Swim Team 9th November 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhagat smiles watching Rewa as she eats chocolate and tells Bhagat to eat as she has cooked it all by herself. Bhagat is shocked. Rewa says she can’t cook anything, her mom cooked this. Bhagat says that when he is tensed he doesn’t eat. Rewa is annoyed that he won’t eat this food, she orders him to eat it right now. Bhagat says that he isn’t hungry and if she tells her mom about his problem she will understand. Rewa isn’t ready to understand anyway. She makes Bhagat eat with his own hand, she says when he will eat one bite he will get his appetize back himself. He keeps on eating obediently. Bhagat thinks that this is what he wanted that she feeds him with his own hand. He points at the chocolate she was eating.
Neel asks Deepam what she wanted to tell him while having coffee. Deepam

asks him to tell first what he was saying that she reminded him of someone. Umang comes there and watches them talking to each other. She thinks what a fraud he is, Neel regrets watching her. He thinks that he is finished now. Deepam begins to say something, but Neel runs to Umang who didn’t talk to him at all. He drinks Neel’s hot chocolate, Umang says if he doesn’t know that he is on date and now he must go to her. Neel asks if he is jealoused. Neel says that he and Deepam were only talking to each other, this isn’t date. Deepam comes and says that this is date. Neel says there isn’t anything like that. Deepam says that he was going to drop her home, then he said she reminded him of someone, infact they have a history together and were going to marry each other. Neel denies everything, he says that Deepam reminds him of his sister. She is just like Deepam, stubborn. Deepam is curt. Neel follows Umang. He stops her and asks what her problem is. He says that he likes her a lot, but she always confuse him, why doesn’t she say it clearly that is both for them. He asks Umang Tandam! Do you like me? Umang is reluctant, then says she does. He asks her to prove, how he must accept that she likes him. Umang asks how? He asks her to kiss him. He smiles looking at her expressions, he says that she is denying to prove. They get intimate, a peon arrive. Neel asks if she will prove, she says she will but some other time. She leaves. Neel jumps in cheer.
Rewa says to Bhagat that they were amazing in coffee with Karan. She asks why he lied there. He says he didn’t lie. She asks where his imaginary girlfriend then. They must know about that girlfriend then, so where she is. Bhagat says she is there. Rewa asks who she is. He keeps on looking at her. She says liar, he has no answer. Bhagat is lost, Rewa asks is he thinking about his imaginary girlfriend. The sit together, Rewa tells Bhagat about getting rid of tension. Bhagat says he feels much better. Rewa heads to leave, tells him to take rest and think about his girlfriend. Bhagat thinks how he can tell her that he likes her. She turns to ask what he was saying as she held her bouqet in hand. Bhagat tells her to leave half, he will send them to her. Rewa teases if he wants to steal them, she will take all of them herself. She hugs him. Bhagat thinks that he wants to tell her about his love, but he knows this isn’t the right time. Rewa was also lost while hugging Bhagat. They get apart, Bhagat hands Rewa her flowers and she leaves. She peeks through the door again and asks if she will get selected for Zonals. Bhagat assures her saying she will, mark his words. Rewa seconds him.
Rewa’s mother says to her that this is a big day for her. She makes her wear a watch and says that she is sure Rewa will make her parents proud. Rewa hugs her determined that she will win for her and Papa. Bhagat also promises his mother that he will win, for her and his sister. Pixie vows in front of mirror that she will win. Neel speaks to an idol of God saying he will win today. Deepam prays that today is a big day for her, she must win today. Umang’s mother hugs her wishing her luck. Jai comes there, Umang heads to leave. Her mother stops her and asks Jai to wish Umang for winning, Jai was busy with his cellphone. He looks down, Umang stands curt.

PRECAP: Rewa asks a girl swimmer to get away. She says that she doesn’t consider Rewa a swimmer and is humiliating for her to compete with her. Rewa challenges her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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