye all the best
swaa: enikku pedi aakunnu ragging undengilo
laksh: i am feeling sorry about that unlucky man who raggs swara
swara: da podaaaa
laksh: bye all the best
swara: bye brooo

precap: what surprice is waiting for swara…….will laksh meet that girl again…………….

guys please comment
thanks for your support ee 10th kaariye support cheythathini thanks

Credit to: ammu


  1. Ruby

    Malayalam? swadave njan seriel ff vayikarilla..but malayali enn kandappo onn vayich nokiyada..kollam

  2. Nandana

    Ammu please Englishl ezutu thante concept okke kollm bt Malayali alata oral ith accept chyyla,allnkl than Englishl translation kodkknm ennlm accpt chyyn pada avrk.Njnm orennm ezthn tudngi nmmde Malayalam vech ipo intro ayate ullu.Njn valare kurch Malayalam wordse use chythulu but apoze cmmnt vann tudngi please write in English enn

    Verte onn vaich nokk.Than Kochil ninn anale.Munnthe oru cmmntl mention chythath njn kndarunnu

  3. IshVeer♥

    hai ammu.njanum oru malayaliya from trivandrum.njanum eppol 10th kazhinju nilkkukkaya.njan MATSH fana.heading kandu vaayichathanu.enikkishtapettu.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.