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Umang sits with Bhagat. Bhagat says that he is here for last one hour, she hasn’t said anything about Jai till now as she had called him for. Umang thinks that she is giving him drinks still he isn’t speaking anything about himself of Rewa. Bhagat says if she doesn’t have to say anything, he is getting late. Umang says that when she had off mood, Rewa used to play a game with her. Bhagat agrees. Umang says she will give him a name, he will have to tell one word about that person, forexample if she says Jai, he would say Yuck. She tells him to relax and says Tk. Bhagat says Respect. UG says Jugnu, Bhagat says Cheesy. UG says Kanika, Bhagat says Not her. UG says Umang. Bhagat smiles Best friend. UG says swimming. Bhagat says life. UG says life, Bhagat says mom. UG says Rewa. Bhagat says Love. Umang

asks why he stopped, what he was saying about Rewa. Bhagat says he didn’t say anything, then steals UG’s stare. Bhagat says she did all this drama to speak to him about Rewa. Bhagat says he isn’t going to say anything about Rewa, alright. UG still stared him. Bhagat leaves. Umang smiles and says he doesn’t need say anything else, his reaction has said it all.
In the café, Rewa was in line but orders before her. Rewa says she was standing before. But teachers have no decency. Jugnu says he hasn’t come here to teach decency. Rewa says he doesn’t have a molecule of decency. Jugnu says if she has problem she must complain the head coach. Rewa says he is head coach doesn’t mean she will back up, there is always a right time for every work and she will also get her right time. She leaves. Jugnu pours his anger on the café vendor.
Kanika shows Jai his mailbox and says it is 3290 mails of Rewa. Jai says she had promised him not to check his mailbox. Kanika says she asked first. Jai says he is over Rewa, but who delete so many emails from mailbox. Kanika says one has to delete everything from life of a person who is ex. Jai is irritated and empties his mailbox. Kanika asks Hai if there is anything of Rewa in the office. She picks each and everything and asks who gave these to him. He explains who gave each of them. She picks a paper weight, Jai tries to recall if his mom gave it or Rewa, or he bought it himself. Kanika finally dropped it, it broke. Jai turns and says he bought it himself. Kanika says if she has given him anything, it shouldn’t be here. Else he has seen what happened to it. Jai is frustrated and wonders how men bear relationships.
Umang calls Bhagat and says she has to say something about Rewa. Bhagat says he doesn’t want to hear a word about Rewa. Umang says Rewa had an accident at the road that is back of her home, she fell from bike. Bhagat is so tensed, he runs towards the street on rickshaw. Umang was waiting, Bhagat asks about Rewa. Umang says if he knows Rewa has no bike, he didn’t even ask where her mom is. She is fine. Bhagat is relieved, he sits besides Umang. Bhagat says she is right, he loves Rewa. This is why he didn’t tell Rewa the truth about Jai’s cheating, he didn’t want her to take an impression of him that he wants to break her relation. Umang asks if he ever gave Rewa a hint about it. Bhagat says he didn’t know there is already someone in Rewa’s life, he believes there is always a right time and that time hasn’t come, he never gave a hint to her. Umang asks why Rewa is behaving this weird to him. She says that when girls have feelings about a guy, they behave this weird. Bhagat takes Umang’s promise that she won’t tell Rewa anything. Umang says but Bhagat must tell her his feelings. She tickles Bhagat for not sharing this with her before. He says he is already hurt, holds his hand and apologize. She says that she is Rewa’s best friend and he would need her approval before approaching Rewa, she must know if he truly loves Rewa or not. She asks ‘how much do you love her’ test to pass. She asks him why he loves Rewa so much. He says that when he thinks there is no specific reason to love someone. He only loves that he loves her, the way she is. He loves her anger, drying her hair coming out of pool, smile, taunt and everything. Umang says she now knows all about it, forgive her for asking. She again takes him from collar asking him why he didn’t tell her again. She hits him on face, and jumps that she is so happy for them. She hugs him tight.
Umang comes to college, Neel tells Umang that his nose is still hurting.Umang asks her to go to change his dressing. Deepam and Pixie come there and asks Umang where is she going with him. Neel says he is taking her to get married. Umang tells him to shut up. Deepam is excited about Shaadi, she opens his photos and tells Pixie there was a proposal from his family and she had said no to him. Pixie says she will post his photo to social media, so that everyone knows about his reality. Deepam says she won’t do anything, she says she wasn’t interested in arranged marriage but she didn’t know this Neel would be so handsome. He is her right Mr. Handsome.
Bhagat was working on his laptop, he watches the profile of Swim diaries and thinks Neel is the one, offcourse. Now he knows how to win Rewa’s trust again.

PRECAP: Jugnu says to Rewa that he always thought her to be a good swimmer, but she could never be the winner. Now he knows why, he shows her a CD and says she is just like her father. If a dad was loser how can a daughter be a winner. Like father, like daughter, both losers.

Update Credit to: Sona

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